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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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A little life update

Well hey guys! I feel like it's been so long since I've actually sat down and wrote anything. The last few weeks have been a little hectic, and I've so so missed actual blogging. I even cheated last week and got someone else to write my bloomin' Sunday post for me!

Not only have the last few weeks been a little busy, the next few are looking like they're going to be keeping me on my toes too. But do you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way right now. I'm busy in a good way, and by the end of the next few months, I'll hopefully have some lovely and exciting things to share with you guys, which I CAN'T WAIT for... one of which involves another blogger, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Y'know, not that we'll make sure you all know anyway... ;)

So I thought I'd do a little life update for you all, in a kind of, Instagram round-up kinda way. Cause we all know how much I love Instagram. So why the hell not!

One day last week, I was in the flat attempting to sort my life out (as per usual), and the weather outside kinda caught my eye. It was so lovely! Even at 6.30pm, the sun was still shining and it just looked like the perfect evening for a little stroll. So I thought I'd just take myself off and have a wander! I've lived in Liverpool for about 18 months now, and worked here even longer, but I've never properly explored the city. I ended up being out for a good few hours in the end, and I loved it! This first photo was taken in a little square up by the University, it's so lovely up there, I'll definitely be heading back.

I've also felt a little meh about my work wardrobe recently, and I felt like it needed a bit of an update. So where else would I head other than Zara. I freakin' love this place. Especially for work clothes, because I feel like their clothes can be worn either for the office, or dressed down and accessorised for an every day look. Not gonna lie, I didn't have much will power in there and bought a fair few things! Don't worry, I'll be showing you EVERYTHING pretty soon!

Now, just in case you've been asleep for the last few weeks, last Saturday marked #bloggersfestival, arranged and hosted by Scarlett from Scarlett London, it was held at the Conrad London St James' hotel, and was attended by about 200 bloggers. Could you get any more of a perfect blogger day out!?

Needless to say, I LOVED it. It was a super long day, but it was so lovely to see everyone again, as well as meet some of you guys who I've been talking to on Twitter! I love London. I think it's such a great city, and I wasn't disappointed this time either. There's always loads going on and loads to see, and yeah, I had a fabulous day with some of my favourite girls! I didn't get to take too many photo's because there was just so much going on and so many people to talk to, it was one of those days where I didn't feel like I stopped until I climbed back into bed,  a whole 17 hours later!

Last but not least, are these photo's from when I got chance to visit one of the Beefeater restaurants. You can read all about the visit here if you wish!

That same weekend, I was also lucky enough to visit a spa with one of my best friends, who had taken me as a belated birthday present, and we spent a lot of long-awaited time together and well, it was awesome. Not only did we get one of the best back massages EVER, it was just nice to have a proper life catch-up, considering we literally hadn't seen each other in months!

I think I'm gonna stop there because I'm fully aware you guys probably aren't that interested in all the in's and out's of the last few weeks! I'm off on holiday tomorrow (eeeeeeeek!) so things may be a little quiet around here for another few weeks yet, BUT I promise, that once I get back, I'll be throwing myself straight back into this whole blogging thing again. And who can forget it'll be basically time for the #bloggersblogawards too! I CAN'T BLOOMIN' WAIT.

I guess this would be a good chance for me to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to anyone who's voted for me. 12 months ago I didn't even know what a blog was. And now, 10 months after I started this, I've been shortlisted for Best Up and Coming Lifestyle Blog. I literally still can't believe it, it's all been so overwhelming, (and without sounding cheesy) it all means so much... my blog, the community, everything. It's been such an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait for the rest of it!

(The voting is still open until 20th September, so if you haven't yet voted, you can do so here if you wish!)

There are some big changes heading my way over the next couple of months, and I'm so ready to start a whole new chapter soon.


Sophie Rosie
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  1. I don't know what it's been in the last few weeks but I've been run off my feet too - haven't stopped! Hope you enjoy your holiday and get some time to recover, and look forward to seeing you at the #bloggersblogawards !!!

    Laura x | Loved By Laura

    1. Haha must be something about this time of year! Thank you lovely, and you too! Good luck as well lovely :) x

  2. Ah Soph why are your ALL your photos so god damn dreamy!? Seriously, girl, you NEED to teach me your skills. Absolutely love your outfit at the Bloggers Festival - that fringed kimono/cardi (!?) is so pretty! Can't wait to hear your news too :D

    Beth / Bethany Georgina

    1. Haha Beth, shush! Thank you sweet... I just call it a blanket or a cape. Makes me feel cool ;) x

  3. Love all of your Instagram pictures, they're so wonderful, oh and I have an obsession for Zara too!

    1. Thank you Vanessa! Haha, it's such a good place! x

  4. Beautiful photos! I recently ordered myself a bloggers planner too I'm so excited for it to arrive:)

    1. Thank you lovely! :) ahh you're gonna love it! I love mine so so much! x

  5. A well deserved break, Soph! Have been loving reading the little snippets of your life on Instagram so excited to see what's to come for you :)

    Cherie / sinonym

    1. Ahh thank you so much lovely :) Hope you're well! :) x

  6. It honestly feels like I haven't had time to sit down over the last couple of weeks, maybe it's something to do with September? I don't know why but I thought I was following you on Instagram, turns out not so I had to go and follow, I love all your posts!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  7. Such a lovely post, I'm so tempted to order the planner as I'm extremely unorgnised.

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE

  8. aw congrats on being nominated for an award.
    I was nominated for the up and coming beauty blog. Hopefully see you at the awards!

  9. What a lovely little catch up! Wish I'd gone to the bloggers festival :( x

    Martha Jane |

  10. Such a lovely read, glad you are busy with exciting things! Have a lovely holiday and well done on being nominated you deserve it!

  11. Your photos always look beautiful!! And congrats on being nominated, Sophie!
    Hope you're having a great time on your holiday, enjoy the time off! :) x

  12. I love your instagram posts - they're always so aesthetically pleasing! Lovely post:)

    Lucy |

  13. Good luck on the competition sweetie, your blog is amazing! <3

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  14. I follow you on instagram, and decided to check out your blog, and i'm obsessed! Your pictures are so beautiful. <3

  15. Congrats on the nomination! You definitely deserve it - your photos are phenomenal!

    I love shopping at Zara as well - they hit a great crossroads of stylish and still so affordable! Those lace up flats are so cute, where did you get them?

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  16. Congrats on the nomination - I've only read a few posts and I can tell you deserved it! And Zara is so on it at the moment isn't it?! Reminds me that I saw a top that I want to try and find online.. ;) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge


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