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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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Something I needed to get down.

I got told something the other week that threw me. Completely threw me. It was like someone had just jumped out from behind a bush dressed as a giant cupcake, singing 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and walking a cat. Yeah, it caught me that off-guard and was that unexpected. And well, left me that confused.
The person that told me this is someone who you'd probably trust, if you didn't know them already, from their professional title and position. I went to this person for answers, but came away after just over an hour with more questions than I'd started with and an extremely strange feeling at the pit of my stomach. I just didn't know what to do with this piece of information that this person had just quite offhandedly blurted out about me like it was nothing. When it's actually quite a bloomin' big deal.
I just didn't understand and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Quite honestly, I still haven't. And while I'm being honest, it's really rather affected me, but not in a good way. It's made me change and alter some of the things I do, that I know I shouldn't be changing. In fact, I should probably be changing them the other way.
Do you know when you notice something that someone does all the time, whether it's a word that they constantly say, or a habit of theirs, and then as soon as you notice it, you just can't stop noticing it every time they do it? The last few weeks have been like that for me. But with myself. (I'm fully aware that that probably makes no sense… but hopefully at least someone gets it!).
I'm quite lucky at the minute to have a lot of very strong minded people around me, and I'm also meeting new people all the time, which is great, and I absolutely love it! But I guess one of the things I appreciate the most about it is that the more people I meet, the more people I become friends with, the more knowledge, thoughts and experiences are shared, and the more I'm learning.  And goodness was I thankful to have recently met one person in particular, pretty randomly, I'm not gonna lie, who was able to help me quite a lot during the few days that followed this bit of a bombshell that had landed in my life, through their own, personal experiences.
Okay, so I'mma just pause there and make a really quick shout-out to this person because I think you'll have guessed by now that it's you and I REALLY hope you're not taking this too weirdly because otherwise this could be pretty disastrous. But, if you're reading, thank you... again. 
*Breathes* ANYWHO. Does anyone know where I'm going with this? 'Cause right now, I'm not too sure either. Anyone else just feel better when they write? Hope you guys don't mind!

It's been just over a week since thoughts in my head have been whizzing round even more than normal, and it's crazy to think that before this, I was blissfully un-aware of what could potentially have rather a big impact on me. What I was told wasn't anything definite, and there's probably very little reason for me to be worrying, ...but y'know, massive over-thinker over here!
I guess what's at the back of my mind is how some of the little things that we say can have a big impact on someone else. Similar to how we all have possessions that mean different things to us. Something that means a lot to one person, and that they hold very dear, can mean very little to someone else. Something that we say offhandedly could end up having a massive affect on someone and we don't even realise. It's definitely made me more aware of the things I say, not that I was conscious enough of them already!
Did any of this make sense? I hope it made sense. If not, I'm sorry you've just had to sit through me ramble about pretty much nothing! Whoops. I guess it was just something I needed to get down.
Sophie Rosie
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  1. Aww we all have a bit of mind babble once in a while (me more so than most people) so I totally get you girl! You labelled this 'happy' so I hope it was something that affected you positively :) I think it's often the small things that make someone think about themselves more, or even a compliment at the start of your day to get you going!

    Cherie x

    1. Haha i'm glad it's not just me! It really is the small things that often make the biggest difference, and you're right, something like that really can make your day! :) x

  2. I hope you are okay, and I'm sure all will be okay.
    Take a deep breath and breathe

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  3. I think its good to get down your feelings, I understand where you're coming from; being the worlds biggest over-thinker. I love reading whatever you write down and I always feel I can relate some way or another x

    Lucy |

    1. I feel like overthinking is both a blessing and a curse haha! Aw thank you lovely, that really made me smile! x

  4. Writing has always helped me feel better about a situation, so I understand the need to express your feelings through the written word. This was a beautiful post, we all definitely should be more conscious of how the things we say and what we do can impact another person, whether positive or negative! Hang in there, and try to have a great weekend! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you so much Kim. I will definitely try, hope your week's been great lovely! x

  5. Yes I totally get where you're coming from. Mine might sound insignificant but I remember a really good friend saying really innocently in a conversation "...and her eyebrows were really thin... Like Laura's". I spent the next four years growing out my eyebrows and she had no idea how much I'd taken her offhand comment to heart!!

    Oops mini ramble over!! x

    1. Haha oh no! It's funny isn't it, the little things that we remember and that affect us the most! x

  6. It's strange how much I was able to connect with this post. I can openly say there have been times where my colleagues, friends or family members have decided to mention something about me, and I'll focus on it for the next thousand years. I'm an incredibly big worrier, and I'd like to think I don't bug people but who is perfect? x

    1. I'm glad you could Rebecca! haha yes! I know how the worrying feels! And exactly, you have a great point :) Hope you're okay chick! x


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