Having to adult. 2 years on.

Last Saturday marked 2 years since I moved out of my family home in Preston, to a lovely little flat in Liverpool, at just 19 years old.

Most of my friends were still away at Uni, and here I was, in a full time job, attending client meetings and paying council tax. I wasn't even out of my teens yet and I was having to budget for something that I didn't quite know what it was I was paying for. Still don't if I'm completely honest.. but that's a different matter.

The fact that I've got to 2 years is pretty much a miracle in itself. Over the last 24 months, I've had more washing machine disasters than I care to admit, but y'know what? I'm pretty damn proud of myself.

Looking back, it was genuinely one of the best things that I ever did. I gained the independence that I wanted, and let's just say I've learned and achieved a few things along the way...

- I haven't burnt the place down... yet.
- I've never once not had enough money to pay the rent, or previously mentioned council tax.
- I now know how to (finally) work the washing machine.
- Although I have realised that sometimes it's easier to just buy pretty new underwear than actually do some washing.
- I've learned how to deal with Estate Agents that are 200 miles away, and quite frankly, are pretty useless.
- I'm on first name terms with the guys on the concierge, who also now know to just not ask me whenever I go to collect a parcel, 'cause even they've learned that I never know whats inside it either. #bloggermail.
- There's no one to come and wake you up if you fall back to sleep after your alarm. So multiple alarms are now my best friend.
- My cooking skills have (slightly) improved.
- You ALWAYS forget to buy toilet roll.
- Talking to yourself is completely normal, and can actually aid in productivity.
- There's no one to nag you to turn all the lights off when you leave the room.
- ...But then you kinda wish there was when you get the electric bill.
- If you don't do stuff, there's no else to do said stuff. So you're better just getting off your bum and doing it.

And mostly?

I've learned that I GOT THIS. Even if it feels like I'm the most useless adult of all adults at times.



  1. I didn't realise you were from Preston too! I've just moved over to Liverpool, it's such a great city isn't it! (:

    L x

  2. I couldn't even imagine moving out permanently at 19! I like to think I'm independent but I am nowhere near as independent as I should be at 22. It does sound like you've got this! You go!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  3. Wow you've done really well at your age to manage that! I'm 20 currently and I'm dying to move out. But I have a boyf who refuse to rent and who I am totally not ready to live with. But I'd love my own place!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  4. Well done girl, you've done sooo well! I'm 21 now and moved to uni at 18, totally couldn't cope at all and had to come home! 19 is so early to live away from home but I think it's good because it teaches you about independence. Go youuuu.

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  5. Ah that's awesome. There's no better feeling than having your own independence. It's great that even though you didn't go to uni, you still moved out and got straight into living your own life, I like that, that's cool. :)


  6. You should be super proud of yourself for making a go of it all at 19! I'm still living with my parents and trying to figure it out and I can't see that changing once I become a student! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  7. So cool that you moved out on your own so young, good for you! And yessss, you never stop forgetting to buy loo roll.

    Rachel | www.currentlyrachel.com

  8. This is such a cute post! Good for you. You DO got this. Keep up the good work!

    Humor & Lifestyle // www.rebekahkoontzsite.com

  9. You should be so proud of yourself that you moved out into your own place at just 19 I think thats so rad - hopefully you carry on loving it as much as you do now!

    Lucy | Forever September

  10. Being an adult because there's so much to learn when you do move out! Great achievement!


  11. Haha this post is amazing!! Congrats on the move I moved house when I was 20 and it was just madness! Moving again soon ahhhhh.

    hellomissjordan.com xx

  12. All the things you've learnt are great! Definitely things I learnt when I moved to Uni in America!


  13. Such a cute post!!! Love this! I'm always getting pckages too and never know what I'm getting!!

    Mel | www.thegossipdarling.com

  14. When sitting in my car and watching people pass by I find that everyone speaks to themselves. It is totally normal and I guess it's something that you were brave enough to admit. Congrats to you for making it to your 2 year mark. I hope that you continue to prosper and do well for yourself this coming year and on.

    Heba xx || The Heba

  15. Wow it must have been a great feeling knowing you could support yourself at the age of 19! It must have been scary! Liverpool's a great city!
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com

  16. Great post, you must have grown so much in that time! I'd love to move out but reading a few of those points - I'm questioning it! xx

    Hannah | Oh January

  17. Aged nineteen I spontaneously got on a train back to manchester from Edinburgh because I had a cold and I needed my mum to love me. Can deal with the washing machine but never a cold.

    Great post!


  18. Isn't Liverpool the best city ever :) it's such a big achievement moving out on your own so well done!!!

    Sarah | sarahmurgatroyd.com

  19. More power to you, gurrrrrrl! I am in the middle of transiting from semi-independent life to the whole independent one (I'm 18) and I can't wait to see it happening. As fun as it seems, I can see the LOAD of responsibilities coming in that might be hard to handle. Hashtag life oh yeah.

    Noor | Noor's Place