2015 | A New Year Update.

2015 | A New Year Update.

Okay, so can we just, like, re-start 2015 please? I totally wasn't ready.
It hit me the other day that we're 6 months through the year already. Like, a whole 6 months. ½ the year, 181 days, it's gone and it's never coming back guys. I know, scary.
It's definitely true what they say about the years flying by a lot quicker as you get older, so goodness knows how much quicker they're going to get in the years to come.
As 2015 approached, it was just as I was getting properly into this whole blogging thing. I read a lot of blog posts that all had a similar theme. There were a lot of New Year's Resolutions floating around (including my own) and a lot of '2015 is going to be my year' kinda tweets. You know the one's… And to be honest I was thinking a similar thing. I think we all do it every year. Tell ourselves that this is the year that we're going to fully sort our lives out. Get rid of all the crap and actually focus purely on what we want and not settle for anything else. Um, yeah… 
My New Year's Resolutions included worrying less (definitely NOT got this one down yet), reading more (nope, not even close) and eating healthier and getting back to the gym (this one, is like a kind of. The last month definitely, before that though? Nothing.).
But actually, there's been a lot going on in the last 6 months that I hadn't quite planned for. 
So, for starters, I've actually kept this blogging thing up, which although I'd hoped that I would, with work and everything else going on, I wasn't exactly sure whether I would be able to. But I'm so so glad I have. In case you haven't noticed, (and y'know, I'm sure I've only mentioned it once or twice..) I'm LOVING it. It's taken over quite literally everything but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I've met the best bunch of bloggers, and I'm certainly not quite ready for this blog to go anywhere anytime soon… as long as that's okay with you lot!

Blogging has also made me re-think about what I actually wanna do, and it's thrown up a lot of life questions for me, both directly from working on my blog and discovering the whole world that comes along with it, but also indirectly from the people I've met. 
Within the first two months of the year, the people in my life had changed so dramatically. I'd met A LOT of new lovely bloggers, most of which I'm now extremely lucky to be able to call some of my closest friends, with a few people I'd met last year coming back into my life also.. even if they did kinda turn back around and leave again pretty sharpish. But that's just how it is sometimes. Either way, I've learned a lot from each and every one of you… not that I expect you guys I'm talking about to reading this… but on the off chance… yes, I'm talking about you, so hey!

Something else I hadn't planned on; How much more of a social life you get from blogging. Like, if I'm not at work, or now in the gym, I'm either at my laptop blogging, or spending time over coffee with some of you lovely blogging girlies, or at some of the fabulous events that I'm grateful each and every time to get invited to! Literally working my way up the country with these events too… first off London for the #nyLDNmeet, then was Stratford for a lovely day out with some of the girls,  I kinda gate-crashed and pretended I was from the West Midlands for one Saturday in Shrewsbury for the #shropshirebloggermeet, Liverpool for the #NWbloggersmeet, , then Manchester for the #mybagAW event, and next up? The Peak District. For what we're hoping is going to be the most fun bloggers holiday weekend ever. Yes, we're talking a #bloggersleepover in the cutest cottage. I CAN'T WAIT. 
So, along with having to spend most of my days in full-time work as well as juggling keeping fit and my blog, 2015 so far has been prettyyyyyy hectic. So while I'm full on majorly failing at keeping up with my New Year's Resolutions, I actually feel like I've achieved a lot of other stuff.

Besides… I've still got the next 6 months to sort my life out, right? ;) 

I went and did it.

I went and did it.

I've got another rambly life post for you guys! I was thinking the other day about my current situation, where I'm at, where I want to be, what I want to do and how the hell I'm going to get there. I haven't quite figured it out but it did get me thinking about what I've already done.
A lot of you probably won't know this, but I um, can be quite stubborn (thanks Dad). If I feel quite strongly about something, it will take a lot for me to back down on my thoughts. Now this doesn't mean that I'm one of those people that thinks I'm right and everyone else is wrong, far from it. I like to think that I'm really quite open when it comes to having an open mind and listening to others.  But one of the main things about being a little bit stubborn, especially when paired with the fact that I can also be rather impatient, (according to Mum, this is why I was born 4 weeks early… I couldn't even wait then!) is that if there's something I decide I want, then I'll generally do what I can to go get it. Now, this can be anything from a new pair of shoes that I've seen that I want, a particular flat in a particular location, or things a little bit bigger.

I guess looking back, it's why I worked so hard at school. I wanted to leave with good grades, so I locked myself away in my bedroom and worked until I was confident I was going to achieve them.  
When I was little, I used to always want to work in a shop. I remember 'playing shop' with my grandparents during the summers of primary school, and if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up,  my answer would always be, 'shop-keeper'.
I'm quite glad to say that my life-aspirations have improved a little since I was 5 years old.
When I left high-school, like a lot of people I wanted a part-time job and to have my own money. And guess what, I got a job in a supermarket, and even though I wasn't always based on the tills, I covered them whenever the shop got busy. Every time I was covering them, I would always think back to when I was little, and it made me smile a little bit to think I went and did it. I was getting paid to work on a till! (…simple things, right?)

Do you know when you remember certain things quite vividly? Often rather random things, and when you think about them you just sit there and think, why on earth can I remember this? One of these moments in particular is when I used to walk to high school. There was three of us that all lived really close, and so for 5 years we walked the half an hour walk to and from school every day. It was one of those that I always think, goodness, how on earth did we always have stuff to talk about but I used to love it.
There was one lady that must have lived close to our school, and most days during the last few years we'd see her walking to work. She used to wear this dark skirt-suit with knee-high boots. While I was never a fan of the knee high boots, I remember me and H used to always say, I wanna be like her. I wanna have a city job where I get to wear a suit, and walk around the city in heels. Be a proper city girl.
Queue 2 years of college and some application processes later and I did it. I managed to get myself a job where for the last 3 years I've had to turn up in business dress (yes, that includes heels if I fancy it), I carry around my handbag and my work laptop, and get to work from a city centre office. I went and did it.

Now I have lots of other different things in my sights, and thinking back to what I've already done, has given me the motivation that I kinda so desperately needed to go and do them and not stop until I have.
Hopefully, things are going to start getting better, I'm trying to chase the things that are going to make me happier, and get rid of the things in life that are getting me down. I'm also still trying to look on the bright side of everything, but I think we all slip up at this sometimes.
I love Instagram.

I love Instagram.

Gosh, I've been updating Instagram a lot lately, haven't I!? I had planned for this post to be a bit of an Instagram round up of at least the last week... until I realised just how much I'd been updating! In case you haven't already grasped, I kinda love Instagram. A LOT. It's probably the form of social media that I spend the most time on, with Twitter coming up behind a close second.

Thinking back, it actually took me a while to get into Instagram, and I remember first signing up years ago when the app was first launched... and then deleting it again quite quickly. I know! Hard to believe, huh!? I don't know what it was about it that I just couldn't get into. Probably because it was something that hadn't quite taken off, I didn't really follow many people and quite frankly, I just didn't get it. 

Do not even ask where the inspiration to give it another go came from, because I've got no idea, and if you scroll wayyyyyyy back through my photo's, my first posts were pretty, um, bad. But, you can kinda see I was still trying to make them a little bit creative. A little bit. I mean I took a good few photo's of my nails and my cup of tea. Somethings just haven't changed...

And then I started following more creative people on there, and began to see just what you could do with a photo. I began to see a pattern to the photo's I was 'liking'. They were bright, airy, shot at different angles and with different compositions. I wanted to have a go! 

There's a side to me that's very competitive, and if I see someone doing something that I think I can do, I'll probably give it a good go until I've figured out how to do just that. One of my first 'Instagram inspirations' was a girl who I used to go to school with but who was a few years younger than me. I'd see her photo's and I probably liked every single one, and I probably spent a good few hours looking through the app store to figure out which app she must have been using to get the effects that I loved in her photo's so much.

I think with Instagram, it's something that gets addictive. Once you're into it, it's hard to not want to post every photo you take to your feed. I love the whole editing process with photo's, particularly one's I've taken on my phone. The difference between the photo I actually take, and the one that gets uploaded to Instagram is pretty insane, but it's this transformation that I love. I also love that it's dead quick to upload. I can take photo's on my phone or my camera and have them on Instagram within minutes.

I love that you can make Instagram a  mini-form of your blog.

I like to think of it as blogging-to-go! 

Yeah, I upload a lot of my blog post photo's to my feed to promote my posts, but it's also a way to share little snapshot's of your daily life that don't always make it onto your blog! This is what I love about following other bloggers too.
Not only is my feed a LOT more creative and bright, you can definitely tell most of you on there are bloggers now, and I love having this little daily insight into each of your lives! ...In a non-creepy way. Obvs.

Do you love Instagram? What's your favourite form of social media?


We don't meet people by accident.

We don't meet people by accident.

You don't meet people by accident.
You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

I saw these two quotes on Instagram last week, and not only did they hit me quite hard and got me thinking about this blog post, they kinda re-iterated to me what I've been thinking for a while, but have also helped me with some personal things a little.

Sometimes it just takes someone else to tell you what you already know.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and I guess these thoughts aren't a million miles off that either. I also believe that you can learn a lot from people, no matter who they are, or how long they've been in your life for, if they're there, they're probably there for a reason. 

The second quote, I like to think about in two ways. Literally, and not-so literally. Wherever you are right now, physically, is where you're at. There's been a series of events that has led you to be right there, right now. But you're also exactly where you're supposed to be in life. I don't think anyone can say that their life is what they imagined at the age you're at now. I know that when I was in school, I thought 21 was SO old, that I'd have a great big plan and know exactly how and when I was going to achieve what I want. In reality? Not so much. At all. In fact, I'm so far off this the only thing I can do is laugh...

Think back to how you met some of the people that are in your life right now, I bet there's a few coincidences in there, right? Being in the right place, at the right time and all that? I used to think life was made up of a lot of coincidences, but now I think about it a little differently. You were exactly where you were supposed to be. And you didn't cross paths with that person by accident. 

Something happened a few weeks ago that kinda summed up both. It was a Friday evening and I was planning on going to the gym at 8. However, N had just got back in and for once we were both in the flat at the same time! This is rather a rare occurrence. So, we took the opportunity and had a good catch up on anything and everything that had been going on in our lives in the last few weeks. Work, men,  our new and improved life plans, changes in eating habits... you name it, we probably talked about it. I also then needed to take a quick few blog photo's, so by the time I actually started getting ready for the gym it was already about 20.45. Then, after the slow walk over the road, I was a whole hour later than planned. 

But this actually turned out for the best, because about 5 minutes after I walked in, I bumped into someone there who I hadn't seen in months. Queue 20 minutes of another life catch up on a stationary treadmill, followed by pancakes and bacon, and for once, I'm so glad that I was running late. Not only has it been great catching up with this person, but they've already helped me and influenced a pretty big decision of mine.

If N hadn't had come back to the flat, if I hadn't had started this blog and needed to take blog photo's, heck, if I hadn't had some motivation appear from somewhere and get back to the gym a few weeks ago, I'd have never have bumped into them on this day, at that time, and I could be in a pretty crap situation right now if it hadn't had been for their advice over those previously mentioned pancakes... (Moose coffee, I feel like you need to take some credit here too. If you haven't had Moose pancakes yet, you're missing out. Big time.)

Anywhoooo,  there's always going to be people that come in and out of your life. And when someone leaves, it can hurt. There's sometimes no other way to describe it apart from it just hurts. Which leads me on to this, something else I like think about sometimes...

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it's happened.

This one... now this one helps. We can learn so much from the people that we meet. Whether we only know them for a short period of time, or whether they become friends for life. And I can definitely say, that in particular the last year, I've met so many new people, and been taught so many different life lessons that I'll be forever thankful for. Sometimes it's great to take a little time to reflect on what people have brought and added to your thoughts and your life.

My whole perspective on so many things has changed, some small, but mostly, it's been pretty big and eye-opening stuff. And do you know what, I can smile about it, because even though, like I said, it can be crap when someone leaves, or when your relationship with that person changes, when you used to speak everyday and now it's just the odd, 'how's life?' every so often, when you can sense that your lives are taking different directions, you can start to wonder whether it would have been better and easier to have never met them in the first place.

But do you know what, at one point, that someone or something was making you smile, and you should never regret anything that makes you smile. Some people are just meant to stay with you for a little while, and it's normally these people that you can learn from the most. 


#mybagAW | My Bag Online

#mybagAW | My Bag Online

So on Monday I was so excited to be invited to two (yes, two! I know, living the blogger life, right!? ;) ) events in Manchester, and it's safe to say that work dragged. Five o' clock took it's time to turn up but when it did, I dropped everything and ran (obvs not literally) to Manchester to meet Emma for some pizza, prosecco, and previews of the Autumn Winter collection from My Bag Online at Artisan.

Firstly, I just want to point out how cool and chic and quirky this venue is. It's amazing, and fitted the event perfectly, and well, for me, was a bloggers dream to photograph. ...and would definitely make for a pretty awesome background for some outfit photos!

However, I digress. After arriving just a little bit late (whoops, too much pizza!), we were greeted by lots of handbags, the lovely girls from mybag.com and some drinks and canapés, what more could you want!

My Bag is an online website which stocks a load of different designer handbags and accessories, such as Karl Lagerfield, Lauren Ralph Lauren, and Cambridge Satchel Company.

Mybag.com was launched in 2010, and over the last few years has 'established itself as a specialist fashion retailer for handbags and accessories dedicated to sourcing top brands and on-trend styles'. I think it's safe to say from what we saw on Monday, they're doing this very well! 

I've always been a lover of handbags, and a firm believer that a girl can never have too many. However, I've never owned anything designer, and I'm not going to lie, I'm now dying to buy one. I think I fell in love with most of the bags that were out during the evening and the the one thing that stood out for me between the bags I'm used to, and these, was the quality. Oh my goodness, you can definitely tell which is which.

(And this bit here is just the bathroom. Told you it was cool!)

We were able to have a good old nosey at everything that was out, and after lusting after most of them, trying on Ray-Bans and a rather quirky pom-pom baseball cap (that is definitely NOT what it's called and it's a lot cooler than it sounds. Well, not on me, but on the other girls it was!) that we've been told is going to be all around by Autumn, we were able to just chat and network with some of the other bloggers that were there.

I think this is what I love most about these kind of events, being able to meet and get talking to other bloggers that you might otherwise not have ever had the chance to meet in person.

There was also an amazing goody bag to finish the evening, which was even flipping personalised, like how sweet was that!

This gorgeous personalised keyring from The Cambridge Satchel Company was such a lovely touch.

There was only plenty of beauty products to go with it in the form of this after sun oil, an amazing Look Fantastic box, and this lovely ring from Maria Francesca Pepe.

I had such a lovely time at this event, and would like to say a massive thank you to Clare for letting me pop along and for inviting me, I loved it!


Petite Girl Probs.

Petite Girl Probs.

It's no secret that if anyone asks me how tall I am, my response tends to be, 'not very', because at only just pushing 5'1, there's no real other answer I can give. While there are a few advantages to having not grown since I was about 12, such as always being able to wear heels no matter who you're with, getting your clothes cheaper by being able to fit into kids sizes, and having the most leg room on planes, most of the time it's just a plain pain in the bum.

So just incase you're one of the taller people in the world, or if you're a fellow shorty, here are 15 problems that us petite lot have to deal with on a daily basis.

  1. If like us, you keep the dishes on the top shelf... having to climb on a chair just to have some cereal. Or in fact, having to climb on a chair to reach the top shelf of anything.
  2. Not being able to see a thing in a large crowd.
  3. You're ALWAYS being ushered to the front of group photographs. Why can't I just hide at the back like everyone else!?
  4. Buying trousers is an absolute NIGHTMARE. If you can find a pair that don't scrunch up at the bottom then you're keeping these for life. Ankle grazers just don't exist for us.
  5. ...Oh and that midi might as well just be a maxi. Just forget about maxi's altogether.
  6. Not being able to quite see through the peephole in your flat.
  7. You just can't gracefully climb onto a bar stool. How great would be to just be able to perch on those things like everyone else!
  8. Those overhead hand rails on trains and buses would be a great idea... if you could actually reach them. On the plus side, your core strength is fab from having to keep yourself upright!
  9. People like to pat you on the head or use your shoulder as an armrest.
  10. Having to fully adjust the drivers seat... and then still not being able to quite fully see everything over the dash board.
  11. You get really good at treading water because the chances are you can't reach the bottom of the pool.
  12. Those bathroom mirrors that are dead high up above the sink. Unless you just want to see your top knot, there's no point even trying to see what you look like.
  13. Yes, I am fully aware I'm a little smaller than others. There is no need to point out the obvious. ALL. the. time.
  14. Having to hope and pray that no one sits in front of you at the theatre/cinema/concert. Because as lovely as your head is Mr Tall Person, I did not pay to stare at it for 2 hours.
  15. You look up to everyone. Literally.