A look back through my old Instagram posts.

Today I thought I'd have a little look back through my Instagram, and have a little giggle at pre-blogger me. I was gonna have the first photo of this blog post being my first ever Instagram's but, lol, blog aesthetics and all that. 

Believe it or not, I was super late to the Instagram train. I know, for someone who now posts 3 times a day, I was terribly behind the times a few years ago. I created an Instagram account when the app first came out, but then never really used it, and I didn't really 'get it'. That changed pretty quickly!

So, here we go. First up, a whole 183 weeks ago, and apparently I hadn't heard of brightness, composition, or um, wiping the latte glass..? BUT we had used that lovely black Instagram border that was EVERYWHERE. Do you remember this?

Okay, here. Here we're getting a little more into it. My fist #ootd was apparently my reindeer onesie, but I think we'd also just discovered Afterlight and all those colourful borders. Oh jeez.

Alright, next up, at least we've scrapped the colourful borders, and opted for white ones instead. Lord knows why I thought that making the photo in question the tiniest of little squares in one corner was a good idea, but hey, welcome to my first Instagram theme!

Oh, I remember these double photo's, too! Any excuse for more than one selfie ;) But seriously, that ain't even a good angle Soph. Oh god.

You can kinda tell this is where I'd started to get a little more into taking photo's, I'd unknowingly discovered the flatlay, and at least my outfits are getting slightly better, right? That mirror selfie one isn't that bad... maybe.

By November 2014, I'd started my blog. And seeing other bloggers and their photography really inspired me to improve mine, and a few months later I also invested in my beloved Olympus. I was still on the whole 'everything needs to be really, really white!' theme, but at least I'd finally started to make the borders that little bit more consistent! 

Then, I took the decision to scrap the borders altogether. And believe me when I say, this took me FOREVER to decide!

I think I'd finally stopped upping the brightness and exposure too much in the last two rows here, THANK GOD.  I'd also realised the importance of natural light, and stopped taking photo's if there wasn't enough light coming through the window! This was also around the time that I'd invested in my tri-pod, so I no longer had to balance my phone on stacks of books on my bed, and I could actually take some proper outfit photo's! 

Then, around Christmas last year, I decided to get rid of my 'white' Instagram theme. I decided I wanted to have a little more fun with my Insta, and I didn't want to be restricted with what I could and could not post. So, I started experimenting more with darker colours and different backgrounds. 

I loved it. And I feel like it gives my feed a lot more of a 'lifestyle' look. We're not always gonna be around white walls now, are we? ;) 

And now, here we are. We're fully into Spring and I've been fully embracing the blue skies, flowers in bloom, and being able to get outside a lot more. I'm still loving experimenting with different colours on my feed and mixing things up all the time.

While I still have a few 'rules' for my Instagram, such as, never posting two selfies next to each other, obvs, I wouldn't say I have a 'theme' anymore, and I so, so, so prefer it! My Instagram is most definitely going to still go through phases, but it makes it all the more fun to look back on, right?

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  1. haha it's so nice to see a development and I definitely recognise some of the stuff I used to do when I first got it! although I deleted all of my old old photos! I love how your instagram looks, I just wish I could post a lot, how on earth do you manage to post so regularly!?

  2. You went through the exact Instagram changes as me haha! It took me so long to debate whether to drop the white borders. I have deleted all of my old "pre-blog" photos as I kept cringing my life out at them. Your instagram is so beautiful xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  3. The reminiscence I felt scrolling through this post!! It's funny looking back on the OLD Instagram photos and remembering what the "trends" were. Ah yes, those black borders and shrunken photos moved to the corners! I've deleted most of my photos from the beginning, but I love that you still have yours. So cool being able to scroll through and see that development and see the passing of time. Thank you for sharing!

    Nicole | explosive bagel

  4. I love your instagram! I totally relate to like everything in this post haha! It was around October last year that I really got serious with mine & tried to develop a sort-of 'theme'. But I'm the same, I really don't like to be restricted by one colour scheme with my feed so I like to mix it up a bit with colour etc and just edit them similarly so that there is some sort of coherency :)

    You can find me over at www.instagram.com/lynnsaymartin

    & www.sartorialscot.com x

  5. Aw I loved going through this post - your instagram now is just on point can I say haha! My old instagram pictures were so funny, I went through a boarder phase as well once I discovered Afterlight, oh those were the days!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. I love love LOVE your instagram; I check it religiously! So it was really cool to see the evolution of your style in this post.

    I really need to start posting on insta more regularly - it's difficult when your flat has ugly brown carpets and hardly any natural light. I have to get out my background sheets and lighting equipment for every photo! XD



  7. your Instagram is literal goals! nice to see your progression.. theres hope for me haha xx