Losing sight.

Losing sight.

I love blogging. It has become one of the most important things to me in my life, I've met the most amazing people and the last year has genuinely been incredible. However, recently I feel like I've lost sight as to why I started my blog in the first place.

The last week I've been beating myself up over the fact that I haven't blogged in over a week. I have SO MANY emails that I need to reply to, a ton of blog posts that I need to write for brands, and well, that YouTube series that I started last week isn't going too well so far. I'm having a bit of 'bloggers block', to put it one way. My blogging motivation is at a bit of a low. 

But I started this blog for me. Not for anyone else. I started this blog as a creative outlet, somewhere to write, document my life and my thoughts. It was supposed to be a hobby and something that I loved to do. And don't get me wrong, it is, but it was never supposed to make me feel down if I didn't feel like blogging one day. 

I've got too wrapped up in being worried that if I don't blog, no one is going to read anything I write in future, or offer me any more opportunities that I'm always so thankful for. The fact that I haven't got round to filming a video, or writing up the posts that I needed to this weekend shouldn't be making me feel so guilty. I know that this is just a phase, and give it a week or two and I'll have my blogging mojo back and won't have enough time to write down everything that I want.

So I'm taking a bit of a step back. If I suddenly get the inspiration to blog tomorrow, then I will. But if it doesn't come tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, then that's completely fine too.

I started this blog for me.


Soph's Sunday Round Up. No 1.

Soph's Sunday Round Up. No 1.

Oh, hey guys! Super quick post today, because it was just to let you know that I FINALLY have a new video up on YouTube! I first started YouTube about 3 months ago, but haven't really been able to do too much with it since, but I'm really keen to get back to  it properly.

SO, here's my idea. Weekly video's where I talk about anything and everything that has happened during the last week. Whether it be blogging news, something that I've seen on Twitter, something cool that's happened in the news or something I've seen on TV. Literally anything. And I'll just babble on about it for a bit until I've got enough footage to make a video with. Sounds good? No? Oh, well, I'mma do it anyway. ;)

Please don't forget to hit subscribe if you liked this video, and please let me know what you think!

Speak to you guys soon!


Cosy casual.

Cosy casual.

Well, I think it's safe to say that winter is officially upon us, right? There's so much I love about every season, and wrapping up warm and cosy is one of my favourites about this one... and well, CHRISTMAS. 

I've been wanting a bobble hat for AGES, ever since I saw Tash don hers one morning, but I seem to have a bit of a small head, and, um, the bobble just sometimes bobbles a bit too much. If ya get me...? Probably not. But anyway... I saw these pastel coloured ones in Topshop last weekend, and thought screw it, I'm gonna get a bobble hat!

As well as keeping you nice and cosy during the winter months, it's also awesome for keeping your hair in place whilst it's so flippin' windy at the minute! As long as you don't mind a bit of hat hair. Obvs.

My camel coat is definitely a staple piece in my autumn/winter wardrobe, and there's rarely a day when I don't wear it. It just goes with EVERYTHING! This one I picked up from New Look last year, and it was actually one of those with a detachable fur collar. I may have misplaced this part of the coat since. Whoops. 

Also, roll necks. If you need something to keep you warm, grab yourself a roll neck. This is exactly why I love winter. ALL the layers! I normally like to layer a roll neck under neath a dress or a waistcoat, but for this outfit I opted to keep it simple, tucking it into my jeans instead, and I actually really like this look!

Can I just mention how amazing this location was to shoot. Believe it or not, we're actually slap bang in the middle of Liverpool City Centre. This is why I absolutely adore Liverpool too, there's so much history here, and so many beautiful and ornate buildings in the middle of a bustling city. 

What are your go-to casual winter pieces?


November 18th.

November 18th.


I cannot believe my little blog is 1. I never, ever thought that I would keep this thing up for a year, never mind still be here and have no intentions of stopping! Looking back at my first few blog posts (no, that doesn't mean you should also go look, they're embarrassing, WAIT, nah-uh, DON'T DO IT, stay here!) makes me so proud of how far I've come and how much my little blog has grown in the last 12 months.

I didn't quite 'get' blogging when I first started, I don't think any of us do! And I most definitely didn't know what kind of blog I wanted mine to be. I just knew that I loved the little feeling that I got when I saw that someone else had read one of my posts! This is a little feeling that I still get now, and it still amazes me that anyone reads any of the waffle that I do write, if I’m quite honest!

I can remember quite vividly exactly where I was, (and funnily enough, also what I was wearing!) when I very first hit publish on blogger. I was drinking coffee (no surprise there...) in Central Perk when I decided to go for it.

Thinking back, I was in quite a bad place before I stumbled across blogging. I felt like my life didn't quite have a purpose, and I was a bit, well, lost. It felt like I didn't quite fit with anything that I was trying to do. I didn't have anything to focus on. A lot of the time it was just me and my thoughts (and we all know how dangerous that is!), and I was trying to be someone I just completely was not, for someone who didn't care at all.

A year on and I'm genuinely the happiest and most content with my life than I think I ever have been. And a large part of this is down to my blog. The opportunities I've had, the events I'm always forever thankful to get invited to, and mostly, the genuinely incredible people that I've met through blogging, both directly and indirectly.

A year on and my blog has also changed quite a lot. We've been through 3 different name changes (here's hoping this one's to stay!), a fair few different layouts (again, here's hoping this one's to stay!), loads of different types of content, and more life rambles than I care to admit sometimes.

A year on and I've learned so much more than I ever thought I would too. I've learned a lot about myself, about anxiety and mental health, that I didn't quite understand, but that are a lot clearer for me now. I've been shown what's important, and had some life lessons taught to me by some very special people that I'm hoping I'll always remember. 

Oh, and I've learned how to HTML the crap out of a blog to get that thing looking just how you want it. ;)

Like all good soppy posts like this one, I need to say thank you. Thank you to anyone who's ever read even a paragraph, a word, or even just clicked on my blog to be nosey. Thank you to everyone that I get to talk to on Twitter on a daily basis, thank you for making my days so much brighter, and for all your amazingly lovely comments that make me smile like an idiot. Every, single, flippin', time.

Same time, same place, next November 18th? ;)


Take Me To The Hamptons.

Take Me To The Hamptons.

Oh hey guys! So today is a really quick post because I bought this jumper yesterday, and immediately fell in love with it, and I wanted to show you guys ASAP! This is one of the things I love the most about Autumn and Winter, ALL THE JUMPERS. Especially slightly over-sized, super-soft-and-cosy jumpers like this one.

I went shopping yesterday, inspired by the lovely Liv Purvis, on the hunt for a pastel coloured jumper in a similar style... didn't go too well, did it? No, I'm joking! I found this one in Topshop, and I love it just as much, and well, who wouldn't want to get whisked away to The Hamptons!?

Oversized jumpers + high-waisted jeans + loafers = perfect casual combo? Right? Maybe. I don't know. But I love this kind of outfit because it's so quick to put together, but add some lipstick, and your favourite jewellery, and it immediately looks like you've made a little bit of effort, on those days when, let's face it, you want to do anything else but make an effort. Maybe do something with your hair next time though Soph...

While I was in Topshop, I also picked up this awesome scarf. I have a few very similar designs to this one now, but the colours in this one are what caught my eye, and the fact that it's basically the size of a blanket helped. A lot. Who doesn't like to be all cosy!?

What are your favourite winter wardrobe items this year so far?


Breakfast | Quick, easy, healthy.

Breakfast | Quick, easy, healthy.

I love breakfast, and I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I've recently started to get back into the routine of having breakfast during the week. But the problem with now actually having breakfast 7 days a week? As much as I love you, Special K, you're not exactly the most exciting, are you..?

Oh, and cereal is expensive!

So this has had me craving something different. Something that's healthy, but that's still going to give me the kick-start that I need at 6am on a Monday morning. These three alternative options have been my favourites so far, they're quick, easy, and most importantly, are healthy and full of all the goodness and nutrients that you need!

1. Porridge || I think porridge is one of those things that's always looked worse than it tastes, and having recently discovered that actually, it tastes pretty okay, it's become one of my favourite meals! Porridge is super filling, meaning that a bowl of the stuff generally lasts me until lunch-time, without the need of those naughty elevenses! It's full of all-things-good-for-you, and also ensures it gives you some of that much needed energy to start off your day well!

I, personally, cheat a little, and use Quaker Instant Oatmeal, but purely because it's just that. Instant! I also tend to just sprinkle a few berries on the top for a little added boost!

2. Nut butter & banana on toast || Now this was another one that I wasn't entirely convinced I was going to like, but OMG. I've not had peanut butter for years, siding instead with a certain, *ahem* more chocolate flavoured spread... but this is definitely staying in my cupboard for a little while yet!

Peanut butter is full of protein, and combined with the vitamins found in a banana, this is definitely a healthy start to your day. I used to try and avoid protein, thinking that it was purely for people that wanted to, um, 'bulk up', shall we say? But protein is so bloomin' good for you for so many different reasons, that as well as counting calories, I'll also keep my eye on my protein in-take too, particularly if I am in a gym phase!

Here, I've added some chia seeds on top, and I've been told that a little bit of honey doesn't go amiss either! ...However, I haven't tried that one yet!

 3. Fruit & Yoghurt || This is what I have when I can't be bothered wapping the blender out from the cupboard. 'Cause it's basically an unblended smoothie. With a spoon. 

It literally takes about 12 seconds to put together, pouring some flavoured yoghurt into a mug, and topping it with some fruit of your choice! It couldn't be a quicker way to get some of your 5-a-day in early, and it's easily customisable depending on your mood... if that's even a thing! Some day's you might just fancy vanilla yoghurt instead of strawberry... or you might want to throw a banana in there, or an apple. Or whatever else is left over in your fridge. You get me! 

How do you start your day?


A little 1920's glamour.

A little 1920's glamour.

This dress has to be one of my most favourite dresses I now have in my wardrobe. I genuinely cannot express my love for it. Not only does it add some 1920's to my collection, it takes me back to my dancing days. The day I received the dress, I must have spent a good hour dancing round the flat in it... much to Tasha's amusement! 

When M&Co got in contact with me, and asked if I'd like to take part in their style challenge, featuring a flapper dress, I didn't have to think twice about saying yes, and this dress caught my eye straight away. I've said this so many times now, but I love taking inspiration from past decades, and the 1920's glamour is one of my favourites. 

The fringing, the colour, the neckline, the length, everything is just my style, and it even compliments my very pale skin... which is something of an achievement for a dress with so much skin on show!

I knew exactly how I wanted to accessorise this dress, looking at the Great Gatsby and all things traditionally 1920's.  My signature red lipstick, was of course the first thing that I thought of, along with these white heels that featured in my 1940's style outfit... told you I like looking back in time for fashion inspo!

I also knew that I wanted to add a headpiece to my outfit, and I managed to find this one hanging in Miss Selfridge. While I knew that I wanted one to accessorise this dress, I wasn't entirely sure whether it was actually going to suit me or not. But do you know what, I absolutely love it! In fact, I'm currently trying to think of how I could blag wearing this to work... although I don't think client's would be too impressed. Maybe... Maybe not. 

The more I think about it, the more I think this dress is going to be perfect for the upcoming Christmas season, and is probably what I'll be donning for the office Christmas party. The embellishment on the neckline is lovely, and the ombre effect on the fringing makes it that little bit more Christmas Party ready.

I need to say a massive thank you to M&Co for sending me this lovely dress, but also Tasha, for not only not laughing at me while I practise my charleston around the place, but for helping me take photo's and do my make-up! Perks of having a blogger flat-mate, huh!

Would you add a little 1920's to your wardrobe?


This dress was sent to me by M&Co, however love for the charleston, and all things 1920's are completely my own.
Good Morning!

Good Morning!

..this post title may be a little irrelevant if you're reading this post-noon. Oops. Oh well!

I've recently become quite the morning person, and I'm not entirely sure what's happened to me. Just a few months ago it was a genuine struggle for me to get up in the mornings, but now I've changed a few things about my morning routine, I actually look forward to my alarm going off! I know, strange. Right?

Let me just put this into a little perspective. My routine used to consist of, my alarm going off at least an hour before I needed to get up, me then lying in bed thinking and worrying about my life and the world, before getting up at the very last second possible, throwing some clothes and make-up on, grabbing my bag and running out the door. Not the best way to start your day, huh!

Now, it's completely different, I set my alarm for 5.30, no matter when I need to leave the flat, I get up within 15 minutes (I mean, everyone needs a little snooze!) and shower. I then have plenty of time to choose what I'm going to wear, listen to the radio, do my make-up, and I even have breakfast! By the time I leave, I'm so much more awake and ready for my day, and I've also noticed that I feel a lot happier within myself too.

So, I thought I'd make a note of other reasons why I'm finding waking earlier is a lot better than getting up and out in 10 minutes flat..!

Productivity || I am most definitely at my most productive in a morning. I can hit a wall in the afternoon and thats it, I'm done. My concentration goes out the window and I'm just longing for the day to be over. By getting up earlier I can get so so much more done with my day! And, the more I get done, the more motivated I am to carry on being productive. I love the feeling of it getting to 9am, and having already ticked a fair few points off my to-do list!

No more being late || I don't know about you, but there's nothing that stresses me out more than being late. I hate it. Making sure I'm up and about early, means that I can be in my car for exactly the right time, I can take my time, and there's not that same sense of rushing about that makes me so anxious!

Breakfast || Like I mentioned, I now even have time for breakfast. I haven't had a proper weekday breakfast (because I'm guessing Starbucks doesn't count...) in so long, but I know just how important and good for you it is. Giving yourself the nutrients and fuel after a night of fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body, so I don't know why I've been depriving myself of it for so long!

Less time to think || It's no secret that I like to think. A lot. And quite often I overanalyse everything to the point of giving myself problems that don't even exist. So, by making myself jump straight out of bed and get myself doing things, there's a lot less time in my day for me to do this, and this has resulted in me feeling a lot happier and positive about, well, everything!

Greeting the day || I am loving being able to get up and greet a new day with positive thoughts and a smile. I don't think there's any way to say this, without it coming across as super cheesy. But rather than lie in bed and worry about all my problems, I now make a conscious effort to wake up thinking about everything that I love, and everything that I have to be thankful for. 

Try it, it makes a wonderful difference :)


A perfect mess.

A perfect mess.

My life is a mess right now. But it's a perfect mess.

I don't have a clue what I'm doing with it. I don't know if what I am doing is right. I don't know which direction I'm supposed to be heading in... although if someone could point me in a good direction, that would be fab. Or even a nudge. I'd take anything.

But I don't think it would be much fun if we all knew what we were supposed to do. We wouldn't appreciate when things, actually, every so often, do go right. We wouldn't be able to laugh at all the stupid decisions we've made before. We wouldn't have the chance to meet everyone we have along the way. We wouldn't be able to learn.

When I look at other people, and where they are with their life, right about now, I'm sometimes tempted to wish that my life was like that. But then I remind myself, that that's their life. Not mine. I want to make my own story, so I'm going to continue to do just that. Whether it ends up being a success, a thrill, or just a down-right comedy, it's going to be my story to tell.

So while, yes, I'm in a bit of a pickle at the minute, I'm going to get myself out of this little pickle, and be able to look back, laugh, and learn, from all of the pickles I have, and am certainly going to, find myself in. 

Because that's what life's all about, right? (....No, not pickles.) Learning and making mistakes, but laughing about said mistakes along the way with your nearest and dearest. And then reminding them of their very own daft and ditzy moments. And actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.




Autumn fashion

I don't think we give ourselves enough love. I know I definitely don't. 
There's a quote from Pretty Woman, (one of my all-time favourites) that sums up exactly how I feel sometimes;
'People put you down enough, you start to believe it… The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?'
Vivian, I feel you. Whether it be an off-hand comment, someone's actions, or, simply, the way they make you feel, it really is so much easier to believe the things that make you feel a bit, well, rubbish. Maybe this is just coming from me being an over-thinker, and someone who analyses EVERYTHING anyway, but I've got a feeling that it's not just me. 
I feel like we're in a society at the minute, where things like being proud of yourself, or accepting compliments without throwing them back is seen to be quite a bad thing. I'm SO bad at taking compliments, I just don't know what to do with myself, and I certainly don't know what to say... 
Do I just say thank you? But then they might think I know the thing that they just complimented me on, and I don't wanna come across big headed. But then, is it gonna be super obvious if I now compliment them? Damn, I should have said it first. Then this wouldn't have been so awkward. Okay, yeah, now this is really awkward. Too much time has passed. You're just gonna have to smile and say thanks. It's okay, we can slip a compliment in later when they're not expecting it. Good plan, Soph.

Also, have you ever let someone treat you, well, not exactly great, and not really thought anything of it, because you hadn't really thought that maybe you deserve for them to have treated you better, or given you more of their time? 
Both of these things make me feel kinda sad when I think about it. Why don't we all know our self-worth, all of the time. Why do we let some people take that away from us? And why does it get all awkward when someone points out the good things?
I've learned recently that self-love is so important. We need to be kind and gentle to ourselves, because heck, there's going to be a lot of people that aren't. We need to know when to give ourselves a break, to realise that making time just for you, isn't a bad thing at all. 
We need to stop seeking approval and permission from someone else, allow ourselves to dream big without putting ourselves down, not feeling guilty for leaving a social situation early, because we feel tired and anxious, and we know that it's what's best for us, rather than staying to please everyone else.
Blogging has definitely given me a lot more self-confidence. Re-wind a year, and I definitely would not be posting photo's of myself on the internet. I wouldn't be posting anything about myself on the internet through fear of being judged by every single person out there. But now, I love doing it. It's something that I've learned to embrace, and I don't think about just how many people can see this stuff.
I'm super guilty of not giving myself enough self-love, but it's something that I've made a resolution to work on. After all, how can we be fabulous to others if we don't love ourselves first? ;)