Sometimes we need to take a little bit of time out to re-evaluate. Re-evaluate situations, relationships, careers, whatever it is that's going on in our busy little lives. Taking the time to really think, 'is this what I want?' and 'is this good for me?' can make all the difference to some of the most important decisions and changes that we make.

Sometimes, the thing that we think we want, can turn out to be one of the most toxic in our lives. We are so blinded by what could happen if we wait it out a little longer, that we don't realise what harm it's doing to us, right now.

As millennials, life as twenty-something is probably busier than ever, having to try and schedule in time to work, keep fit, keep up a hobby of some kind, socialise with friends and see family, as well as trying to find some much needed time for yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to justify the time to just, well, stop for a second.

Like with anything, investment is key. So invest in yourself.

One of the things I love the most about where we live, is that it's right by the water. Everything about it is simply calming; the sound, the smell, and as you can see, the sunsets. Now, I'm not gonna pretend that every evening is as beautiful as this one, but they're lovely all the same.

This evening was particularly warm, and as Tasha and I were walking back from dinner, I suggested we walk the long way back to our flat for a change, and I thought we could be all sophisticated and call it our 'post dinner walk' and all that. ;) 

Boy, was I glad that we did! As we neared the very front, we could see the sky was becoming even more beautiful. We took all of the photographs (obvs) and then I think there was a second, and we both just stopped. We just stopped and watched the evening draw to a close for a good few minutes, each just with our own thoughts.

I was thinking about how beautiful life can be, if you just let it happen. 
I was thinking about how ridiculous some of the things that were troubling me actually were
I was thinking about how you can't change other people's choices.
I was thinking about how some things have worked out so amazingly well, when at one point I was incredibly doubting myself.
I was thinking about how lucky we are to live here.
I was thinking about how lucky we are to just live, for now.
I was thinking about how happy I've been recently, and that it felt, well, good.

And then I was thinking about what was making me slightly unhappy, and realised that I need to stop it from continuing. It's daft because I know that I have the power to stop it from making me unhappy, but sometimes it's scarier to try, or even think about trying to stop and change something, than to let it carry on, right?



  1. Wow what amazing pictures and an amazing post!

  2. great post and lovely photos xx

  3. The colours of the sky and the lighting in those photos are lovely. I think it's true that we can be so worried about capturing a memory on camera, that you forget to capture the moment there and then yourself, so it's great that you had the chance to just to have a think and reflect in such beautiful surroundings.

  4. You take such gorgeous photos! And the message of this post is really great, something we should all remember to do!

    Amy x /

  5. Honestly every single one of your posts is just incredibly beautiful! Like I always stare at your pictures & I'm like WOW. Then I read about your thoughts & I'm like WOW again. Keep doing your thing Soph, you're doing such an amazing job :) x

    Much love, Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  6. These photos are absolutely stunning oh my - I totally agree with this post as well, sometimes we just need to sit back and have a look at life!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. This is such a beautiful post and I agree with everything you've said (as always!). The pictures are stunning too xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

  8. This is a lovely thought provoking post! Your photos are stunning, such a beautiful sky. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  9. Such a lovely post! Ps/ gorgeous photos! Xx

  10. Um, this is amazing. You are so, so right. I have gotten so caught up in what 'could' happen in a relationship or a situation that I lost sight of what was happening. You're right. Life can be beautiful...if you give it a chance. Lovely photos as well!

  11. Omg, the sky looks like heaven. So beautiful! Very true we are the one who choose what affects us & how do we react to what surrounds us. Thanks for making me remember that we need to re-evaluate our life's.

    Mafer Writes