Yes, I can be body confident.

Actually, is it a total cop out to say that I am and I am not body confident? 'Cause that's probably what we all are, right? Like, sometimes, you'll put on an outfit, look in the mirror, and think 'omg I feel super cute today, I actually feel great and I want everyone to see how good my bum looks in these jeans.' And then, other days, you throw on some clothes, look in the mirror, and think 'oh good god, nope. I'm getting back into bed.'

This post has been brewing in my head for a while. It's been sat in my drafts for a good six months, but recent events have given me that little bit of extra inspiration to finally try and get my words out. Apologies now if this gets a little rambly. 

I took this photo, above, last summer, when the lovely ladies at Triangl sent me one of their bikini's and I needed to get it up on Instagram. I had two options; a flat lay, or I wear it. I ended up choosing the latter, because this was one of the times that I was feeling pretty confident in myself, and just thought, why the hell not. 

I can look at this photo and think, yeah, I like it. And then other times I look at it like, 'oh god, I'm so pale. My face looks weird. Do my boobs look wonky? I think those jeans make me look dead fat....' and I could go on. 

For as long as I can remember, and up until about two years ago, I just wasn't confident. At all. I mean, even things like walking through the office to get to the ladies would make me squirm with anxiousness 'cause I was convinced I just looked terrible in everything and everyone was going to judge me for it. There was no way I'd put even a photo of my face on the internet, because again, I just hated my body and I hated the way I looked.

I even remember being in primary school, and being sat on the floor with my legs crossed in assembly, and trying to make my little dress a little longer and cover my legs because I thought they were too fat for anyone to see, and I didn't want any other girls to make fun of me. That's how long I've hated my body for.

And then, something just clicked. I don't know what it was, but all of a sudden, I stopped caring. Kind of. I mean, I'm still an over thinker, and I still analyse everything, and I'm still convinced that people are judging me every second of every day, but I'm just not as bothered by it any more.

I'm not scared to say out loud that actually, I feel really good about myself today and I'd really quite like to share that. 

I'm not afraid to put a photo of my body in my gym kit on Instagram when I'm feeling proud of the progress I'm making for fear of backlash or people saying horrible things.

I don't mind putting a make-up free selfie on the internet when I'm having a proper good skin day CAUSE OMG LOOK HOW GOOD MY SKIN LOOKS today. 

But then, I also know that I'm honest with myself. Probably still a little too honest and self critical to be honest, but this is something I'm working on. I know when I've eaten terribly that week, and I know when I probably need to pay an extra visit to the gym, 'cause that Nando's and the 4 chocolate bars I've eaten this week ain't gonna shift themselves.

Don't get me wrong, like I said before, I still have those days where my self-confidence absolutely plummets. I don't want anyone to see me and I'll absolutely hate everything about myself. And then I go on social media and see all these other girls that are sharing their good days and I feel even worse.

A lot of my 'bad thoughts' come from the fear of not being good enough, I think. Of not being thin enough, of not being physically fit enough, of not being tall enough, of not having hips that are small enough, and everything else that goes along with trying so hard to conform to what you think people expect you to look like.

But do you know what? I'm pretty damn happy with the way I look right now. I'm eating good stuff, I have the gym across the road, I've got a pretty good skincare routine going on, and I'm getting more confident in creating my own style.

I think as soon as we all stop being so hard on ourselves, that's when the freedom comes to care a little less and love our own bodies the way we should. We shouldn't need to depend on other people to tell us that we look good today. Because if you feel like you look good today, you look good today.  So, go and Instagram the hell out of that photo you've just taken and let people know that you're feeling awesome, and be sure to walk through the office with that extra little bit of sass. ;)

What are your thoughts on body confidence?



  1. Such a lovely post! You look gorgeous in that bikini, by the way x

  2. I totally agree with you - I think we all have days when we feel cute and confident and other days when we hate the way we look. The difference between the two is probably arbitrary from the outside as well. I remember moaning about my looks to my husband and him saying "But you look the same as you did the other day when you said you felt awesome?" XD

    Anyway, yes. You deserve to be confident and to like yourself because you're beautiful inside and out. Also you look absolutely stunning in both photos.


  3. I love this post Sophie! It sounds like your body confidence has come so far and that's amazing. It's something I'm struggling with at the moment and I'm really trying to work on it. Reading this really puts it into perspective! Also, you look absolutely stunning in that bikini!

    Katy / Katy Belle

  4. This is a really inspirational post. My teenage self worn wacky clothes to draw attention and to remove the worry of being stared at, I hope that makes sense. Since then I decided I really don't care, I don't want to fit into a nice predefined look. My biggest enemy is myself on those I don't look good in anything days but that's just normal. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. OMG! I love this!! So inspiring! I'm always so hard on myself when I should be happy! Life is short and I should spend more time being happy with myself rather than beating myself down.

    Mel |

  6. You look amazing! This post is fantastic. I remember feeling exactly the same way, but like you I've stopped caring to some extent. Obviously everyone will have their bad days but I am so much better than I used to be. Life is so much better when you aren't hating yourself every single day!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  7. You're beautiful Soph! Love this post! Xxx

  8. This is such a lovely post! I personally know I won't be svelte and rocking tight outfits anytime soon, but I'm happy with who I am to an extent, I've never really cared what others think (mainly because I think it's stupid to change yourself because of something someone else says? Like...that's way too much effort for someone as lazy as me!)

    Sure, there are things I can change, but I'll do that over time, for me. Not someone else. Love me for who I am folks!! (I'm sure it's my shining personality and sense of humour people like me for anyway). We need to be our own mascot!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  9. Yes, I definitely get what you're saying! I definitely go through phases of liking the way I look. It does suck that it can matter so much to us though. I think both of these photos are gorgeous anyway! x

    Martha Jane |

  10. Totally loved this post and can relate. We all tend to put our good days on social media and never mention the bad ones.

  11. Such a relatable post! It's almost strange how one day I can be totally confident with myself and wear whatever I like and the next day I'm like "what on earth was I thinking yesterday?". For me it has a lot to do with comparing myself to others. It's a bad habit and it's doing no good but sometimes I can't help it. I'm definitely feeling better now as I've started to exercise more. I feel pretty good about my body at the moment but there are a few things I want to change. Not for anybody else but for the sake of my own happiness!

  12. I love this post so much and can definitely relate. You look incredible in both pictures! :-)

    Emily -

  13. YES!!! All of this. I think I completely agree that 'stopping caring' is the only way forward but you can't force it. It's partly to do with growing up, partly to do with having confidence in other areas of your life and I think blogging helps hugely too. Having lots of other women tell you how bloody beautiful you are (which you are) helps HUGELY!!! Sophie xxxx

  14. This is lovely. There does come a time where you just need to accept yourself for being you. You look absolutely stunning! Immy

  15. I LOVED this post Sophie! You are so beautiful <3 xx

  16. What a great read! Will definitely be sharing this on my blog — I think it's something a lot of girls and young women should hear. Thanks for this!

    xx emily

  17. I LOVED this post! It's so uplifting and inspiring. I'm definitely going to be sharing a few more selfies and gym photos now! You look stunning btw : )
    Steph x.

  18. This is everything I ever wanted to say about how I've felt my entire life! I felt the same exact way when I was little going to a ballet class, which I never finished by the way....I felt like my little legs were too fat! Always so much anxiety over how I looked or how people were judging me. I NEVER took photos of myself...until like three years ago when I got an instagram and started eating healthier thus dropping weight that had plagued me for forever...that and selfies helped me get over my anxiety. I've started accepting myself more these last few years than I ever have in my entire life. It really helps to know there is someone out there that feels the same way I do. Hugs!! And by the way, you look gorgeous in that Triangl Bikini!!

    Margarita Bloom | Modern Vintage Beauty & Fashion
    BLOG: Cherry Lips Blonde Curls
    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
    BLOGLOVIN Margarita Bloom

  19. YAS YAS YAS!!! I feel like we are constantly being told to be body confident and that is SO IMPORTANT, but sometimes we just feel a bit meh. There is no point attaching guilt to not feeling great and just keep telling ourselves WE GOT THIS everyday.

  20. I just stumbled upon this post and WOW! I love it. Everything is so true. I especially loved "Because if you feel like you look good today, you look good today". So very true.

    I work with women around issues such as these and even have a free e-book that I feel is very relevant to almost everything you talked about in this book. It is titled "How to feel beautiful, confident, and worthy when you feel anything but". This is such a wonderful article. Keep up the wonderful writing :)