A self care checklist.

A self care checklist.

A self-care checklist for 2017.

Every year, I head into January with the best of intentions. I do the most healthy of food shops, I get myself back to the gym, I try to drink more water and cut the caffeine, and I try to get that little bit more sleep. And, I think like most, this doesn't last the year. For me, I seem to have 3 month phases; I do really well for 3 months, and then I don't step foot near a gym and eat complete rubbish for the next 3. Until I feel so sluggish, tired, and fed up with bad skin that the cycle starts all over again.

But, this time, I thought I'd make a different kind of self-care checklist. I thought I'd create a list of things that I love, things that will cheer me up when I'm feeling sad. Things that will reduce an evening of anxiety. Things that will put me in a good mood and a positive mindset, whether they're actually healthy or not!

1. Listen to relaxing music with my candles lit.
2. Grab a coffee and go for a walk in the fresh air.
3. Treat myself to a fresh manicure.
4. Take the time to pamper myself a little & create a proper skin care routine.
5. Cosy up under my blankets with a good book.
6. Take a long, hot shower.
7. Read my favourite blogs with a cup of tea to hand.
8. Head to the shops and purchase something luxurious to treat myself.
9. Browse social media for hours without feeling guilty.
10. Grab my camera & simply explore the city that I live in.
11. Stretch in the morning.
12. Visit my favourite coffee house or lunch spot.
13. Watch an old, favourite film before bed.
14. Organise and declutter my flat.* 

What would be on your self-care checklist?


*This one may be a little unconventional for some, but for me, it's totally therapeutic.
Having a little more faith in yourself.

Having a little more faith in yourself.

It's amazing what you can achieve with a little more faith in yourself.

They say that you can't do anything without believing that you can do it, first. And this is so bloomin' true. We're all capable of achieving amazing things, but sometimes we hold ourselves back a little, don't we? The self-doubt, lack of inspiration and exhaustion come creeping in and we decide against going after that goal or dream that we've been thinking about. 

At the beginning of 2016, I took the biggest leap of faith ever. I had no idea how things were going to pan out, and to be honest, it could've ended terribly and I could've ended up taking over 3 years worth of a step back. I had to believe in myself. I had to convince myself that everything was going to be okay and that I was good enough to make this work. And it did. Wonderfully. 

At school, and even just a few years ago, I was never confident. I was never the girl to be her own cheerleader or be certain that I was going to get good grades. I was constantly comparing myself to everyone else and convincing myself that no matter how hard I tried, I was going to fail.

But, I think when you start to push yourself, when you start to really figure out what you want and start to go after it, you realise that you're never going to able to achieve it if you don't believe that you can do it, first. If you can't picture yourself at the end goal, then you're never really going to be able to start, and you're going to stop yourself before you even try.

So, the next time you're thinking about that next goal and those little voices of self-doubt come creeping in telling you that you're never going to be able to do it, just remember how powerful having a little bit more faith in yourself can be. Tell yourself, whether that be mentally or out loud, that you can do this. You've got this and you are good enough to make it work and you will, without a doubt, get to where you want to be.

I've written a lot about self confidence on this little blog, but it's something that's oh so important and something that can be truly life changing and empowering. I've found that having a little more faith in myself has made me happier and a lot more positive about things. I've absolutely not let as much hold me back and it's turned out pretty fabulous, and not half as scary as I first thought.


Blush Pink Coat & Jeans  - c/o American Eagle Outfitters | I think I've featured this jeans before which I why they're not the main feature of these photo's, but I've most definitely mentioned them a few times on my Instagram and believe me when I say, I've never had a pair of jeans fit me as well as these ones do. They're tight fitting in all the right places, but flexible enough to fit them over my bum!

And can we just talk about how beautiful this coat is? I totally fell in love with this colour the second I saw it, and it's one of those coats that you can totally just snuggle into. It's warm and cosy, and even though yes, I'm tiny, this is a size small and there's plenty of room for all your scarves and jumpers underneath!


Christmas at home.

Christmas at home.

Christmas at home.

I've always spent Christmas at home, and every year my Mum gives me a ring a few weeks before and asks if I'll be coming home for Christmas again, and every year my answer is; 'of course I am, Mum!'. If I'm honest, I can't quite imagine spending Christmas anywhere else.

Like most families, we have our own little traditions that just make Christmas Day... well, ours. We have certain films that we always watch together, Christmas breakfast with a cup of tea (because even on Christmas day, who can get started with the day without tea?!), a not-very-traditional Christmas dinner, and of course, the opening of gifts sat by the fire and the Christmas tree.

Going home for Christmas also signalises that I'm taking some time out. I leave my work laptop in the flat so that I can completely step back from my work emails, and I try and cut back the time I spend on my blog and social media, so that I can make the most of a week catching up with family and friends while they're home, too.

There's just something about being sat on the sofa, hot chocolate (with marshmallows, obvs) in hand and watching a festive film that just makes me feel so, so happy. The warmth you feel from all things festive is just really hard to put down in words, don't you think?

Merry Christmas. 


On being open to change.

On being open to change.

With 2017 creeping up on us pretty bloomin' quickly, I've been thinking a lot about being open to the changes that a new year might just bring.

New years quite often bring about all of the 'new year, new me' social media statuses that we love to hate. Like yes, it's a new year, I'm sure we're all hoping that 2017 is a little better and goes a little smoother than the year that most probably shouldn't ever be mentioned again.

Like last year, I'm not going to make any 'resolutions' as such, because quite frankly I don't believe in all that kinda thing. I think that if you really want to make a change, or make something happen, you'd do it no matter what time of the year it is. 

But, there is one thing that I want to start and take with me into 2017, and that's to try and be a little more open to, and less scared of, change. For me, change is normally exciting, but equally as terrifying. Most changes are exciting, but it's the changes that I don't decide and have no real control over, that scare me.

But the thing is, change is normally good, isn't it? While yes, some things might take a little time to get used to at first, you never know what beautiful things, people and experiences might just be around the corner.

Some of the best things that have happened recently have only happened because there's been a change. A change of career, a change of people, a change of mindset.


As with all things in my life though, I'm a massive over-thinker and things that are out of my control often make me terribly nervous. But, I think it's about time that this girl starts to try and let go of that, and just embrace everything that is thrown at me instead of worrying about things that may never even happen.

Am I even making sense here? I feel like I'm rambling a little now. But I think it's even little things, like I'm too nervous to do anything drastic with my hair because it would be a change. A change that I don't know what the end result is going to look like or how it's going to make me feel. So you can imagine how hard it is for me to make bigger decisions. 

So yeah, the conclusion of this post; be more open to change, Soph. It's often not as scary as you think.


Boots - c/o Marco Tozzi | If you're looking for the perfect winter boot, these little beaut's are definitely the ones. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and oh my goodness, they are SO comfortable. They have a really soft insole, as well as a faux fur lining on the inside to keep your feet all nice and cosy during the colder season. The subtle detail and flat style means I can pair them with any outfit (although lets face it, I live in my black skinny jeans, so they're perfect..), and they're fabulous for giving my sore feet a break from my heeled boots that I love to wear a little too often.


My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep. 9.

My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep. 9.

A slightly delayed weekly round up...

This week has been a little bit of an emotional one, but not in a sad way, but in a very anxious way. And I guess it's put a few things into perspective for me, and also given me a little kick up the bum that a few things need to change. I'm letting certain things get to me and make me feel crap, and well, we don't need any negativity of the sort around these parts, do we?!

Anyway, this week didn't get off the best of starts... I probably should've known things were about to go downhill!

I did however, then sit down and was able to smash a few blog posts out and get a little bit of the last of my Christmas shopping done! I dip in and out of watching YouTube, and I'd also just finished watching a few video's when I started to contemplate starting it again. However..
This week was an exciting week in some places though, as I managed to hit 8k on Twitter!

A good proportion of my working week this week was stuck in traffic. There were a few bad accidents on my way to work, meaning this was my view for approximately 2 hours on Tuesday morning! I rocked up to work at 9.45 having left my flat at 7am, and I wasn't even the last one in!

At least the sunrise was pretty to watch to keep my occupied!

And then the rest of Tuesday didn't get much better. Work was okay, but do you know when your day is just a little bit of a write-off and you're just not in the right mindset to do anything productive..? Yeah. So I doodled Liverpool instead. Obviously.

Fast forward to Thursday evening, and this happened.

Speaking of Instagram, don't you just love the new bookmark feature?! I know a lot of people are saying it's a little bit like Pinterest, which I can totally see. But I've been getting a little bookmark happy and I've been saving a load of posts in there for inspiration. And, if I'm completely honest, I'm a little jealous of my own bookmarked feed haha!

Weekend outfits.

This weekend marked exactly one week until Christmas (how amazing is that!). However, there seemed to be some men who had only just realised this fact on Sunday morning.

Strong effort, guys.

If there's one thing I love to do at the weekend, it's get up (reasonably) early in the morning and go for a walk if it's a nice day. Particularly when the days are cold and clear and crisp, it really wakes me up and puts a smile on my face. One of the reasons I love it is because there's never anyone else around at that time!

Oh, and who could forget this Butterkist delivery that arrived! I'm so, so excited to try some of these flavours!

And finally, I'm so glad so many of you guys could relate to this tweet! 

How  was your week? Are you feeling excited for Christmas?


Do what makes you feel good.

Do what makes you feel good.

Know how to make yourself feel good, and do it.

I don't know about you, but my self confidence and self esteem fluctuates massively. Like, one day I'm walking round the city in my heels and a coffee feeling pretty damn good about myself, and then other days I'm moping around the flat in my pjs and a lot of chocolate, wondering why I don't look and feel like all of those girls that you see on Instagram that are totally rocking it.

There's that saying about being in control of your own happiness, and I think that this applies to feeling good about yourself sometimes, too. For me, it tends to be along the lines of taking time and effort to do my make up, actually doing something with my hair, and putting thought into an outfit that I know is going to make me feel all sassy and confident. 

Self and body confidence is a huge struggle for most ladies that I know. And while we're probably never going to be 100% happy with the way we look, being able to look in the mirror or take a selfie and think 'do you know what, I look pretty okay today' can make all the difference. Pay yourself compliments, upload a photo to Instagram, take all of the selfies in the world if you know it's going to make you feel better. 

While you shouldn't ever depend on other people to make you feel good, spending time with, and talking to people who build your confidence is only a good thing. Surround yourself with friends that tell you that you look hot in your latest Insta, and not the ones that tell you that they don't like your outfit, or questions why you have no make up on, or that they could do a better job... you get my drift.

Taking photo's that I'm happy with or dancing around in my mirror to my favourite songs makes me feel super confident and ready to take on the day, and it's something that I'll do to motivate myself if I'm feeling a little down or unsure of myself that day. By the end of 'Shout out to my ex', it's most certainly done the trick. ;)

Do you have any little routines to boost your self confidence?


Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

Timing can be your best friend, or a total b*tch. Right? It can bring you opportunities, or it can dangle them in front of your eyes and then snatch them right back again. It can bring you the right people at the right time. But, it can also bring you the wrong people at wrong time, or, even worse, the right people at the wrong time. And it will most definitely give you all of the 'what if's' and 'should have's' that will drive you insane.

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge believer in fate. I firmly believe that every single little thing in our lives happens for a reason, and and I know that things are the way they're meant to be, right now. But, that doesn't stop me wanting to try and change things. Things that are quite often out of my control.  

Hindsight is a wonderful thing too, isn't it? Looking back there are so many things that I would do differently, but not in the sense that I regret them, but that I'd take more risks and throw myself out there a little more, and try and stop my shyness from meaning I miss out on exciting stuff. 

But, I sometimes also wish some things had happened at different times. I wish I'd have reached out to people earlier, I wish I'd have made that decision sooner, I wish I'd have moved on quicker, I wish I'd have met that person later (or, in some cases, not at all). 


Ultimately, things happened the way they did, and they're going to continue to happen in a sequence and order that we can't control. Sometimes being able to trust that everything will work out the way it should is the best approach to have. If something has happened at the wrong time, it wasn't meant to happen at the right time.

Timing hasn't always been on my side lately, but that doesn't mean something better isn't about to happen at exactly the right time, right?


Copper Alarm Clock - c/o Cox and Cox. | This alarm clock from Cox and Cox has been the perfect addition to my room and my new aim of achieving a simple and minimalist vibe. The copper colour is beautiful, it has a gorgeous classic design and it sits on my bedside table because it doesn't actually make a ticking noise, meaning it doesn't drive any of my friends insane when they come to visit. Oh, and it actually wakes me up! I've actually really enjoyed having an 'old style' alarm again, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get a little tired of some of the alarm sounds on my phone!


Disclaimer; some items in this post may have been sent to me as PR samples, however all thoughts, content and comments are all my own. For my full disclaimer, click here.
My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep 8.

My week in square photo's & 140 characters. Ep 8.

This week's post may be a little photo heavy. I have a lot of lovely things to share, this week!

So, let's rewind to last Sunday, Em & Kay were sharing my bed, and I was sleeping in the other room. I wake up to a selfie snapchat from Em about 9am, and walk into the living room to see 5 million Santa's running past my flat. Not even kidding.

Once I'd woken up properly, I realised that it was, in fact, Liverpool's annual Santa dash. A 5k run through the city for charity, with everyone in Santa costumes, dogs with reindeer antlers and even a whole load of fake snow at the finishing line! It was fabulous to watch, even if it did make our walk for breakfast about 4 times longer!

Anyway, we had breakfast, dropped Kay off at the train station, and then Em and I headed off to shoot some outfits, shop, and take a walk around the city.

When you get 3 girls together, of course the chat is going to eventually get round to dating and guys, and this weekend was no exception. Which reminds me...

Anyone else feel this?

I also remember the first time I discovered Instagram DM's. I hadn't been active on Instagram overly long, but I remember opening my inbox to a few, well, interesting messages. Now, you actually get a notification when someone wants to send you a private message on Insta, and Monday's was one of my absolute favourites.

There was a pretty sky on my way to work on Monday. 

Edit; I'm aware some of these photo's aren't square - but the none square ones have appeared on my Insta stories at some point during the week, too!

Then, this happened on Monday night. It wasn't even an important conversation, but still. 

However, can we all just appreciated that I showered AND washed my hair in 9 minutes? I thought that was a pretty decent achievement!

Thursday and Friday were my working from home days, this week. And I still don't have myself a little desk yet, so I relished in being able to work from under my duvet and not really having to get dressed!

Then, Friday came and it was our Christmas party. However, our office decided to do things a little different, and we headed off to Blackpool and had the top of the Blackpool Tower all to ourselves! There was music and food and drinks and just a general chance to chat and socialise and I actually loved it. Most of the guys headed into town afterwards, however, I then snook back to my car and drove back to Liverpool. But, just look at those views!

Getting ready for the party however, made me realise this!

This brings us back to Saturday, and my Saturday this week consisted of coffee, blog writing, and Christmas shopping. Which to be quite honest, is my idea of a perfect start to the weekend.

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Have a lovely week, folks.