Thing's I'm grateful for #3.

Happy Saturday people! 

Now, I know what'cha gonna say, it isn't Sunday so why are you posting this today Soph? That was deffs the first thing you thought, right? ;) Well, internet friends, I have a post going up that I really wanted to go up tomorrow, so I thought I'd just have a bit of a change up of the schedule this week!

This week has kinda flown by if I'm honest! For once, I can't actually believe that it's the weekend again already. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I mean, if anyone wanted to pass a law for every day to be the weekend then I'd be totally cool with that. However, I'm not too sure there's much exciting happened this week, it's just been kinda one of those, 'meh, let's just get on with it' weeks, if ya get me? Probs not. 

Anyway, here's a little brainstorm of things that have been great this week!

Early mornings | You probably already know from this post that I'm a morning person. But if there's one other benefit to getting up and out early, it's the morning sky. I took this on one of my drives to work this week (whilst I was sat, stuck on what feels like my second home at the minute... the m62.). Isn't it pretty!

My flatmate | Now this is kinda the topic of tomorrows post (in a totally non-weird way, I promise!), but writing the post made me realise how awesome it is to have Tash as my flatmate. Not only do we make each other laugh constantly, but when I come home from work, throw myself on the sofa and shout 'TASH I'M HAVING GUY DRAMA', she instantly shuts her laptop and turns to listen (and laugh, more often than not) at the fiasco's that I seem to find myself in. Thanks Tash. Love ya.

It got cold! | You're probs thinking I've lost it with this one, but I love that it's finally got cold! I love that I can wrap myself up in all the layers and feel all cosy and go for a walk outside. There's just something about crisp, winter mornings that I love. If only they'd have appeared before Christmas!

Eating clean | Attempting to start as I mean to go on here, but the last few weeks I've come to realise the benefits of eating cleaner. I've tried to completely 'cut the crap' (as Jessie so amazingly put it in this post) out of my diet, including my morning coffee, *sobs*, and I've noticed the benefits so, so quickly! Both physically and mentally. I can tell that my stomach is flatter, but I also feel like I have a lot more energy at work, which is great!

What great things have happened to you guys this week?



  1. Having a good roomie is soo important! I'm also mostly a morning person, and I love it!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. Loved this kind of post :-)

  3. I'm definitely not a morning person but sometimes i force myself up out of bed to get things done in the morning! i feel like i get so much more done when i start early


  4. Aw, cute. I wish I had a Tash in my life!


  5. Your flatmate Tash sounds like an angel! Good luck with eating clean, it's something I'm trying to work towards but I'm epically failing at right now!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  6. I love these posts! They definitely make me think much more about everything I'm grateful for in my life; I think I might have to add a section to my own weekly round-up posts as it's such a positive way of thinking.
    Hope life is sunny!

  7. I am totally with you, I love mornings AND the cold weather, so glad someone else appreciates it ;) xxx


  8. Such a lovely post again Sophie, I'm so glad the cold has finally come as well - at least it actually feels like winter now haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. Wish I could start eating more clean, it's just so hard after christmas. and how you have given up your morning coffee is beyond me - go girl! xx

  10. Love this Sophie! Completely feel the same about the cold weather and early morning sunrises - they're so pretty! X