22 things when you meet someone IRL.

Let's face it, it's nearly 2016, it's not uncommon for us 'young'uns' to meet people online before we actually meet people in person. I wrote this post a few months ago (shameless plug, soz.) about how you guys that I've met through blogging are pretty damn awesome, and, while we're a sociable bunch, with things like online dating and the power of social media becoming ever more popular, becoming friends with someone you've never actually met is fast becoming quite the norm, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that
Except when you decide you're actually going to meet.
So, having had a few (read, a lot) experiences of this this year, here are 22 things that generally go through my head before I'm meeting someone that, actually, probs know's more about me than some of my IRL friends.

*Side note: really hope these aren’t just me. Otherwise, this post is going to be proper awks.*
1      I really hope it's not dead awkward
2      Oh god, what if there's loads of awkward silences?
3      Deffs gonna end up talking about the weather if there is.
4      Omg then they're gonna think I'm super boring.
5      *Quickly looks back through conversations for a talking point if everything goes silent*
6      Is this really a good idea?
7      Like, we could totally reschedule and overthink this another day, right?
8      Wait, how do we greet?
9      What if I go for a hug and they're not the hugging type?
10    I hope they still laugh at my jokes, in my messages I have time to think of those.
11    Do I really look like my last Instagram selfie?
12    What if I've gone way OTT on the editing!?
13    It's fine, it was just a VSCO filter. And some alterations on the brightness. And I flipped it to my good side. What could go wrong?
14   *Quickly makes your best friend aware so you have an escape plan if everything goes tits up.*
15   Where did we say we were gonna meet again?
16   Completely forgot.
17   Good start Soph.
19   This is going to be a fiasco.
21    Oh, hello! How was your journey? I like your shoes. Where are we going again? Shit, I left my card in the car. Stopped for a Starbucks en-route you see. Be back in a sec. Stay. There.

22    NAILED IT.



  1. Love this so much, Sophie! I met one of my online friends IRL for the first time last year and I was so nervous! I remember most of the things you've listed here going through my head but then like you said, it all went well in the end and we're still in touch now! :)

  2. This makes me laugh so much! So so true haha xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  3. Hahah I love it! Some are totally me as well – I'm super bad at the hug or kiss thing, I usually just end up SHAKING SOMEONE'S HAND which is also super embarrassing or end up doing the kiss one times too many! All is good with laughs though... I hope.

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

  4. Such a lovely post to read, I always end up talking about the weather when I'm stuck or it just feels awkward!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  5. I can relate to some of those points - thought it was just me that brought up the weather haha!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk