Things I'm grateful for. #4.

I literally can't remember if this is number 4 or not, but I'm too lazy to go look so here's hoping I can count. 

January is flying by, isn't it?!

I can't believe that we're into the back half of the first month of 2016. If this is an indication of how fast the rest of the year is going to go, I'd rather it didn't. Like, can we just stop, now?

Anywho, this week has had a right mix of things going on, so I think I'm just gonna dive straight into this one!

BILLS. | No, not that kinda bill. This week marked the week that I ate at Bills restaurant for the first time and omg. I've been told that this is an amazing place for breakfast, but me and Tash headed over after work one evening for some well deserved grub after a long day. Oh, and we managed to bag an extra serving of chips and after getting super excited at omg free food, we then barely touched it 'cause we were far too full. Typical.

Writing somewhere else. | This has been in the pipeline for a few months now, but after finally getting over some technical difficulties, I've started to take my writing a little further, and I officially have a post up somewhere other than my little blog which is super exciting. You can see the post that I wrote here.
Seeing this has made me really want to push this even more, so I'm currently working on another opportunity that I'm even more excited about and I can't wait to share. EEEEP.

Blog opportunities. | On a similar note, ever since I've upped my 'blog game', if we call it that, and have started more regular posting, I've noticed a massive increase in emails that have popped through to my inbox. While this means even more admin to get through, it genuinely makes me smile every time it happens, and I'm hoping to collaborate with some really cool people soon. EEEEP. Take 2.

Payday. | I don't think I need to expand on this one.

How's January treating you all so far?



  1. Congrats on getting more blog loving :) I think January has been really slow, is that just me? I thought it'd be March by now, to be honest. Not that I'm complaining: the weather probably has something to do with it.

    Saoirse Sterling at XLeptodactylous

  2. January really is going so fast! Which I'm kinda glad about ;-)!

  3. I can't believe January's almost over! Well done on all of you blog opportunities! I bet it's really exciting and I can't wait to see what all the "Eeeeeep"'s are about! Haha!
    Cloe X

  4. All hail pay day! Mine isn't till Friday but I'm literally counting down the days haha. This is a cool idea it's always good to remember the positives - I need to do it more!

    Jess x

  5. Sounds like an amazing month for you! Mine has been a bit shitty thanks to university deadlines, but looking forward to the rest of the year :) x

    Martha Jane |

  6. Payday is something I'm always a little grateful for too, especially seeing as I only have one more before I become a poor uni student! x

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  7. It's crazy how it's almost February! Love posts like these :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  8. This year definitely seems to be flying by already doesn't it! I cannot believe you've never eaten and Bill's before, it's such a breakfast game changer! Congratulations on having somewhere else to do your writing that all sounds so exciting! These posts are really lovely little things to look back on, I try to write one good thing that happens in my day everyday in my diary to look back on after the year is up!

  9. Payday oh what a great day haha - its great that you're able to work with some cool people, can't wait to see more exciting posts!

    Lucy | Forever September

  10. Seems like you had a lovely month and congrats on getting more blog opportunities, that's great :) And yes, I agree, January is going by way too fast! x