Thing's I'm grateful for #7.

I first typed that title as; 'Thing's I'm grateful for £7'. Which is a little ironic 'cause that's soon to be the exact balance of my bank account. 
Joking. Kinda. 

Anywho! This weeks been a busy little week. I've had meetings all over the shore, with some leaving me super excited, which, actually, is a really nice feeling considering I've left other meetings for the last 18 months feeling super deflated. So, a little motivation is more than welcome over here.

Here are some other little things that have brightened my mood up this week.

Great feedback. Feedback is fab, in whatever form. In fact, I wrote this post this week about setting goals, and feedback is the best in evaluating where you're at. Recently, however, I feel like things had been lacking for me in terms of getting feedback from job applications. Like, literally. Nothing. Zilch. Which, is super annoying. But, this week, I got some really lovely comments from a few people and eeeep I can't remember the last time someone said something so great on the job front. So, I need you to keep EVERYTHING crossed for me. Everything.

Moving on. Do you know when you first realise that you've finally moved on from someone? Little bit liberating isn't it? Yeah. That. 

Winter walks. This week I had the luxury of time. And one morning I woke up with the sun streaming through my window, and I just knew I couldn't let the lovely weather go to waste. So I got up and dressed, grabbed my camera, and just walked and snapped for a little bit. And loved every minute of it. See my photo diary here.

#Internetfriendsday. Apparently, it was Internet Friends Day yesterday, and it made me realise just how many people I now know and love, that I've met because of this little space on the t'interweb. I mean, c'mon, I even now live with Tash, who started out as a face and an @ handle on Twitter. I'm genuinely so grateful for all of the girls I now call my best friends. 

What has made you smile this week?



  1. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you on the feedback front! I adored your photo diary post too! Have a lovely week Sophie! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. I'm beyond grateful to have finally moved on...and I soooo mean it! No going back!!

    Mel |

  3. Fingers crossed for you :-)

  4. Fingers crossed! Love these posts from you! I'm loving winter walks right now too :)

    Hannah | Oh January