5 things for a single girl to do on Valentines Day

single girl on valentines day

Valentines day. I'm pretty sure we're all aware that it's doing it's little thing and creepin' up on us again. Whether we sit on the 'omg I'm so looking forward to spending the day with bae', or the 'omg can we not just get this day over with already' side of the table.

Personally, I've never had a problem with V-Day (yes, I did just call it that. Soz.). If you have someone to share it with, that's great, just please don't share every little detail with the rest of us, we do not need to know, and quite honestly? Probs don't really care. If you don't happen to have an other half on 14th Feb, then that's just as okay too, 'cause at least we know that we're all fab and don't need a romantic dinner to remind us, right? ;)

So, if you do find yourself a fabulous singleton on Valentines Day, here are a few things you can do to keep yourself occupied.

Go to the gym. | Trust me when I say, there'll be hardly anyone else there, apart from the odd couple who's apparent idea of a date night is synchronised work-outs at the gym. So. Have some fun in there while you can, and make yourself a little obstacle course and run around to your hearts content. Oh, and you'll feel amazing for it in the morning!

Bake. | Baking can be really therapeutic, it's something to do to take your mind off everything else, and you get a yummy treat to enjoy at the end of it! And maybe a really cute insta post. So, who's the real winner here?

Treat yourself. | Just because you've got no one to treat, doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. Buy yourself something to make you feel great. Whether it's that dress you've been eyeing up for weeks, or, *ahem*, food, it doesn't matter. Whatever floats ya boat. Buy it. And then you can thank yourself by buying another treat later. Double winner.

Grab a friend and make a dinner reservation. | Valentines day doesn't mean that you can't have a nice evening if you're single. Grab one of your other un-attached girls, and go and enjoy a lovely evening! Then, you can make a game of this. Look round at the other couples, and  guess who will last, make-up 'how they met' stories, and guess which couple is newest from how awkward the date looks.

And, if all else fails, grab some treats and turn to Netflix. | Who doesn't love a good night in with Netflix?

How will you be spending Valentines Day this year?



  1. I LOVE how 4 out of 5 of these include food :') hahaha

    Laura | elelibee.com

  2. Love this post! I'll probably be spending my valentine's day with some baked goods and netflix hahaha

    Lee - leethrifts.blogspot.com

  3. Absolutely love this post! :) x


  4. Most definitely going to treat myself!!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. This was me around a few years ago, Valentine's day is a good excuse to spend money on yourself and do stuff you enjoy! :) Loved this post Soph!

    Emmie x

  6. As happily in-a-relationship as I am, I often think spending Valentines alone with all the chocolates and pizza and garlic bread and Netflix all to yourself would be THE DREAM. You always write about such good topics Sophie xxxx