My bedroom: a room tour.

I realised the other day that I've never properly shown you guys around my room, and lets face it, who doesn't love a good nosey around someone else's bedroom? I know you guys have seen snippets of my little space in other blog photo's, but, I thought I'd do it properly and give you a proper little look into the place I currently call home.

As you can see from the first few photo's, I love decorating my room with little homeware pieces that I pick up from everywhere and anywhere. My fairy lights are one of my favourite things in my room, and I love making everything look pretty with the lights and (fake! Cause who actually remembers to water their plants?!) flowers. I feel they really brighten up the space. These ones are from Home Bargains and IKEA.

This 'Soph' personalised vintage card name frame was sent to me by the lovely guys at I Just Love It. And, well, I really do love it! It's so, so cute and fits right in with the rest of the little touches above my bed. They also do loads of other really cool personalised gifts, so if you're in need of something for a gift for a special occasion, I'd go have a look!

I'm also a huge cushion lover, and the fact that I only have 2 on my bed at the minute is really very unusual. I'm currently having a hunt around for some new ones, as I've had my others for 2 years now, and I feel like my bed needed a bit of a refresh! :) The S cushion is from Matalan, and I bought the floral one from Cath Kidston.

There's nothing more that stresses me out than when my room's a mess, so this two-step wooden stool  that I picked up from IKEA a few months ago is just perfect for keeping a few of my books on display. Well, enough so it makes it look like I do read, but not too many that it looks all cluttered! It also fits perfectly in the gap where my window is, which is fab for making the most of the space.

In case you haven't noticed, I love a good quote, too. They're literally everywhere in my bedroom. But, I feel like they just add a little something extra to my bedroom. And well, they also make for great Instagram props...! ;) 

If there's one thing that I was most excited about when I first moved out from living with my parents, and into my own space, it was being given a fresh, new, blank canvas, to do exactly what I wanted with. Well, apart from the furniture. And not really being able to do anything with the walls, 'cause #rentingprobs. 

But, apart from that, I've really enjoyed adding little bits and pieces to my room to make it feel cosy, bright, and welcoming. And hopefully a room that really reflects me, as well! Homeware shopping is my absolute favourite, and if I could spend every weekend in IKEA, I most probably would.

I adore my room in our flat, and a lot of people ask me at the minute if I would consider moving closer to work. I currently have a 40 mile drive to work every morning, which could be significantly reduced if I moved! But, do you know what? I love my room, I love our flat, I love our location and I think I love Liverpool too much to move just yet.

Hopefully you've enjoyed this little peak into my bedroom, I mean, it seemed pretty apt to show you guys where most of my blog is written!



  1. I love having a peep into people's bedrooms too! I'd love to share mine on my blog soon but we've got tons to do to our room and I want to get some new furniture (when I remember!)

    Emmie |

  2. You have so many gorgeous pieces! Especially love the books on the windowsill, looks so dreamy x

  3. Your room looks so lovely and relaxed! Love the little quotes too!

    Why Not Blog //

  4. This is such a gorgeous, cosy space! It's so nice when you love your space, isn't it?

    Janelle x

  5. Your room is beautiful! I love the cool colour tones - and the fake flowers, they're always a good idea. I'm moving out this week so I'm looking forward to setting up my new room (and rest of flat...)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

  6. You have such a pretty room! I love it! I love how you've decorated it and all the little touches are super cute :) xo

    Char |

  7. Your room is so pretty, I love it - such pretty pictures too!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. LUV your room decor, Sophie! I am obsessed with fairy lights. This post just reminded me that I have to replace mine to some new one cos some bulbs aren't working anymore # forgetful

    Noor | Noor's Place

  9. Your room is gorgeous!! love the step, and the quotes too..

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  10. Such a beautiful bedroom! I love all the little touches you have with the prints and flowers (I have to buy fake ones too, because I cannot keep plants alive to save me!) Gorgeous photography too.
    Steph x.

  11. I love how you've decorated your room, it's so cute! I'm redecorating my room soon and I can't wait. Great post lovely!

    Ella xx

  12. Love your interior design, so much inspo! And you are gorgeous xx

  13. You have a lovely bedroom and I love a good print! where do you buy them from? I love the throw kindness around like confetti one!

  14. Your room is beautiful, and gives all shades of peaceful vibes (must be the white background). I love it.