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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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Stop putting pressure on yourself.

Stop putting pressure on yourself to go to the gym when you're not in the right mind-set.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to eat that dried fruit & those nuts instead of that chocolate brownie that you can't stop thinking about 'cause you've had a crap day.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to wear make up when you really can't be bothered.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to go on that night out when you don't feel up to it.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to chase a career that isn't right for you.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to be happy all the time, when some days all you want to do is curl up in bed and cry.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to 'get over' something, because you think you should be, by now.
Stop putting pressure on yourself because you think you should have your life together.
Stop putting pressure on yourself because your whole Facebook is having babies and you're biggest life choice is still whether to catch up on Gossip Girl or PLL on Netflix.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to try and do everything right.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to write a blog post cause omg I haven't written anything in a week but where have my words gone?!
Stop putting pressure on yourself to like something because you think that's what he likes.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to make sure your outfit it perfect every day. An oversized hoody & your black skinny jeans will do just fine!

Stop putting pressure on yourself to conform.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to do anything you don't want to do.
Stop putting pressure on yourself to be anyone but you.


Sophie Rosie
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  1. Amen to this whole post...such a great reminder to just be what you are and feel how you feel! Loved this! XO -Kim

  2. Omg Soph, I needed this post! Thank you! Xx

  3. Yessss, I needed this today! great post xx

    Lee -

  4. Found this post at exactly the right moment.. definitely need to remember this more often. x


  5. Yay I love this post! Thank you <3

    Emma xo //

  6. I need you on my shoulder and hitting me around the head with this phrase! Everyone keeps me telling me this and I never listen! haha! Love this so much!!

    Dee | PromptsbyDee xoxo

  7. Simple and yet so beautiful. Sometimes you just need to hear things like this, so thank you.

    Xx Eline |

  8. Yes! Too many things I agree with and do at the same time.. x

  9. This made so much sense.Im glad ive read this xx

  10. this is an amazing post. thank you

  11. This is amazing. I love it

    Emily //

  12. Love this - I can confirm I'm putting pressure on myself to do about half of these things right now. At least I'm not alone!!

    Ali (My Big Fit Diary)

  13. I absolutely loved this post. Ultimate pick me up and I'll be saving this for future :)

    Kathryn | Hungry Little Bear

  14. Always love your posts Rosie - this is very inspiring and a great pick me up!

    Lucy | Forever September

  15. Wow this was really nice. Thank you so much :)

  16. I graduate next week and I might need to read this post every week from then on in. This is so great xoxo

  17. Absolutely loved this, thanks for sharing these reminders Sophie! :) I definitely put too much pressure on myself a lot of the time so this is something I really needed to read x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  18. Thank you for this post, i really needed it today <3 loved the post xx

  19. Love this, Sophie. It's what I needed today :) xx

  20. Love this! Definitely need to listen to the one about not going on that night out unless you actually want to!! X


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