I love Instagram.

Gosh, I've been updating Instagram a lot lately, haven't I!? I had planned for this post to be a bit of an Instagram round up of at least the last week... until I realised just how much I'd been updating! In case you haven't already grasped, I kinda love Instagram. A LOT. It's probably the form of social media that I spend the most time on, with Twitter coming up behind a close second.

Thinking back, it actually took me a while to get into Instagram, and I remember first signing up years ago when the app was first launched... and then deleting it again quite quickly. I know! Hard to believe, huh!? I don't know what it was about it that I just couldn't get into. Probably because it was something that hadn't quite taken off, I didn't really follow many people and quite frankly, I just didn't get it. 

Do not even ask where the inspiration to give it another go came from, because I've got no idea, and if you scroll wayyyyyyy back through my photo's, my first posts were pretty, um, bad. But, you can kinda see I was still trying to make them a little bit creative. A little bit. I mean I took a good few photo's of my nails and my cup of tea. Somethings just haven't changed...

And then I started following more creative people on there, and began to see just what you could do with a photo. I began to see a pattern to the photo's I was 'liking'. They were bright, airy, shot at different angles and with different compositions. I wanted to have a go! 

There's a side to me that's very competitive, and if I see someone doing something that I think I can do, I'll probably give it a good go until I've figured out how to do just that. One of my first 'Instagram inspirations' was a girl who I used to go to school with but who was a few years younger than me. I'd see her photo's and I probably liked every single one, and I probably spent a good few hours looking through the app store to figure out which app she must have been using to get the effects that I loved in her photo's so much.

I think with Instagram, it's something that gets addictive. Once you're into it, it's hard to not want to post every photo you take to your feed. I love the whole editing process with photo's, particularly one's I've taken on my phone. The difference between the photo I actually take, and the one that gets uploaded to Instagram is pretty insane, but it's this transformation that I love. I also love that it's dead quick to upload. I can take photo's on my phone or my camera and have them on Instagram within minutes.

I love that you can make Instagram a  mini-form of your blog.

I like to think of it as blogging-to-go! 

Yeah, I upload a lot of my blog post photo's to my feed to promote my posts, but it's also a way to share little snapshot's of your daily life that don't always make it onto your blog! This is what I love about following other bloggers too.
Not only is my feed a LOT more creative and bright, you can definitely tell most of you on there are bloggers now, and I love having this little daily insight into each of your lives! ...In a non-creepy way. Obvs.

Do you love Instagram? What's your favourite form of social media?



  1. Your instagram is literally 'goals' ;) It's my fave social media site too - I just love seeing what people are doing with their days! And I like seeing lots of shots of coffee haha.

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

    1. Haha thanks Beth! yes, me too! Alllll the coffee! haha x

  2. I hate you. You take such amazing photos. Your instagram is my favourite!

    Emma xxxxx
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Hahahaha love you Em! Aw thanks love hehe xx

  3. I'm in love with your Instagram page! X

  4. Ok, so I 100% share the same Instagram obsession.. Always loving your pictures too!
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Sam xx


    1. haha yes! glad I'm not the only one! thank you Sam :) x

  5. I am a little insta obsessed atm!