Life update number... I can't remember.


So. I'm not even going to apologise for having gone completely missing over here for the last 2 weeks. Starting a brand new job kinda does that to ya, right? I'm not even just talking just working for a different company. I'm talking a whole new industry, a different city, a new environment, and new people. And I absolutely love it. I've gone from working as a trainee accountant, to working in a radio station. Don't even ask me how I've managed that one, cause I'm still not quite sure...

I've learned so much already, even if it is that I'm terrible at remembering names and that work can actually be fun. But, I'm really excited to carry on throwing myself into my new job. I think I'm happy. Finally. :)

The past two weeks has also taught me that people can surprise you, and may be able to help you with things you least expect them to know anything about. More on this in a later post!

I'd like to tell you that some other really exciting things have been going on behind the scenes, in a bid to try and explain the radio silence (geddit?! ;) soz. ) here on Sophie Rosie, but in all honesty, I've kinda just been getting home and going to the gym and/or climbing straight into bed. 'CAUSE SLEEP. 

However, this weekend has been really awesome, I'm finally settling into all the changes that have been happening, so I've been back writing, taking photo's, and exploring. After heading out for an early morning breakfast yesterday, and realising just how beautiful of a day it was, Tash and I decided to head to the beach after shooting a few outfit photo's! We didn't even realise we only live 10 minutes away from this beautiful place, but it's safe to say that we will most definitely be heading back.

Please fill me in on everything that you guys have been up to cause I'VE MISSED YOU. 



  1. Amazing, well done on your new job! I work in radio too, so don't hesitate to dm me on twitter! It's an amazing work environment isn't it? I'm sure you will love it! xx

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Congrats on the new job!! Sounds exciting!!

    Mel |

  3. Absolutely love those pictures, you look lovely as always :) Also, congrats on your new job Sophie! So glad to hear you're happy with it x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  4. Tell me you know there's a red squirrel reserve in formby/crosby/I forget?? They're so cute! xxx

  5. Congratulations on the new job Sophie! Accountant to radio is quite a leap!!! I really hope it goes well for you and you'll have to keep us all updated (although understandably it's a bit of a hectic time!!) xxxx

  6. Congrats on the new job! That is awesome! :) Such a huge leap too! I'm sure you'll be absolutely brilliant and nail it (of course). Beaches are the best, aren't they? I live ten (ish) minutes from one too and I'm there every day!