My New Years Resolution.

Is to not make any New Years Resolutions.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a little break from blogging, but now I feel like I'm ready to jump right back into it, and while this feels like a bit of a new start, I thought I'd jump ahead a few weeks to the new start that's heading all of our ways come January 1st.

Last year, I remember reading so so many New Years Resolutions posts, and I even did one myself. But this year, I'm taking a bit of a different steer on things. If there's one thing that I've learned this year, it's to expect the unexpected. Life has it's own little way of throwing things at us, some are totally pleasant surprises, while others, seemingly, are out to test us. Which, is actually totally fine, because life would be a little boring otherwise, wouldn't it?

We always start the year with all these great plans, and then January 2nd arrives and they're generally already out the window, and then you basically sit there and think, 'oh, well, that's failed so I might as well just wait till next January 1st, and start again then. That's totally fair. Right?'

Like eating healthy.

And going to the gym regularly.

And being super dead cultural. 

And basically not failing at life which is how I feel right now. 

So, the only thing I'll be promising myself this year, is to just take each day as it comes. 

Nothing that we do right now is going to change what's to come. Promising ourselves that we're gonna ditch all the chocolate, dig our gym kit out from the depths of our wardrobe, meditate every morning, or read all those books that are gathering dust on our bookshelf, is going to help us when life shakes us all up and sends us in a direction that we didn't even know existed. 

Like when someone in your life suddenly leaves with no explanation, when you decide that what you're doing with your life isn't what you want at all but you can see no way out, or when you have to restrict yourself to eating lettuce for lunch for a few days 'cause you didn't ditch the chocolate and you can no longer fit in your fave pair of jeans. 

LIFE. I'm not planning you anymore. But I'm still gonna try and not fail as badly next year. Promise. ;)



  1. Aw this is a lovely post and welcome back to blogging! I definitely agree that resolutions more or less set you up for disappointment as it is impossible to change bad habits overnight for the new year ahead. I aim not to fail as badly next year too but I'll see how that goes haha :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  2. This is basically what I do each year too - I don't believe in resolutions, if I wanted to change something, I can do it right now. I don't need to wait for a date in order to do so! It's so refreshing to read something like this though :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Normally I just make some half assed new year's resolutions. Which, like you said, you mostly give up on the day after you make them. But this coming year I really really want to work on a few things for myself. I want to really grow my blog, work out regularly and work on my cv. I feel like I can really work on those few things in the coming year. I really hope I can keep my new years resolutions and not fail like I do every year.

  4. Yes, this is how I'm feeling too! I've never really made resolutions, but I do always treat the New Year as a fresh start, because I do enjoy putting the last year to bed. Especially when it hasn't been the best. So I'm looking forward to January! x

    Martha Jane |

  5. Awesome post as always hun! : ) My resolutions last year were to travel more and to keep up with my exercise regime and enter a sports challenge (like a run or something!). I'm pleased to say I did them all and i think this year I'll just be doing the same haha. Glad to see you're back after a blog break! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  6. This is lovely, and I completely agree with this! I always make New Years Resolutions that I continuously break year after year. This year, I just want to live day by day, and be as grateful as I can be! Such a great post Sophie! xo

    My Lovelier Days

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  8. I could not agree more with this. This year is going to be about giving myself some slack, enjoying the present, and seeing what each day has to bring. Great post, Soph!

  9. I think that's a good thing to do - something I want to do too. I don't want to feel bad for not reaching some unrealistic or actually unhealthy habit, I want to take care of myself. That's the most important thing anybody can do. I hope the new year will treat you well x
    - Anne