Thinking positive.

Thinking positive.

It's amazing how changing the way you think can make such a massive difference to your mood and your day. It's so easy to let little things get us down; waking up to the rain, your hair not doing exactly what you need it to do, that colleague of yours that is being even more annoying than usual… (let's not try to even pretend someone's name didn't just pop into your head... ;)
And I'm normally one who's super guilty of letting these things get to me, and channelling all the frustrated energy, well, negatively. How was that working out for me? Not great if I'm honest! Nothing productive comes from being in a bad mood, in fact, it's generally counterproductive, because we spend so much time dwelling on what's making us angry or sad, that our heads are just not in the right place to do much at all, and anything we do try? Is probably done rather half-heartedly, right?
So, this week I've been thinking, there's been a few things that have been going on that haven't exactly been great, certain people getting me down, situations that I wouldn’t necessarily put myself in if I had the choice, and up until now, I've let myself feel a little crap about it all. I have certainly been dwelling on the negatives myself the last few days.
But, last night, I decided that I need to stop. I need to change the way I think, and focus on everything else that is pretty damn good at the minute. I like to think of myself as a positive person normally, and I'm a little frustrated at myself that I've let certain things, and people, change that recently. 
This morning, I woke up in the most incredible mood. I was happy, singing and dancing along to the radio in my hotel room (here's hoping that the rooms are as soundproof as they're marketed to be…), before heading out for a coffee before work. Not going to lie, I felt pretty bloomin' splendid, and made a mental note that a proper good night's sleep, waking up early to music, and a little fresh air seemed to do wonders!
And then I got to work. 
Within about 10 minutes, an email had managed to bring my mood right back down to the ground with a pretty big thud. And after making it perfectly clear that I wasn't happy with what had just been said, I sat at my laptop and looked out the window for a little minute.
Turns out, this talk with myself seemed to work pretty well… And I realised that all that's needed is a change in our attitude sometimes, and not a change in our situation, to make us smile again.

So I'm gonna try this out for a little while, and next time I'm feeling frustrated, annoyed, or a little sad about something that isn't really that big of a deal, I'm just gonna smile, and remind myself that actually, this can be a good day if I want it to be.

Character Chic Challenge: Rissie

Character Chic Challenge: Rissie

Guest Post By: Karissa of 

Hello, Everybody! My name is Karissa, also known as Rissie, and I run a little space over at Sophie’s blog has been one of my favorites for quite some time and I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with her on the Character Chic Challenge! I’ve had so much fun working on this post and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. SO. Let’s get crackin.

What is the Character Chic Challenge? I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed the strong influence that fictional characters have had on my style over the years. Sophie and I decided that this would be a fun challenge to spread around. The Character Chic Challenge is where you pick a fictional character (be it from literature, film, theater, or television) that has influenced your style in some way and share a style post based on that character. The fun part? Seeing everyone’s inspired looks when you share your photos on Instagram or Twitter by using the hashtag #characterchic. Once you share your post on your blog or social media, make sure to challenge 3-5 other bloggers or friends to share their fictional-style inspiration as well.

I chose one of my more recent favorites, Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom. I am a huge Wes Anderson fan. I have so much respect for his unique aesthetic, witty scripts, and rich characters. But I have to say one of my favorite characters would have to be Suzy Bishop. It’s amazing how I have noticed so many other bloggers mention her since I have started working on this post. I think it must be how relatable she is for anyone who has been an adventurous and rebellious adolescent. And I can’t help but LOVE her style. Her look is strongly influenced by the time. BUT. She’s rocks it. And I love it.

She is known for her mod dress, knee-high socks, and saddle shoes. When I was putting this outfit together, however, I wanted to wear pieces that I could pull from my current closet. I started off with a pink mini dress that I own with a beautiful lace peter pan collar. I cinched the dress with a roped belt that I got ages ago from Forever21. Of course I had to pull out my white knee socks (one of my favorite accessories) and I paired them with my purple flats (also from Forever21).

Suzy totes around several bags in the film. So I brought my red camera bag (from Koolertron) and my mapped suitcase/box (from Michaels). Suzy’s most iconic prop is her binoculars. I decided to switch this up a bit and show something that I always carried around with me when I was in middle school and high school. That is my Polaroid camera. And of course, like Suzy, I love of reading. So my last prop was my old copy of Julius Ceaser.

I also added some fun Suzy inspired make-up, like blue eye shadow…

I am such a big fan of this style and I had an absolute blast putting this post together. Thanks so much for reading and a huge thank you to Sophie for hosting me on her brand new spankin’ blog. Make sure to check out Sophie's look on my blog at Here's a sneak peak of her look:

I can’t wait to see other fiction-inspired style. I would like to officially nominate the following bloggers for the Character Chic Challenge:

Freya from
Rebecca from
Karissa from
Kayleigh at
Peyton from



Life Lately. Take 2.

Life Lately. Take 2.

Hey guys! It feels like it's been so so long since I've blogged! But, in case you didn't y'know, like notice, there's been a bit of a change around here! This is just a quick little update post, but Avenue de Sophie is officially gone (a MASSIVE thank you to Rich Howell for sorting my URL redirect out for me, after I basically broke it...), and Sophie Rosie is here! I've been waiting so long to do this, and while there's still a few things that I'd like to tweak, I'm fairly happy with my new blog, and I hope you guys like it too!

This big change has taken up quite a lot of my time, alongside the other major change that's happened in my life. Last week, Nat moved out of the flat to go travelling, and I'm so so excited for her, I know she's going to have the most awesome year. But 2 months ago, when she came home from work and told me of her plans, there was obviously the thought about what I'm going to do about the flat!

I LOVE living here and I love our little flat, so I didn't really want to move out if I could help it. But that meant I had to find someone else to live with! If any of you guys have me on Twitter (which is now @sophierosie_, just incase anyone's wondering who's managed to creep onto your timelines...) you might have already seen this news, but, basically, Tasha has officially moved in!

Tasha is another Liverpool blogger, and we've got to know each other over the last few months, and well, it just seemed perfect! It's been in the works for about 2 months, and we've been dying to tell everyone as soon as we thought of the idea, but we just didn't wanna jinx it! We also thought that making a short video would be an awesome way of telling you guys, so if you fancy a watch, you can see our giggle filled video here.

These two things, along with work, have been pretty much taking up my whole life recently, which is why I've been a bit MIA on the blogging front. But as of today (okay, maybe tomorrow), I'm ready to jump right back into this blogging thing, and work harder than ever on my new little blog!


Just a quick note, my social media handles have changed... well, Twitter, Instagram and my email for now, and I'll be updated Snapchat, YouTube and Bloglovin' in due course!

Twitter: @sophierosie_
Instagram: @sophierosie._

New starts, new chapters, new blog.

New starts, new chapters, new blog.

In just over a month, it will be my little blog's 1st birthday! I literally don't know where this past year has gone, it's been such a whirlwind, and I've genuinely LOVED every minute of running Avenue de Sophie. It's made me so happy, it's given me a place to get creative, improve my photography, babble on about my thoughts on life, and most of all, it's given some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.
To mark this little milestone, I'll be giving Avenue de Sophie a little makeover, with a new layout, a new direction, and a new name to go along with it. If you've ever wondered where my current blog name came from, it basically came about because I wanted 'Sophie's Avenue', however this was already taken by a lady in France, so, I thought I'd just swap things around and have a British blog with the French translation... makes total sense, right? I really need to start re-thinking my logic sometimes...
ANYWHO, the last few months, the name just hasn't been sitting right with me, don't ask me why, but I don't like saying it out loud, which makes networking events super awkward. I know this is probably going to throw up a few problems, all my social media handles will have to change, and things like my DA will shoot right back down to zero, but, for me, I think a blog name is so important, that I'd rather it be something I love.
I also want to try and focus my blog's direction a bit more, I feel a bit all over the place with the content that I write, so, while there'll still be days where I need to just sit down and post a blog post because it's just something that I need to get out of my head, for the rest of the time, I'm going to try my best to make sure my posts fit within the categories that I've chosen; Creativity, Health, Happiness & Style.

My blogs already changed A LOT since 18th November 2014, and I'm really proud of where I've got to within a year, like, it's actually crazy! I'm not sure whether I'll be able to wait until exactly a year to reveal the new blog to the world, so I'll keep you posted as to the date my new little space will go live!
Either way, I'll also be running a little giveaway, to say thank you to you guys for sticking with me through all my little rambles for the past year, and well, I've never had the chance to run a giveaway before, so it should be fun!
I guess I also thought that now would be a good time to have a little revamp because there's so much else going on in my life at the minute that is changing, whole new chapters are about to start, and it just seems like the perfect time, if any, to do it!
I'm so so excited, and keep your eyes on my Twitter for further updates!

Dressing like it's the 1940's

Dressing like it's the 1940's

I think I've said before that I love all things vintage, I'm forever wishing I was born in a different era, if only for the fashion and the music. Growing up as a ballroom dancer didn't really help matters either. If I wasn't spending my Saturday's and evenings quickstepping and cha-cha-ing at dancing, then I was attempting to quickstep and cha-cha around the house instead, probably driving my family crazy in the process. Whoops.

This is one of the reasons why I love, love, love this skirt. It reminds me of a ballroom dress, and when no one can see, I like to relive my dancing days by swishing it around and twirling in it and pretending I'm on the latest season of Strictly....

Stripes are still quite 'in' at the minute, and while they say that vertical stripes are more 'slimming', quite frankly, I couldn't care less because I still have so much love for this skirt. I recently wore this outfit to the #BloggersBlogAwards in Leeds, but I think you could also get away with wearing this skirt to work, or keeping some flats with you to keep it a bit more casual too. For me, versatility is key with any outfit that I buy!

Blouse, New Look | Skirt, New Look (similar here) | Courts, H&M (similar here)

I opted to wear the skirt with a high neck black blouse, but I also love to wear it with turtle neck jumpers as it's starting to get a bit cooler! You can't really see in any of these photo's but the blouse has a little bit of a frilly detail at the top, which actually looks super cute and is my favourite thing about it. 

I'm also loving that everything is quite high neck at the minute! Not only because there's less bra mishaps that can happen, but also because again, it's quite an 'old' neckline. (Although, I've recently been on holiday and for once got a bit of a tan, which high necks do not allow for showing off! Boo!)

This pair of white courts are also one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, even though I don't get to whack them out too often! At just about a 3" heel, they're not too high either, meaning that I can (just about) get through a day of wearing them before having to change into flats!

And of course, I finished off my outfit with some red lipstick and my Daniel Wellington watch. Two things which I very rarely go without these days!

P.S it may look like I've done some dodgy photo editing, with one side of my body looking slightly, um, orange? But, well, y'know that tan I mentioned before? I happened to burn the whole side of my body while on holiday, which then turned brown. So I currently have one side of my body looking a lot browner than the other side. Not even joking, even the left side of my face is browner than the other! As Em pointed out, it basically looks like I've contoured one cheek and then given up. 

Maybe if I just fake tan the other side...? No, endless possibilities of that going wrong, right!?