Screw it, and do it.

Screw it, and do it.

They always say that you're never going to achieve anything if you live your life within your comfort zone. And as a major worrier about anything and everything, if I lived within my comfort zone on a daily basis then, well, I wouldn't get much further than the end of my bed. But that's beside the point. 

Really pushing ourselves is where our strength lies. Doing things that we never thought we'd be brave enough to do is how we create our favourite memories. Some of the best things that have happened (and that I've bought... whoops.) this year have been because I've pushed myself to not listen to the, *ahem*, more sensible voices in my head, and to think 'do you know what, screw this, let's do it.'

So in the next few weeks, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Screw it, and do it

I'm not entirely sure how things are going to pan out, and if I'm honest, what I'm planning is probably the least sensible thing I've ever done. BUT I know that it's what (I hope) is going to make me happy.

2016 is going to be the year where I start doing things for me. Things that I want to do, and not things that I think the world expects me to do.

While I'm super nervous about what could happen if everything goes, um, well, tits up, I'm so so excited to get started with the new year. I'm sticking to what I wrote in this post about not making any new years resolutions, but it doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to the new start that January 1st will bring.

Here's to the new year guys!


80's fashion and baby photo's.

80's fashion and baby photo's.

Gotta give it to Mum and Dad, they can take a good photo when they want to!

I love going home. Ever since I moved out, going back to Mum and Dads is always some kind of treat (and not just because I get to eat their food). I love spending time with my parents, and Christmas is always the time of year you get to spend some much needed time with family. 

What better way to pass some time on these in-betweeny days when, lets face it, none of us quite know what to do with ourselves than to dig out all the old family photographs from the depths of my Mum's cupboard. And, as you'd expect, I came across some absolute crackin' photo's from decades gone by. Like these ones. Showcasing how cool I was as a baby. Obvs.

I absolutely LOVED looking through these photographs. And some of my favourite ones to look through were of my Mum and Dad when they were younger, way before they married, and donkeys years before me and my brother were even thought of. I know, it's weird to think of your parents as anything other than your parents, let alone a fun-loving young couple who didn't give two-hoots about anything!

One thing I did notice was the fashion statements of the 80's that have made rather a swift turnaround and graced the shops once again. And with her permission, of course, I managed to snap a few of my Mum's favourite outfits from our photo albums, so for this post, I'm handing over to my Mum to pose for OOTD's, including bralets, bomber jackets, and of course those white heels! ;)

Seriously though, how much did she rock these high waisted leather trousers?!

It's also a little bit scary how much I look like her too. There's a little joke in our house that neither me or my brother could ever pretend we were from any other family. I mean, the resemblance even goes way back to our baby photo's. If it wasn't for the, um, questionable decor, and photo quality, we could've literally been the same toddler. 

I can't believe I'm putting baby photo's on my blog. I think all the Christmas festivities have got to me a little too much...

As much as looking to the future, and living in the now is so important, looking back can be so much fun. Do you ever look back through old photographs? Let me know if you've ever found some crackers!


22 things when you meet someone IRL.

22 things when you meet someone IRL.

Let's face it, it's nearly 2016, it's not uncommon for us 'young'uns' to meet people online before we actually meet people in person. I wrote this post a few months ago (shameless plug, soz.) about how you guys that I've met through blogging are pretty damn awesome, and, while we're a sociable bunch, with things like online dating and the power of social media becoming ever more popular, becoming friends with someone you've never actually met is fast becoming quite the norm, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that
Except when you decide you're actually going to meet.
So, having had a few (read, a lot) experiences of this this year, here are 22 things that generally go through my head before I'm meeting someone that, actually, probs know's more about me than some of my IRL friends.

*Side note: really hope these aren’t just me. Otherwise, this post is going to be proper awks.*
1      I really hope it's not dead awkward
2      Oh god, what if there's loads of awkward silences?
3      Deffs gonna end up talking about the weather if there is.
4      Omg then they're gonna think I'm super boring.
5      *Quickly looks back through conversations for a talking point if everything goes silent*
6      Is this really a good idea?
7      Like, we could totally reschedule and overthink this another day, right?
8      Wait, how do we greet?
9      What if I go for a hug and they're not the hugging type?
10    I hope they still laugh at my jokes, in my messages I have time to think of those.
11    Do I really look like my last Instagram selfie?
12    What if I've gone way OTT on the editing!?
13    It's fine, it was just a VSCO filter. And some alterations on the brightness. And I flipped it to my good side. What could go wrong?
14   *Quickly makes your best friend aware so you have an escape plan if everything goes tits up.*
15   Where did we say we were gonna meet again?
16   Completely forgot.
17   Good start Soph.
19   This is going to be a fiasco.
21    Oh, hello! How was your journey? I like your shoes. Where are we going again? Shit, I left my card in the car. Stopped for a Starbucks en-route you see. Be back in a sec. Stay. There.

22    NAILED IT.

My New Years Resolution.

My New Years Resolution.

Is to not make any New Years Resolutions.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a little break from blogging, but now I feel like I'm ready to jump right back into it, and while this feels like a bit of a new start, I thought I'd jump ahead a few weeks to the new start that's heading all of our ways come January 1st.

Last year, I remember reading so so many New Years Resolutions posts, and I even did one myself. But this year, I'm taking a bit of a different steer on things. If there's one thing that I've learned this year, it's to expect the unexpected. Life has it's own little way of throwing things at us, some are totally pleasant surprises, while others, seemingly, are out to test us. Which, is actually totally fine, because life would be a little boring otherwise, wouldn't it?

We always start the year with all these great plans, and then January 2nd arrives and they're generally already out the window, and then you basically sit there and think, 'oh, well, that's failed so I might as well just wait till next January 1st, and start again then. That's totally fair. Right?'

Like eating healthy.

And going to the gym regularly.

And being super dead cultural. 

And basically not failing at life which is how I feel right now. 

So, the only thing I'll be promising myself this year, is to just take each day as it comes. 

Nothing that we do right now is going to change what's to come. Promising ourselves that we're gonna ditch all the chocolate, dig our gym kit out from the depths of our wardrobe, meditate every morning, or read all those books that are gathering dust on our bookshelf, is going to help us when life shakes us all up and sends us in a direction that we didn't even know existed. 

Like when someone in your life suddenly leaves with no explanation, when you decide that what you're doing with your life isn't what you want at all but you can see no way out, or when you have to restrict yourself to eating lettuce for lunch for a few days 'cause you didn't ditch the chocolate and you can no longer fit in your fave pair of jeans. 

LIFE. I'm not planning you anymore. But I'm still gonna try and not fail as badly next year. Promise. ;)