By oneself.

Happy Friday team! We did it. We actually made it to the end of the week!
It's no secret that I'm the kinda girl that totally doesn't mind her own company, and I'm completely okay with that. The weekend mornings when it's just me, in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop are sometimes my favourite.
However, there's always times when you find yourself on your own, and you're just like, omg I have nothing to do and  no one to do anything with and I just need to do something before I go insane. Right? Well, here's a little list of a few idea's that I sometimes find myself getting up to when it's just me, myself and I.
Walking into a coffee shop, and plonking myself down in a corner by myself with my laptop (and a coffee, obvs. If I'm gonna use their wifi I should at least buy one...) is now basically just a way of life for me. I do it because I like to get out the flat, I like to be around people, (even if I don't actually want any of them to talk to me) and I like the flutter and background noise that comes with a good ol' coffee shop.
Trust me when I say that no one even bats an eyelid to you being sat there by yourself. It's 2016. SO many people now 'work from home', that particularly in the city, it's such a regular occurrence it's totally normal, and the only time you ever get disturbed is when the poor old Grandpa next to you can't figure out the wifi.
Shopping. Don't get me wrong, I love a proper good girly day out with my friends when it comes to going shopping, but I also love going by myself. I love that you can go wherever you want, spend however much you want, and spend however long you need to deliberating over whether you actually need that 7th sweatshirt in 3 weeks. (Answer: yes.)
Art, museums, and all cultural things. How many times have you been out, and spotted a number of people walking around just themselves and a camera? I love just taking myself off somewhere, and the beauty of being on your own is that you can do exactly as you please.
Netflix. 'Nough said.
Going to the gym is definitely something that's socially acceptable to do on your little ownsome. Even if it's not generally the first choice on your list. It gives you something to do and has health benefits. What else do you need, right?!
Blog. Well that one was bound to come up.
Do you guys like to do things by yourself sometimes? Let me know your ideas!


  1. I've never quite built up the courage to go to a coffee shop on my own but everything else, yep, there's nothing better. Especially shopping, no one can talk me out of the pretty stuff I want to buy! x

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  2. Loved reading this, Sophie! I've always been relaxed in my own company and it's something I like doing now and then. Last night I was working late, so I had tea with my mum & dad when I got in, then went and did blog work from my bed! I think a coffee shop might be my next venture!

  3. I spend way to much time wth myself and pretty much end up annoying myself in the end! At the moment one of my favourite things to do on my own is watch really rubbish tv series that require no attention span what's so ever and I can watch them super quick as well either on Netflix or sky. Watching secret life of an American teenager right now sounds super exciting doesn't it ! And I watched all of Hannah Montana in a week last week wow my life is sad right !!! Loved this post I'll definately try and get out more haha!


  4. Going to a park with a good book is something I definitely going to try out when the sun finally decides to show himself. I think people can really underestimate the joy of being completely alone.

    Saoirse Sterling at XLeptodactylous

  5. I've been known to go to a coffee shop to chill solo. I've also been to the cinema once on my own and as the cinema was quite empty also was a bit strange. Something's are better doing with company, like going to the cinema so at least you can share you thoughts afterwards.
    Shopping is an activity I can only really do with someone else if they are in the same spirit as me with shopping. Someone who hurries or gets bored easily, encourages me to want to shop alone. That and no disproving looks from the other half! ;)

  6. I do lots by myself and sometimes can get a bit lonely so the cafe tip was a great idea that I think I should try! :-)

  7. Loved this post!
    Alicia :)

  8. I don't mind being alone at all really. In fact, I might even prefer it sometimes! I personally love people-watching when I'm alone in cafes :) x

    Martha Jane |

  9. I love spending time by myself. I've yet to take myself somewhere cultural on my own, but I love sitting down in a coffee shop by myself. I especially go there when I have to revise for uni as it feels less like work.

    Eline |

  10. Sometimes I love spending time on my own, other times not so much. I do really want to do the whole take my laptop to a coffee shop and work thing, it just seems really peaceful and its always good to be in a different location other than your bedroom. Loved this post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  11. Going to a coffee shop with my laptop is something I definitely need to do! I do most of the other things anyway, but that's one thing I'm yet to do. Great post!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  12. There's always days that you feel more "comfortable" with people around you and other times, you prefer being on your own. I've never been the kind of girl who's very social and easy to talk to. So that's why staying at my house, on a friday night, watching netflix is a more appealing idea than going to a party with tons of people. Also, I have to admit and agree with you, as much as I love my friends, shopping is not always the best thing to do with so many people. I love the freedom I get, to be able to shop as long as I want without having any restrictions and go to whatever shops I want to. Plus, they're less chance that I end up buying exactly what one of my friends bought.

    Xo, Sitara | Simply Sitara

  13. Love your post! I lived in a city by myself for over a year and had to come up with things to do by myself to get out of my apartment. I love being by myself and I've found going out and doing things on your own makes you more confident in the long run.

    xx, Caitlin

  14. I absolutely always go shopping by myself! It makes me try some things out of my comfort zone without other people commenting on it aha!
    Abbie xx

  15. I love shopping by myself!
    Jabeen x

  16. Loved this so much, I should definitely go solo to a coffee shop soon. And I prefer going shopping by myself!

  17. I love doing most things by myself especially shopping. I don't know why but I can't shop with other people. I move really quickly, and I usually have a set plan haha. My friends always complain about that haha.
    Blue Jazzmin

  18. I do love being alone too but also having a little background noise, the library at UCLA is so perfect for me in that respect!

  19. What a great post! And definitely something that people don't talk about or encourage enough.

    I love doing things by myself; shopping, going to the library, going out for a meal, or just hanging out in my room on my own. I feel calm and centered when I'm alone and I genuinely really enjoy it.

    Thanks for writing this!

    Sarah | Sarah's Chapter

  20. I was going through your blogpost and I found this. Right after having a mental breakdown moment after breaking up, I finally realise how being alone can make you feel a lot more better. Although, there's a jealousy in me seeing other people being clingy but hey, being alone is not bad at all. it just give you more time on your own and appreciate your own existence.

    Thank you for writing this ;)

    Sofea |