I went shopping with a friend this weekend. We walked into a shop, and stopped for a second before she exclaimed 'Too much colour in here. Let's go.', If I'm honest, I kinda agreed with her atm. 

I know it's Spring, and while I'm excited to start wearing brighter colours, and painting my nails all kinds of pastel goodness, I'm also not quite ready to give up on my monochrome wardrobe, just yet. I mean, it's so easy, right!?

A little earlier, I'd spotted this Airtex Numeral Tee in Topshop, and kinda fell in love with it. It's one of those that as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be easy to style and I knew exactly how I wanted to do so.

I'm loving anything oversized at the minute, and the contrasting white roman numerals (which convert to 95 fyi... hence the post title!) on the front give it that little bit of extra detail. 

Paired with my favourite black jeans, and my white converse which haven't seen the light of day in a good few months, and it creates such an easy outfit to throw on whatever the time of day. 

With the fabric of this tee being airtex, you do kinda need to wear something underneath it. My solution? This Tommy Hilfiger bralet which is the softest thing I think I've ever worn over my boobs. Soz if that's TMI but I genuinely can't get over how comfortable this thing is! And that's pretty much me living in it for the rest of my life. Not even joking. 

Anyone else with me on the monochrome vibes?



  1. I love love love this top! Heading straight over to the Topshop website now..

    Emily - www.positivelystupendous.co.uk

  2. Monochrome is always a favourite, and it sounds like I need that Tommy Hilfiger bralet! x

    Jodie // jodieloue.com

  3. I never ditch the monochrome wardrobe! Okay in the summer I usually bring a bit of red into play but otherwise it's all still black, white, and grey! x


  4. I'm normally SUCH a fan of color but I have been loooving monochrome looks as of late! (I'm wearing one now in fact haha!)

    Lee - leethrifts.com

  5. Love this outfit! Your Tommy Hilfiger bra let is so cute <3

    AAx | Check out my Carli Bybel Giveaway!

  6. Oversized tops and shirts are my favourite thing ever, love it! :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  7. I have so much monochrome in my wardrobe - the top is so nice and my type of style!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. *looks at wardrobe to see if I have colour* nope, haha! x


  9. Yes! Totally! It's even reflected in my blog design! Lol

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com

  10. absolutely LOVE this top! and your style if I may add. I've only just found your blog and i'm in love haha
    Arora - www.aappleby.blogspot.co.uk xx