You're stronger than you think.

Life has it's way of throwing things at us that we don't expect, right? Sometimes, they can be nice surprises, and other times, well, they can be not so nice. We all have our personal struggles, and I think that we sometimes underestimate ourselves with how well we do to overcome these on a daily basis. 

I think this happens because sometimes we don't realise that something is a struggle. We've become so used and accustomed to just 'dealing with it', and using whatever methods we've developed over the years, that we forget we're actually doing something amazing, every day. 

I think we're also guilty of comparing our struggles with others. I know I do this a lot. You read about people who are having to deal with so much, that you begin to think that yours isn't really worth anything anymore.

Well, no, actually. We shouldn't undermine our own accomplishments and strengths. We don't know how anyone else would cope with what we've been through, or, are going through. 

Because we're not someone else. You, my friend, are you, and you're stronger than you think.



  1. Such a good point Soph! Everyone has their stuff! Hope you are okay! Xxx

  2. So true, I love this statement as well! It makes me feel even stronger. We're all getting stronger everyday! X

    Sally - DiagonSally

  3. this <3 short, sweet and beautiful! Really needed to read this today x


    Anne // A Portrait Of Youth

  4. Preach☀☀☀☀

  5. loved reading this, sometimes it is nice to have a little reality check! I feel like so many people are hard on themselves, self love is soooo important

  6. This post has such a great message and I wish more people shared this message throughout their blog! Love this!

    S .x

  7. This was such a lovely reminder, thank you so much for sharing those words Sophie :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  8. I love this! And it's so true, also I always like to remember that you never know what struggles others are going through so if they don't quite react to you as you expect that might be why. That often makes me feel better xx

  9. I think we all need to be reminded of this occasionally! It's easy to look at someone who seems to just know how to DO life and feel like you're a waste of space in comparison. But for some people, getting out of bed is as amazing an achievement as chairing a board meeting.

    Great post, and your photography is S T U N N I N G.


  10. Love this

  11. Short, sweet and everything I needed this morning x x

    Jamie-Leigh x x

  12. You are so right - a sentiment I have to remind myself of (and others!) regularly! Well done you. xxx
    Sarah //

  13. Hi Soph, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I think your blog is just wonderful ❤

    Corinne |

  14. Your article I really liked it inspired me so much that changed my life. Now the title of your article is my life motto.