Things to do when you're feeling a bit down...

Things to do when you're feeling a bit down...

As much as I'd love to tell you guys that life is as bright and colourful as how I try to present my Instagram feed, the reality is, it's really not. I talk about in this post here, how it's so easy to hide behind social media, and pretend to the rest of the world that everything is completely okay, and you're totally fine and dandy. But lets face it, even the happiest and most positive people I know, have days when they just don't want to get out of bed, and feel, well, crap.

I had one of these days yesterday, and it's kinda gone over into today too, and I guess it's what inspired me to write this post. It took SO much self motivation to drag my too-feeling-sorry-for-myself butt out of bed this morning, and the only reason I managed it, was because I promised myself if I did, and plucked up the courage to face the world today, then I could treat myself with some of the below. Y'know, small things!

So, here are some of the things I like to do when I'm feeling a little bit down in the dumps, and hopefully, if you guys are ever having one of those days too, it might be able to help!

Get out of the flat | I know full well that as soon as I get out into the fresh air, and into the hustle and bustle of the city, things will generally seem brighter, and I'll feel a lot better. So even if I don't want to go anywhere in particular, I make sure I get up, dressed, and get myself out!

Lipstick | First up though, before I go anywhere, or do anything, I grab my favourite lipstick. Even if I don't have any other make up on, lipstick just makes you feel that little bit more fabulous, right? And convinces me that I can take on the world just that little bit more than before.

Coffee | I think it's safe to say, I like coffee. In fact, I'm practically known for having a Starbucks cup constantly attached to my hand around the office, and even better now the cups are so pretty and Autumnal! (And the Christmas cups are on their way too...! This is literally one of the most exciting things for me, genuinely can't wait!) So, what better way to cheer yourself up than to grab yourself a hot cup of coffee. Might wake you up a bit, too! 

Nails! | Okay, firstly, apologies if there's any guys reading this, I realise this has become rather, um, girly? But, I am just talking from experience here, so, um, soz. 
Anyway, I don't know about you, but I LOVE the feeling of freshly painted nails. I don't know what it is, but it just makes me want to like, use my hands more? (Keep that clean, people!) That probably came out, super weird, but do you get what I mean? Or is that just me...? Probably just me. Awks.
Anywho, it's a lovely way to have some time to pamper yourself, whether you paint them yourself, or pop into your local beauty salon and have them done for you. Lovely jubbly!

Pop music | I'm talking Spice Girls, Steps, S Club 7, sometimes I even whack some Christmas songs in there too if I'm feeling particularly rubbish. There's something just so uplifting about a little sing-along to some really up-beat music! And, I like to pretend I'm 10 again with like, no other worries in life apart from whether I'm going to get Golden Time in school on a Friday afternoon...

Blog | ...or something else that you love! This is what I'm doing now, (way to state the obvious, Soph! In fact, I've done nearly all of the above while I'm at it. I have my berry lipstick on, I'm sat in Starbucks, and I've just finished painting my nails before starting to write this!) and it's also what I do when I'm feeling anxious. It lets you focus on something else, whilst also giving yourself that sense of feeling productive at the same time! And, well, you also get a blog post out of it! Bonus! 

Stay off social media | ...y'know, unless you need to ask Twitter how to spell 'jubbly'. BUT, other than that, I try to stay off all things Twitter, and particularly Facebook. That way, you can't compare your terrible day to someone else's great one. You can't compare every single one of your imperfections generally to those people you see who are just so damn pretty. And, most importantly, you can't see when that person you're waiting to reply to your message, is managing to reply to everyone else on Facebook.


Think | No. Don't do it. Nah-uh. Keep your mind off EVERYTHING, otherwise, you'll just drive yourself INSANE, coming to those catastrophic conclusions I mentioned in my previous post. Trust me, I've done it, and nothing positive will come from it!

How do you guys cheer yourselves up?


Anxiety, Aeroplanes, & A lot of deep breathing.

Anxiety, Aeroplanes, & A lot of deep breathing.

One of the many useless life skills that I've managed to  acquire over my 21 years, 4 months and 15 days of life so far, is the ability to come to the most catastrophic conclusions under relatively normal circumstances.  

I've always been an anxious person, worrying about everything for as long as I can remember. Making up hundreds of problems in my head that don't even exist. But the funny thing is, these feelings of worry and nerves can come from anywhere, can spring up at any time, and well, can be pretty damn random and illogical. 

So, put me on a plane, after years of watching Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic (one of my secret indulgences), and it's probably not going to be that much of a smooth ride. And no, I'm not talking about the turbulence. 

I'm writing this at approximately 34,000 feet in the air, travelling at 560mph, on an Airbus A321, on my way home from a much needed get away in the sun. Luckily, it's only a 4 hour flight, and we're 2 hours in. So that's just 120 minutes and one landing away from my feet being back safely on the ground. Please god, hurry up. 

Before 10 days ago, it had been 8 years since I'd last boarded an aircraft, with my family choosing to cruise rather than take a fly holiday. And after the first few days of sea sickness, and getting over the fact that the first time we entered the dining room the Titanic theme tune was being played by the resident harpist (not the wisest choice, sir.), I felt a lot safer in the knowledge that we were out at sea, (with the right amount of lifeboats, can I just add) than I do right now, (very bumpily) defying the laws of gravity, in my eyes.

Ever since boarding this plane today, I've felt panicky. I don't know why, but I have. My heart won't stop racing, I feel super light headed, I feel sick, and I've lost track of the number of times I've had to start deep breathing exercises already to slow my breathing down to a remotely normal rate. But the most frustrating thing? I was completely and utterly fine on our outbound flight. I didn't feel panicked once. I spent the whole flight sleeping, eating, and happily indulging in the latest issue of Glamour and some of my, okay, a whole packet of, Haribo Tangfastics. Even the slightly bumpy landing didn't bother me. So why on earth do I feel this bloomin' anxious now!? 

Maybe it was the fact that we were on a Boeing 757 last time, so the smaller plane has had a subconscious effect. Who knows? All that I know is that not even the professional, funny, and calm sounding voice of the pilot has put me at ease. Or reading ELLE. Or trying to sleep. Or editing photos. In fact, writing this now is the first time I'm feeling a little calmer. 

Someone calls for a member of the cabin crew? I think it's the seatbelt sign coming on to make an emergency landing. There's a little bit of a bump of turbulence? The wing has just broke a little. The not-so-smooth take off? We're definitely about to come right back down again. 

I even made the mistake of trying to read the airline's on board magazine before. However, at the back, there is a listing and numerous diagrams of all the different kinds of aircraft this airline has in operation.

An Airbus A321's maximum cruising speed? 500mph. Yes, 500mph. And yes, you're right, I did say the pilot told us before he was doing 560mph. THATS A WHOLE 60MPH FASTER THAN HE'S SUPPOSED TO. WHAT IS HE DOING? WE'RE ALREADY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HIM TO TAKE HIS FOOT OFF THE GAS. The engine is definitely going to blow up before we get back. 

As you can probably imagine, I put the magazine straight down again. I'm already feeling mentally exhausted, although the good news is, I've just killed another 45 minutes. 75 minutes to go. And counting. 

Still not entirely sure why I wrote this, but my blog is a place for my thoughts, right? Even if they are completely irrational. 

See you guys back on the ground! ...Hopefully. 


Update: the fact that I've been able to post this means that yes, Captain Tim did a spectacular job of getting us all back down on the ground safely...

Told you there was nothing to worry about, didn't I? ;)

A little life update

A little life update

Well hey guys! I feel like it's been so long since I've actually sat down and wrote anything. The last few weeks have been a little hectic, and I've so so missed actual blogging. I even cheated last week and got someone else to write my bloomin' Sunday post for me!

Not only have the last few weeks been a little busy, the next few are looking like they're going to be keeping me on my toes too. But do you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way right now. I'm busy in a good way, and by the end of the next few months, I'll hopefully have some lovely and exciting things to share with you guys, which I CAN'T WAIT for... one of which involves another blogger, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. Y'know, not that we'll make sure you all know anyway... ;)

So I thought I'd do a little life update for you all, in a kind of, Instagram round-up kinda way. Cause we all know how much I love Instagram. So why the hell not!

One day last week, I was in the flat attempting to sort my life out (as per usual), and the weather outside kinda caught my eye. It was so lovely! Even at 6.30pm, the sun was still shining and it just looked like the perfect evening for a little stroll. So I thought I'd just take myself off and have a wander! I've lived in Liverpool for about 18 months now, and worked here even longer, but I've never properly explored the city. I ended up being out for a good few hours in the end, and I loved it! This first photo was taken in a little square up by the University, it's so lovely up there, I'll definitely be heading back.

I've also felt a little meh about my work wardrobe recently, and I felt like it needed a bit of an update. So where else would I head other than Zara. I freakin' love this place. Especially for work clothes, because I feel like their clothes can be worn either for the office, or dressed down and accessorised for an every day look. Not gonna lie, I didn't have much will power in there and bought a fair few things! Don't worry, I'll be showing you EVERYTHING pretty soon!

Now, just in case you've been asleep for the last few weeks, last Saturday marked #bloggersfestival, arranged and hosted by Scarlett from Scarlett London, it was held at the Conrad London St James' hotel, and was attended by about 200 bloggers. Could you get any more of a perfect blogger day out!?

Needless to say, I LOVED it. It was a super long day, but it was so lovely to see everyone again, as well as meet some of you guys who I've been talking to on Twitter! I love London. I think it's such a great city, and I wasn't disappointed this time either. There's always loads going on and loads to see, and yeah, I had a fabulous day with some of my favourite girls! I didn't get to take too many photo's because there was just so much going on and so many people to talk to, it was one of those days where I didn't feel like I stopped until I climbed back into bed,  a whole 17 hours later!

Last but not least, are these photo's from when I got chance to visit one of the Beefeater restaurants. You can read all about the visit here if you wish!

That same weekend, I was also lucky enough to visit a spa with one of my best friends, who had taken me as a belated birthday present, and we spent a lot of long-awaited time together and well, it was awesome. Not only did we get one of the best back massages EVER, it was just nice to have a proper life catch-up, considering we literally hadn't seen each other in months!

I think I'm gonna stop there because I'm fully aware you guys probably aren't that interested in all the in's and out's of the last few weeks! I'm off on holiday tomorrow (eeeeeeeek!) so things may be a little quiet around here for another few weeks yet, BUT I promise, that once I get back, I'll be throwing myself straight back into this whole blogging thing again. And who can forget it'll be basically time for the #bloggersblogawards too! I CAN'T BLOOMIN' WAIT.

I guess this would be a good chance for me to say an absolutely MASSIVE thank you to anyone who's voted for me. 12 months ago I didn't even know what a blog was. And now, 10 months after I started this, I've been shortlisted for Best Up and Coming Lifestyle Blog. I literally still can't believe it, it's all been so overwhelming, (and without sounding cheesy) it all means so much... my blog, the community, everything. It's been such an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait for the rest of it!

(The voting is still open until 20th September, so if you haven't yet voted, you can do so here if you wish!)

There are some big changes heading my way over the next couple of months, and I'm so ready to start a whole new chapter soon.


Do it while you can.

Do it while you can.


My name is Aaron, proud author of the e-book series Student Paramedic Adventures, and Blogger over at

It has to be said that lifestyle posts aren't my usual thing, so bear with me here, but having been asked to do a guest post, I figured I'd give it my best shot at using some of my experiences to give you guys something positive and thought inspiring to consider.

It's a question I get asked a lot, I'd say by at least one out of every two people I meet. "Do you enjoy your job?" I often reply, yes, it's incredible. Because it genuinely is, if it weren't for the horrendous shift patterns and demoralising politics then I'd be the most content 23 year old around. That being said, I often ask myself a question that goes a little something like this;

"If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today?" And whenever the answer has been 'no' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. - Steve Jobs.

Which brings me onto what I really want to talk about in today's post, the ability, aspiration and motivation to follow dreams. I know the exact moment I knew that a paramedic was what I wanted to be. Scratch that, I didn't just want to be a paramedic, I want to the best paramedic that I can possibly be. Travel the world and aid hundreds of people in one way or another.

During my endeavours, I've met many people along the way. Some old, some young, and some with not long left, but there's something that they all have in common... experiences.

Being able to interact on such a personal level with patients is something of a great privilege. I find that with being young and fresh-faced, there's always someone more experienced at this whole living life thing than I am, which I love...

I was transporting a terminally ill cancer patient who began to ask more about me, what I wanted, what my dreams were and where I saw myself in 10 years time. Some of the questions I really couldn't answer, because I hadn't thought about it. With an expressionless face, he turned to me and said the following;

"How old are you son?", "23." I replied. "If there's any advice I can give you, it's to do it while you can. Less than 10 years ago, around your age, I wanted to travel the world. I never did it because I'd always find an excuse. My mate's weren't doing the same, it wasn't the done thing, you know? You may not even know about it when it's too late."

Now staring at me, ensuring I'd understood. He then looked down at his hands. "You see these?" "Yes" I said, now really confused as to where he was going. "They had the world in them at one point, now all they have is a clock." This took me by surprise, and I really couldn't think of anything worthy to reply to such a statement.

On the other hand, there's the rare occasion you meet an elderly person who is 100% happy with everything they've done in life and how it all turned out. Not how they planned, they say, but they couldn't ask for anything more.

The moral behind this, I guess, is for you to ask yourself; What is your dream? Are you living a lifestyle you enjoy? Or are you doing what makes other people happy, being a certain way through pure fear that it's just the more acceptable thing to do? 

Should today be your last day, are you happy?

My dreams no longer consist of cars, money, houses, objects or clothes. We all want to one day be that second person, with happy memories and little regrets worth pondering over, right?

Your lifestyle is what you make it, and thinking logically, why would you want it anything else but happy? Because it's just about thousands of choices. The choices you make each day define your lifestyle.

Remember that happiness isn't really a place, but a mindset...

Simple things once you learn a little about yourself, and taking note of what makes you smile. Like waking up to music in the morning, waking early and leaving the window slightly ajar to hear the birds outside, having melon for breakfast, doing a good deed, seeing a certain someone or that feeling after a good workout. 

We all have our mini feel-good moments, that now I'd feel lost without. Please, for your own sake... fill your day with yours. I'm not sure about you, but I'm going to continue small changes, and never look back.

'Til next time,
- Little Boy Wonder.

Student Paramedic Adventures

P.S you can also come and say hello here..!

Hungry? We were...

Hungry? We were...

Euston Way Beefeater Telford
Euston Way Beefeater TelfordEuston Way Beefeater Telford Menu

Okay, so who doesn't love going out for food? I feel like there's just something about having someone else make your food for you that makes it taste all that little bit better. So when the lovely guys at Beefeater invited me for a trip to their Euston Way Beefeater, Telford, I couldn't say no!

Having to work away from home a lot with work, and normally finding a Beefeater ideally located either popped onto the side, or across the road from a Premier Inn, such as this one, I've visited Beefeater restaurants a good number of times before... but for breakfast, funnily enough! So I was actually really interested to see what the rest of the menu is like. 

Verdict? It's big.
Euston Way Beefeater Telford Menu

Not wanting to eat alone, I dragged Aaron along with me for the afternoon (and, well, not living too far away, he had more chance of finding the place than me and my terrible sense of direction...), and needless to say, we were a bit spoiled for choice. Particularly having made a reservation for a Sunday, meaning we also had a Sunday lunch menu to choose from too. DECISIONS.

After we... okay, I, took a while to decide what to have (I was a little tempted to ask for a kids menu after hearing you get a free Mr Men or Little Miss Toy with each 2/3 course kids meal too...), we eventually started with Sharing Potato Dippers. I wasn't entirely sure I was going to like these, not being a massive potato fan, but actually, they were pretty good! They had all sorts of topings such as melted cheese, spring onions, jalapeños, and were served with cheese sauce in the middle of the plate too. It was only after we'd pretty much finished the dish that I realised I hadn't taken a photo! Well, we were hungry...

For the main Aaron went for the Beefeater Mixed Grill, while I opted for the Chargrilled Chicken, Vegetable and Tomato Linguine... and a cup of tea. Obvs. The menu's aren't the only things that are big, I thought the portion sizes were pretty big, and most definitely would fill you up!

The pasta was served in a tomato and chilli sauce, roasted vegetables with pieces of chicken breast. I didn't expect there to be so much chicken in the dish, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise! It was also served with a warm bread stick, which I wasn't complaining at either!

The mixed grill consisted of steak, chicken, gammon and sausage, served with tomato, mushroom, onion rings, fried egg and chips. Phew, that was a mouthful just to say! 

The one thing we did notice was that the service was a little slow, and there was no one to actually greet us as we walked in. While this was actually probably a little blessing in disguise for us, as it gave each course a chance to settle a little before the next one, I've definitely had quicker service. However, all the staff were super friendly and lovely, and the food was pretty awesome too, I, personally, didn't mind a little wait in between. 

The interior of the Beefeater restaurant was pretty cool too. It was a mix of white's, grey's and oranges, and actually worked pretty well! I was also lusting over this copper lamp shade throughout the whole meal too... look how beautiful it is!

I can't actually remember the last time I had 3 whole courses while eating out. While eating anywhere, actually. But, it would have been rude not to go for dessert, right?

Again, the dessert and coffee menu was pretty substantive, and after debating whether to take advantage of the Costa coffee that they serve, I settled instead on the Warm Chocolate Brownie, with Aaron opting for the Chocolate Melt in The Middle Pudding, (which I've managed to somehow make resemble Christmas Pudding in the photo... but I swear it was chocolate!) consisting of chocolate sponge with a chocolate fondant centre. I'm not gonna lie, it did look delicious.

Chocolate Melt in The Middle PuddingWarm Chocolate Brownie

Overall, I thought it was a rather enjoyable afternoon out! The restaurant wasn't too busy, meaning that it was a pretty relaxed atmosphere the whole time, which was great. And it meant that Aaron had more chance of hearing what I was actually saying. (It's not my fault I'm softly spoken!)

Have you had chance to visit a Beefeater restaurant?


P.S I've been shortlisted for Best Up and Coming Lifestyle blog as part of the #bloggersblogawards, and it would mean the absolute world if you could vote for me! If you fancy, you can do so here.

This post was written in collaboration with Beefeater, who provided us with vouchers in return for an honest review. However, love of carbs, chocolate, and all things copper, are entirely my own.