My Sassoon Experience.

I've never been one to pay as much attention to my hair as I do to my skin. My hair care routine was pretty much non-existent, with me washing, conditioning and then towel drying being the extent of what I did to it. Every so often, I'll give it a bit of a straighten, but with naturally curly hair, which I've learned to love, I don't even do this much. Heck, up until a few weeks ago, I hadn't had my mop chopped in about 15 months. Whoops. 

But then I was invited along to an event at the Sassoon Salon here in the Met Quarter in Liverpool. 

Here's another confession, I've never really been one to opt for 'high end' salons either. I mean, surely if someone's cutting your hair, they're cutting your hair, right? What difference could it make?! Man, was I wrong.

We were first invited to an evening event at the salon, where the team talked about the history of the salons, and their founder Vidal Sassoon, what they do, and how they're different to other's in the industry. One of the main focusses is around YOU. Your style, your face shape & bone structure, your hair in general, and what you do and don't like about your hair. 

Following a consultation on the evening, I booked in to finally have my hair done the day after we came back from Santorini, and I was so excited!

The salon itself is awesome, it's modern and stylish, and all the staff are just the friendliest bunch, providing me with coffee & fashion magazines while I waited.

I started off by having my hair washed & conditioned, before a treatment was put on my hair to try and undo all of the damage that had been done while I was away. My hair had become so dry from the intense heat, and that a hydrating and strengthening product was used to help, and it most definitely did!

Then, Jon popped over to give my hair a good cut. I opted to keep most of the length, but add layers to my hair to add a style, and to help give it some more natural movement. My fringe was then cut to open up my face a little, before my hair was blow-dried and styled into natural waves.

This is genuinely no exaggeration, but it was the best hair salon experience I think I've had. I left feeling super happy with my hair, as well as feeling like my hair was so much healthier.

Jon also gave me some great tips as to how to maintain the hydration and strength, as well as letting me know which products to use when. Overall, my trip to the Sassoon Salon was great, and I most definitely will be going back, I think!

How do you take care of your hair?


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