Affordable blogging props haul!

Affordable blogging props haul!

Who doesn't love homeware? I feel like you hit a certain age and then all of a sudden traipsing round IKEA becomes more of a much-loved hobby than a chore. It probably coincides with being of the age of moving out, whether that be moving out for uni or for work.

Today's post is a bit of a mix of homeware and blogging props and kinda just stuff that can be used for both, although lets face it, I've probably already Instagrammed most of this stuff. 

I also wanted to show you guys that you don't have to spend a fortune on blogging props to make a photo look pretty!

All of these items came from an impromptu shopping trip to Home Bargains. I went in for some sweets (I realise I'm not 7 anymore, but a girl sometimes needs a sugar rush...) and cereal, and came out with this lot. If there's one thing that I'd miss by moving down south, it would be Home Bargains. I LOVE this place.

The first thing I picked up from Home Bargains was this dead cute milk bottle and straw. I think these have been around for a while now haven't they? But they're just so cute! And they make drinking whatever you choose to put in them a little bit more fun too, right? Oh, and it was 99p! 

I also then picked up these beautiful fake flowers that you can see below. As you'll probably know from my Instagram, I already had my beloved red rose from an IKEA haul wayyyyyy back when I first started my blog, so these lovely yellow peonies were just a must have (at 59p they were also an absolute steal!) to add to the collection.

Have I mentioned I love a good cuppa? Well, y'know, just incase... I love a good cuppa. 

How friggin' cute are these tea-cups and saucers! They have rather a Cath Kidston look about them with the patterns that have been chosen, and they are the perfect thing to brighten up your kitchen. These beauties were £1.50 each. I probably should have only got one but, well... INDECISIVENESS.

While we're on the subject of tea, I could not resist these next two. I realise I probably went a bit overboard on the whole cup/mug thing, but everything in Home Bargains is so cheap, I literally got them all for the price of one somewhere else. Or that's what I was telling myself as I dropped them in my basket.

I don't think I even need to say anything about these two. At least now I'll never get coffee tasting tea when I forget to rinse my coffee mug out before making a cup of tea. Again, probably shouldn't have got both. Oh well. £1.50 again guys. £1.50!

The next item that caught my eye definitely wasn't right next to the tea cups.... okay it was. And it's tea related again. DON'T JUDGE ME GUYS. Its the small things
We have a proper tea set in the flat, with a gorgeous floral tea-pot and cosy and everything, but the one thing thats missing? A milk jug.


Keeping things elegant and simple, this jug is just plain white all around with the exception of this lovely gold detail that runs along the edges. Its so flippin' photogenic too! I'm gonna leave you guys to guess the price of this one. *ahem* It may have been less than £1. 

The next few things I'm about to show you were from a few different places, but I wanted to share these with you too, so I thought I might as well just pop them on the end!

Coffee shot cup! I can't explain how tiny and cute this cup is! I've tried to show it against my hand but I feel like you still can't grasp the size of it. It's just so tiny and comes with it's own mini saucer as well. I haven't actually used this one yet because I actually don't like straight coffee shots.. but if you do, this from IKEA would be perfect! If I remember rightly (we're talking a few months ago here) I think this was about £3.

The pink rose featured in these photo's was also part of the same haul (linked above) that I purchased my red rose in, so if you need further details on these, click here.

The last thing I got when I was going a bit homeware crazy was this jar/jug/glass thing? I can't think what the proper name is! A bit like the milk bottle, I feel like these quirky glasses have been around for a while, and I love putting my smoothies in here, I'm not gonna lie, I do feel pretty cool. But, look, they also make pretty cute vases too! This particular one was £3 from Matalan. I always underestimate Matalan, and then proper love it when I go in!

Hopefully, this post might have given you a few ideas as to the loadssss of different but cheap things you can use for photo's and blogs and goodness knows what else we use them for now. All of the items from Home Bargains only came to £8.50, and you can guarantee I'll get a fair few more photo's and uses out of them yet!


I'm on YouTube!

I'm on YouTube!

This has been kinda coming for a while now. I said that once I'd got myself a 'proper' camera, that would be the time to get myself onto YouTube. But as usual, this didn't quite work out, mainly because;
a) I didn't quite know what to film, and
b) I was too flippin' nervous.
But I've done it! It kinda happened on a whim, not gonna lie. I (for once) had nothing to do one evening and so I thought, why not film a video? Y'know, as you do...
For my first video I've filmed The British Tag, because well, I'm British, and I do love all most things British, and I figured it would be a nice, fun way to say hey!
I don't know about you, but I love finding bloggers on YouTube, mostly because people don't often speak how you imagine them to... let me know if I talk funny! But y'know, be nice about it. ;)
Anyway, here is the link if you fancy taking a peak! If I did okay, please subscribe to my channel, and please please leave your links below if any of you lovely lot are on there too!

My blog inspirations

My blog inspirations

 I don't know about you guys, but I often get asked,  'What made you start a blog?' And even though it was only November 2014 when I decided to create a blogger account, quite honestly I can’t remember. This time last year I didn't even really know what a blog was.
I think like a lot of bloggers, I stumbled upon Zoella, but completely by accident. Firstly her Instagram, and then I noticed she had linked a YouTube video in one of her photos, which then led me to her blog, which then in turn led me to a whole range of other 'big' blogs, and I thought, this looks like fun. I wanna have a go! 
In my first few months, I discovered a whole lot of new blogs, and realised that blogging didn't always have to just be about one thing, and some in particular gave me a lot of inspiration, and still do! While I like to think that I'm creative, and I'm incredibly proud of my little blog, it's safe to say that my blog probably wouldn't be the way it is without a few of the blogs that I read on a daily basis.
So I thought I'd share a few of them with you guys! Just in case you're in need of some new blogs to read, or like me, just a bit of inspiration!

Tom | Daydream in Blue. This blog has been one of the longest standing links in my favourites bar. Since following Tom and his blog from January, I feel like I've been on a bit of a journey with him. His blog has changed and developed SO much in the last few months, and I'm loving the new direction. Instead of the normal 'Fashion, Home, Lifestyle' categories that a lot of blogs have at the minute, Tom has the following; 
'Be happy, Be healthy, Be productive',  

with a big focus on mindfulness too. It's like my go-to place on the internet if I want to relax or de-stress! Tom's photography is ah-may-zing also! Like, this blog is probably the reason that I became so determined to up my photo game! I have serious blog envy every time I click on his link. Without sounding too creepy (sorry Tom), Daydream in Blue was definitely (and still is) one of my biggest blog inspirations.
Liv | What Olivia DidI'm just gonna leave her link here and let her blog do the talking. Both Liv and her blog are just beautiful.

'Nuff said.

Ally | Ally in Blunderland. IF YOU DON'T ALREADY FOLLOW THIS GIRL GO DO IT NOW. Okay, but seriously, I love Ally's style, both in a fashion sense and her style of writing. She always manages to make me laugh while swooning over her outfits at the same time. I love that Ally always strikes me as the most down to earth girl, and that definitely also comes across in her posts and social media. I don't know what it is, but this girl just has an eye for stuff and I bloody wish I had it too! Ally's blog has a fabulous mix of fashion, beauty and a bit of lifestyle thrown in there for good measure!

Teri | The Lovely Drawer. I first found The Lovely Drawer on Instagram wayyyyyy before I'd even thought about a blog, her photo's are always just to die for. Then, when I realised that this was actually the name of Teri's blog, I just had to have a nosey and oh my goodness. If you ever need style inspiration or DIY ideas, this is THE place to go. Her blog is so white and minimalist and it's one of those blogs that just makes you wish you had everything on there. I literally can't express how much I love The Lovely Drawer, it definitely gives me some design inspiration if I ever need it!

Do you read any of these lovely blogs? Who's blog do you love?




6 bloggers, 4 days, 1 cottage and a whole lot of tea!

This is pretty much the only way to sum up last weekend. Oh, and photo's. SO MANY PHOTO'S.


If you follow me, or any of the other lovely ladies below (and above!), you'll have probably noticed that we had a bit of a weekend away last week. We had an idea that we wanted to do something together, as we hadn't seen each other in FOREVER, and well, we all kinda needed a break. Emma had the best idea and managed to get in contact with Sykes Cottages, and after a lot of umming-and-ahhing and Google mapping over which cottage we loved the most, we settled ( I say we, I kinda left it to the girls and nearly set off going the wrong way on the day…) on Honeystone. An absolutely gorgeous cottage in the middle of the Peak District. 

So after a few weeks of getting way over excited, myself, Emma, Rhi, Lou, Kayleigh and Alex all headed off to keep each other company for a few days.
After a bit of an eventful drive (yes, I'm looking at you Tom Tom.) I managed to find the cottage, tucked away on a farm on one of those long and windy country lanes. It was pretty much postcard material and I think we all fell a little bit in love with the place… and well, the wine and chocolate that greeted us in the kitchen might have just helped. A little.
No, but seriously, I can't express how beautiful the cottage was. Everywhere was just spotless and not to mention each room was pretty much Pinterest worthy. And oh my goodness the views. No matter which window you looked out of,  we were surrounded by the most gorgeous views of the Peak District. I'd never visited the Peaks or visited a cottage with Sykes before, and if you haven't done either, I'd most definitely recommend it! *heart eyed emoji*. There's just something so relaxing about being in the countryside!


First stop? Sainsbury's. Okay, so I know this isn't the most exciting thing but girls' gotta eat! Once we'd loaded the trolley with pretty much anything and everything, it was back to the cottage for a cup of tea and cupcakes while we waited for Kayleigh and Alex to arrive. Then came Domino's, followed by more tea, and lots of girly chat before bed.

What better way to start your Saturday morning than breakfast in the sun?! Once we'd all had our obligatory morning cuppa (told you there was loads of tea…) we got ready and packed up ready for a picnic! We were literally a 5 minute drive away from the reservoir which we thought would make the perfect picnic location in the Peaks! Of course, we didn't actually eat anything for a good 15 minutes due to everyone taking photographs! It really was a good job we were all bloggers. Oh, and our picnic got invaded by ducks a good few times too. Luckily, Em and Rhi were on hand to tell them to shoo! ;)

Once we'd all eaten far too much, and after some convincing me to get back out of the warm car we'd sheltered in for a sec while Lou took some lovely outfit photo's, it was time for a walk down to the reservoir itself, for more fresh air, blogger chat and lots more photos. Obvs.
Once we were back at the cottage I think it was safe to say the fresh air had pretty much tired us all out! So the rest of the afternoon was filled with naps, tea, and all 6 of us sat blogging on the sofa's in front of the TV. Bliss.
Later in the evening, Alex had the fabulous idea of seeing if we could go and find the sunset, so we grabbed our jackets and drove a little bit up The Winking Man (it's like a big hill/rock/thing… you might wanna Google it for a better explanation!). Unfortunately, it was way too cloudy for any sort of sunset to be seen, so what did we do instead? Climb up the massive rock. Obvs. But do you know what, I had the most fun. I haven't done anything like that since I was about 10, and it felt so good to be having fun out in the fresh air again!

Thanks to Lou leading the way, and Emma for being brave and taking the first step, we ended up climbing to one of the highest points, and of course, we all took it in turns posing on the top, before having this cute group shot too.
Then it was back for some delicious pasta made by Rhi, before reminiscing on some fab 90's tunes and a mega long game of Cards Against Humanity. If you don't know what this is, you're probably best off Googling it. I'm not explaining it.

....SUNDAY MORNING BRUNCH. DELICIOUS! Once again, actually eating our breakfast was delayed by us all wapping out our cameras, taking photos of the food, re-arranging the food, we even moved the food to the breakfast bar for a different breakfast shot background, before finally caving and actually eating the stuff. We even had these amazing pancakes made by Lou to fill us up too! (If you want more pancake envy, head over to Lou's Instagram, she makes me swoon over pancakes in bed most weekends!)
Then it was nap time again. I ain't joking. Most of us were still pretty shattered, probably from all the fresh air and the night before, so a few of us headed back upstairs to bed! We're exciting people. We know… Once we were a bit more refreshed it was time for some more blogging! With the weather still being unexpectedly nice to us, we also made the most of literally having a house full of bloggers, and so it was outfit shot time! I have to say, taking outfit shots with a tripod just isn't the same as having your friends make you laugh behind the camera, and I had an absolute ball, both in front of and behind the camera for the other girls too. Here's a little bit of a peak (get it..? Peak district….? Never mind. I'll shush…) as to the fun and giggles we had;

What's Sunday without a Sunday roast!? …I say this, I don’t think I've had a Sunday roast since moving into my flat last year. I probably fail at being British because of this but I'm just not normally a foodie! Whether we normally love a roast or not, we couldn't not love Rhi and her cooking this weekend, as she did just this, and cooked a lovely roast dinner for us all to sit round the table on Sunday evening and eat! Aren't we civil! ;) Oh and did I mention the cake?! I didn't get a photo of the cake, but the left over pancake mix was whipped up into a sponge cake with hazelnut spread and blueberries on the top!
Unfortunately, Alex had to leave us at this point due to having work on Monday (sad face :( ) and we all missed her loads for the rest of the evening. So, we wacked on a film (and ate basically ALL the cake) and chatted until it was once again the early hours of the morning!
Monday morning was then filled with LOTS of cleaning, packing and last minute photo taking before it was time to say goodbye to Honeystone and head home!

I literally can't express how much fun I had this weekend, and I don’t think I've laughed, giggled or smiled as much in a long time. A few days away from everything, and a few days spent with some of my favourite people was definitely what I needed! Our weekend wasn’t exactly 'action packed', but it was just lovely, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

A massive thank you to Sykes cottages for having us, and to Propercorn, Urban Fruit, Metcalfe's Skinny, and Meridian Foods for supplying us with lots of yummy goodies to keep us going over the weekend!

If there was anything this weekend taught me, it's that living in a blogger house is now even more appealing. What dya reckon, should we make this happen?  ;)

90's throwback.

90's throwback.

Okay so who doesn't love the 90's!? As a 90's baby, I, personally think it was quite obviously one of the best decades... ;) No, but seriously, so much of the 90's fashion trends have come back around already, and some of them I just can't keep away from.  

One of these is a good old crop top. Now I know these aren't always suitable for the great british weather, but as soon as it was warm enough this year, I dug out every single one that I own from the depths of my wardrobe to wear for um, well... 'summer'.

This crop top was from H&M last year, and I loved it so much I ended up getting it in 3 different colours. The high neckline just adds to the 90's-ness of it's look... even if I did have to also dig up my strapless bra to save myself looking like a 13 year old school girl who's trying too hard with all of the bra straps showing...

DENIM JACKETS. Oh my goodness, I'd been looking for a denim jacket for literally forever before I stumbled across this one (and many other things) in Topshop one Saturday afternoon when I had nothing better to do but browse Liverpool One for things I definitely do not need. 

I loved this one because it's slightly oversized... I think. Unless I just got the wrong size, which I'm perfectly capable of doing so it seems. Many times. Whoops. I also love how it's got a bit of ripped detail on the front, which just adds a little bit to the 90's 'grunge' look which I'm totally not cool enough to pull off...

... also tried to be really cool in styling the jacket with the whole off the shoulder thing. And then I got bored and this happened. DON'T JUDGE ME GUYS I'M NEW AT THIS.

Were red lips a 90's thing? I'm not sure, I feel like red lipstick can never go out of style, which I kinda thank the lord for as my red lipstick collection seems to be growing. Pretty quickly. This one is the Urban Decay in shade F-bomb, which I haven't really had out yet, but I'm a little bit in love with.  Anywho! As well as adding red lips, I also reached for my lovely Daniel Wellington watch, which I was very lucky to receive as a 21st gift from Mum & Dad (which has also never really left my wrist since!) to kindaaaa finish off my outfit.

Black high neck crop top (similar here), Denim Jacket (Topshop), Jeans (similar here), Watch (Daniel Wellington)

What do you guys think of all the 90's fashions coming back? Do you have any favourites?