Soph's Sunday Round Up. No 1.

Oh, hey guys! Super quick post today, because it was just to let you know that I FINALLY have a new video up on YouTube! I first started YouTube about 3 months ago, but haven't really been able to do too much with it since, but I'm really keen to get back to  it properly.

SO, here's my idea. Weekly video's where I talk about anything and everything that has happened during the last week. Whether it be blogging news, something that I've seen on Twitter, something cool that's happened in the news or something I've seen on TV. Literally anything. And I'll just babble on about it for a bit until I've got enough footage to make a video with. Sounds good? No? Oh, well, I'mma do it anyway. ;)

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Speak to you guys soon!


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  1. Nice idea! I like it :)