We've still got so far to go.

If there's one thing that's bound to make yourself feel better about anything, it's looking back. It's looking back and seeing just how far you've come. Just under a year ago for example, with the exception of my 21st birthday post, I did my first, real, outfit post. And lol. I'm hesitant to even throw the link in here because when I look at it now, I just cringe. Like, really, really cringe. Who let me put those poses on the internet!?

As well as being creative, fun, whacky and a little bit surreal (I mean, I basically get paid to text people stuff...), my job is also analytical. And one of the first things that my new boss told me, was that 'we need to be able look backwards to move forwards.' And I think this really applies to general life, and blogging, too.

What I'm wearing - Off the Shoulder Top; Miss Selfridge (Similar). Joni Jeans; Topshop. Neckerchief; Zara. Shoes; New Look. 

I love looking back at my old posts. I love cringing at the terrible lighting in my photo's, thinking 'oh jesus christ someone please shut me up' at some of my writing, and laughing at how I'll probably be doing the same thing with these posts in another 18 months time.

But, it also brings back memories. I remember what inspired my old posts, and who inspired them. It makes me giggle at old jokes, and makes me remember little things that I might not have remembered without my little blog.

It reminds me that those people that inspired those old blog posts, might not as big a part of my life anymore, but that that's okay. It reminds me that that whole time I was struggling with something, I managed to channel that energy into creating content, which is something to be really proud of, and it reminds me that I'll be okay right now, and in the future, too.

However, we all know that dwelling on the past is never quite productive, but the whole thing makes me realise just how far I've come, both with my blog, but also in me. It also makes me realise just how far I might still have to go. And do you know what? I think it makes me a little excited.

A few years ago, this thought might have scared me, but no. Now, now it makes me excited.

I want to know what I'll have learned a year from now. Where I might be, who I'll be spending time with. It's the unknown that is both terrifying and inspiring, and what makes me want to make the most of right now, too. Oh, and work damn hard so that I can be even more proud of the progress I've made.



  1. Such a lovely post! I'm so nervous to put outfit photos on my blog!


  2. I also love reading my old posts and seeing how far I have come! You look gorgeous in these posts and I really like your outfit :)

    What Sarah Writes

  3. You should be so proud of your blog - i followed it back when it was what you now cringe at, and i wasn't cringing! I loved it because you've always been YOU. I think the best blogs are good, regardless of what lighting or flatlays they have, because the person behind them is fabulous :) aka YOU!

    Bumble and Be

  4. What a lovely post! I love your outfit too, I really want a neckerchief, but feel like I might need a whole new outfit to go with it! You're right, I cringe at my old blog posts sometimes, but I also love how far I've come! I am changing some of my design and content at the moment, and during the process I found my first ever blog template...OH BOY! I really went all out on the colours and the patterns and the widgets for that haha! I'm excited to see the future too xx


  5. You are such a beautiful writer, and have beautiful style too but honestly, your words ring true every single time xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  6. Such a lovely post! This has definitely made me feel better about being scared of the future (and cringing at my old posts!) so thank you : )
    Steph x.

  7. I love this attitude! It's so great that you find the positive in looking back at our cringe-worthy selves from before.

    Nicole | explosive bagel

  8. I love this so much Sophie, especially the first sentence! It's so true :) I've been looking through some of my very first posts today as well & it just made me realise that I improved quite a lot x

    Sara / AboutLittleThings