Investing in your decisions.

Ask anyone, and I literally mean anyone, who's ever met me, spoke to me, worked with me, served me in a cake shop, (you get my drift..) and they'll tell you that I often have trouble in making decisions. Like, I'm literally the worst.

Most of the time, it's because I'm worried that my decision is going to affect someone else negatively, i.e, I'm gonna make you eat somewhere you don't want to. Or make you watch a film you're just politely nodding to. But then, other times, it's simply because I want to make sure that the decision is right for me, too. And I think it's a fear of regret, and making a mistake, and making a choice that I decide a few days later was the wrong one. This happens a lot when shopping tbh.
'Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that change your life forever.'

And then there's other times when I literally don't have to think twice about saying yes or no, because I just know that it's something I'm going to love. This one is generally about chocolate.

Which, is why when I was asked if I would like to collaborate with Daisy Dixon, and Gemporia, it took me about 3 seconds of researching the brands to say yes, they both have incredibly beautiful pieces and I knew instantly that I'd love to work with them! ...But then it took me about 3 days to decide which of their pieces I liked the most.

But, do you know what? When I think about it, I'm actually glad I'm a bad decision maker. Because it means that I know I'll always think things through (albeit too much, normally). It means that at the end of it, I always really know what I want, which is never a bad thing, right? I always try to remember, that it's your own life, so only you can make your decisions, and only you know what is best for yourself.

As soon as I set eyes upon this beautiful Gemporia ring (unfortunately, it's currently out of stock, but here are some similar ones) I knew that it was most definitely a strong contender for my favourite. My mum used to have a similar one, that I used to wear a lot, so I loved that this was a similar style, the colour of the ruby gemstone is lovely, and a lot of my other jewellery is silver at the minute, so I also knew that the band would go perfectly.

Not only does it go perfectly with my existing jewellery collection, it's a fabulous match for this Daisy Dixon watch. Seriously though, these both arrived at my apartment on the same day. They were clearly meant to be worn together! I've been lusting after a silver watch for a while now, and I've seen them becoming increasingly popular recently, so I was over the moon to be offered this one. I absolutely love it. And, after having 5 (yes, 5! I have tiny wrists!) links taken out, this fits just the way I like it.

What do you think? Do you take the time to invest in your decisions?


Post in collaboration with Daisy Dixon and Gemporia. However, all thoughts, comments, and content are all my own.


  1. 'Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that change your life forever.' has hit a ridiculous nerve with me, im in the middle of decision making in a few different areas in my life - this was a beautiful read. sometimes I analyse things too much as well and its nice to take a step back and not take things so seriously, but sometimes choices are definitely deserving of a pros and cons list!

    Leanne |

  2. I'm such a bad desicion maker to! I really need to learn to not be so stressed all the time and relax more!

  3. Yes.. a lot.. I often think abt d consequences I ll face if I decide on something...

  4. Yes.. a lot.. I often think abt d consequences I ll face if I decide on something...