Wardrobe essentials.

It's no secret that I love clothes. Far too much. I buy way too many and my wardrobe is currently overflowing. Is that gonna stop me buying more? Probs not. But what can you do, a girl needs clothes.

I thought of this post idea while I was having a good old tidy up of everything in my room, and I'm not sure whether to make it into a mini series, we'll see how this goes down first, I think!

Basically, my idea is to share with you guys the items that I believe are essential to every wardrobe. And in doing so, I'm hoping it might show me which items I wear constantly/all the time/probably too much, and it may help in creating that capsule wardrobe I've been dreaming about. 'Cause if I don't see it as essential, what's the point in keeping it, right?

So, the first few pieces that I kept out, and laid perfectly on the bed to make it look like I totally know what I'm doing, are these few pictured above.

A cosy knit is definitely a must, and you guys have seen this mustard H&M jumper multiple times now, so soz 'bout that, but it's just so damn cosy. You can pretty much wear jumpers with anything, which I think is why I'd class this as an essential; jeans, leggings, tights (depending on the length, obvs), even pyjama's if we're going particularly loungey...

Layering up a jumper is one of my favourite things, and what else better than a classic white shirt. Working in an office, a white shirt is my go-to when I really can't decide what else to wear. It's suitable for the office on it's own, but I also love wearing it under a jumper for a bit more of a preppy look. And again, a white shirt can be so bloomin' versatile that you can create any number of looks. An oversized one never goes amiss either. 

Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. I don't think you can ever have too many pairs of jeans. They're literally all I live in outside of work. I was recently introduced to Topshop jeans, courtesy of Tash, and that's it. I'm converted. They're officially my favourite. 

A good pair of trainers. I think I squealed a little when trainers first came back as being 'fashionable' a few years ago. There's so many reasons to have them, they're practical, comfy, waterproof (most of the time), versatile, the list could go on. If there's one thing you should invest in, it's a good pair of trainers.

A trusty handbag. Okay but with the amount of crap useful stuff that I carry around on a daily basis, a handbag is deffs an essential. I recently purchased this absolute beauty from Zara. I'm always so, so pleasantly surprised at the prices of Zara bags, I always expect them to be so much more than they are! This (not-so) little one was  £30. I think. 

What would you pick out as an essential?



  1. Agree and agree with all of these! I've started to create a capsule wardrobe and I'm only buying pieces that I love and that I know will be essentials. At the weekend, I got a long light grey cardigan, some new black boots, a black shirt dress and a breton top that I've been after for ages! Great post :)

  2. these are basically my wardrobe essentials too! can't go wrong with jumpers and jeans


  3. Those pieces all look SO nice! <3


  4. Absolutely agree with everything here! The color combinations in these pictures are so visually pleasing! Great post xoxo


  5. I couldn't agree more, especially in the winter, jeans and jumper and trainers are just winners! I love the look of your pictures too

  6. I need to buy some more wardrobe essentials, seeing as I've downgraded mine a LOT - got rid of a ton of stuff to try and create a capsule wardrobe. Will definitely keep this post in mind!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  7. I think once you get converted to Topshop jeans, you can never go back. Although I do think the ASOS ridley (I think) are practically on par and a little cheaper too! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  8. Such good wardrobe essentials - aren't Topshop Joni jeans just the best? So comfy, you can't beat them - they'll always be a wardrobe staple for me!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. Hi there! Love the photography and layout of your blog. My essentials would be an a-line skirt with a cute sweater and some Doc martens. Have a great day! X Sjoukje from www.lemontierres.com :-)

  10. love your picks, completely agree !

  11. Lovely picks. That Zara bag is gorge!

    Shona // ShonasStyle

  12. My essentials would definitely include my fav pair of jeans, some black leather sandals and a white button-down shirt!

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

  13. I completely agree with your essentials list -- especially on the jeans and good quality bag. With just those two components you can look stylish and composed no matter what you pair them with.

    Lovely post!


    Ashley || Sed Bona