80's fashion and baby photo's.

Gotta give it to Mum and Dad, they can take a good photo when they want to!

I love going home. Ever since I moved out, going back to Mum and Dads is always some kind of treat (and not just because I get to eat their food). I love spending time with my parents, and Christmas is always the time of year you get to spend some much needed time with family. 

What better way to pass some time on these in-betweeny days when, lets face it, none of us quite know what to do with ourselves than to dig out all the old family photographs from the depths of my Mum's cupboard. And, as you'd expect, I came across some absolute crackin' photo's from decades gone by. Like these ones. Showcasing how cool I was as a baby. Obvs.

I absolutely LOVED looking through these photographs. And some of my favourite ones to look through were of my Mum and Dad when they were younger, way before they married, and donkeys years before me and my brother were even thought of. I know, it's weird to think of your parents as anything other than your parents, let alone a fun-loving young couple who didn't give two-hoots about anything!

One thing I did notice was the fashion statements of the 80's that have made rather a swift turnaround and graced the shops once again. And with her permission, of course, I managed to snap a few of my Mum's favourite outfits from our photo albums, so for this post, I'm handing over to my Mum to pose for OOTD's, including bralets, bomber jackets, and of course those white heels! ;)

Seriously though, how much did she rock these high waisted leather trousers?!

It's also a little bit scary how much I look like her too. There's a little joke in our house that neither me or my brother could ever pretend we were from any other family. I mean, the resemblance even goes way back to our baby photo's. If it wasn't for the, um, questionable decor, and photo quality, we could've literally been the same toddler. 

I can't believe I'm putting baby photo's on my blog. I think all the Christmas festivities have got to me a little too much...

As much as looking to the future, and living in the now is so important, looking back can be so much fun. Do you ever look back through old photographs? Let me know if you've ever found some crackers!



  1. What a great post! I absolutely love looking back on my old photos and pics of my parents at my age. I love fashion so to see what they wore and comparing it to modern day is hilarious!

    Lyndsey | articletwentythree.com

  2. Loved your mum's style!! She really did rock those high waisted leather trousers. I find it really weird looking back at photos of my parents before I was born.. They look so young and carefree!

    Laura | What's Hot?

  3. Agh this post Sophie! I love looking at old photos! I'm exactly like you and pine over my mum's old outfits! Those leather trousers are amazing!


  4. Aw this is a lovely post Sophie! I love digging out old photos too. My mum got given a photobook as a present for her birthday and seeing all her outfits and fancy dress costumes from the 80s was definitely interesting. Baby photos are always a winner, and seeing the questionable things my parents used to dress me in always makes me laugh :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  5. Your mums style is just amazing! I loved reading these posts, anything with a hint on nostalgia has me oohing and ahhing!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  6. How sweet. It seems like you had a really lovely & memorable holiday at home. Photos can be such a blast from the past. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  7. This is such a lovely post Sophie aw - baby photos are always so lovely to look back on!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Not gonna lie, you do look like your mum! And that's definitely not a bad thing, what a lovely little post! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

  9. Looking back at old photos is just lovely. I recently found some of my parents too - they all had such good style. Your mum really does rock those high waisted trousers. I can definitely see the resemblance between you both...great post idea..

    Suitcase and Sandals BlogXX