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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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You're all alright I s'pose!

Ask your Grandparents, or even some of your Parents what their views are about meeting people online, and you'll probably be greeted with a response along the lines of 'never!', 'don't be silly, it's dangerous.', or 'everyone on the internet is clearly out to get you.'. 

Now, while I by no means want to express that meeting people over the internet is completely, utterly and 100% safe, (because it sometimes isn't, and I pray that we all still have our wits about us when it comes to internet safety) what I think is safe to say, is that we've come a long way in terms of being social online. 

With the rise of social networking sites that enable you to meet new people in your local area, dating apps such as Tinder, or quite simply, starting up your own blog, getting talking to fresh new faces online has never been quicker, or easier... or normal. 

About 80% of the people in my life at the minute, I met online. Is that weird? For me, no. Not at all. After my A Levels a lot of my friends from home went off to uni, and I went to work, eventually moving into a new city, into a flat with someone who, yeah, you guessed it, I met online. SpareRoom was an absolute life saver when trying to find someone to share the rent with! I didn't know anyone here, and if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have been able to move out. And I'd say it's worked out pretty well, me and N get on great, and she's almost become a big sister figure to me, and I love it and wouldn't have it any other way now!

Without the internet, I'd have probably gone a little insane on my own here!

Just thinking about this post just now has got me thinking about something else. I have learned A LOT from people I've met online in the last year or so. Some are just simple, and practical things, but there are other, bigger life lessons. I was about to write them all down, but I think there's going to be wayyyy too much to fit into this post... you know how much I like to ramble on a bit about life stuff. (Okay, a lot. Sorry!)

Most of the people I talk to daily at the moment are people I've met through this thing here. Yes, this. My blog! 

Some were directly through Twitter chats, blog comments, out of the blue DM's asking if I'd go to a fashion show with them the day after said out of the blue DM (yes Becca, I'm looking at you..), some through being super cheeky and inviting myself to a blogger trip that never happened, and others indirectly with blogging being a conversation starter. 

Okay so yes, there are a few people that I've met, I probably wish I could un-meet, but 99% of you are just lovely, and fabulous, and I feel so lucky and honoured sometimes to be talking to some of you lot!

Tell 16 year old me this, and she'd have politely told you to go away and stop being ridiculous. But, again, even in 5 years I feel that the online world has changed completely. 

Although, the first time I went to a blog event (read alllll about it here!), it was the Friday afternoon before and the usual conversation in the office of 'what's everyone doing this weekend?' came around... trying to explain to fellow colleagues that I was taking the train to London, to meet up with a bunch of girls I've never met before, to go to a bar in soho that I'd never heard of, to spend the day doing I didn't quite know what.. was a little tricky. Not gonna lie. I guess some things you just don't get unless you're part of it!

It's one of those things that the more you do it though, the easier it gets. Yes, you're always going to be nervous before you meet someone in person for the first time, no matter who they are. Like I touched on in my last post, you can sometimes be a different person behind a screen. 

But, most of the time, people are real, and the online world has never been a greater tool to expand your social and professional networks. If, you use it wisely, of course. 


Sophie Rosie
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  1. Loved this post, it's so different and refreshing to read a post like this. I totally agree, my old self would have thought it crazy to communicate with so many people I've never met but especially in the blogging community it's so so fab - and other reasons too like you mentioned!

    1. Thanks Hannah! It really is, the blogging community is amazing! x

  2. I'm pretty sure most of my friends are ones that I first met online, or due to online things. I love it. To be honest, I feel closer to them then friends I know from school!

    I mean, most of them I've met (if they live in England), but it's so great, the internet being able to bring people from all these different places, close together. So cool.

    A Little Twist Of…

    1. I know exactly what you mean by that Meg! x

  3. I've met so many people since starting a blog and talk to online friends and confide in them so much! It's nice to have friends who also share your passion of blogging. None of the girls I'm friends with at home have much of an interest in it - although they are very supportive - so it's nice to get to chat with likeminded people! xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. It really is, everyone is so like minded and I love it! Makes you feel part of something :) xxx

  4. I love meeting people online I've got so many people I talk to on twitter but have never met in real life! // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Yes! It's weird isn't it, how you feel like you know someone after only speaking to them online!

  5. Aww love this post! You have to be open to meet new people. You never know they may end up being your best friend!!

    Maisie x

    1. Thanks Maisie! :) Exactly, you definitely just never know. And it's normally the most unexpected things that are the best! x

  6. A fresh look at meeting and connecting with people online :)

  7. This post is just spot on! Meeting people from online, in the offline world can be so scary. I've only ever been to one blogger event and I was terrified beforehand, but it was so great and everyone was so lovely. And I completely agree with you on the whole trying to explain to your colleagues what you're doing at the weekend when it's something like a blogger event - they just look at you like you're mad! I'm really hoping to meet more bloggers this year as well, I'd love to get to know more people offline and meet up. It's a big scary step but when you find friendships that will last forever you know it's worth it.
    And, yes, Spareroom is such a lifesaver! If it wasn't for the ability to find strangers to move in with I'd be back living with my parents at this moment, probably being completely miserable. Genius website! :)
    Nicole xox
    Life in Ginger

    1. Haha I'm glad you liked it Nicole! I know that feeling but you're right, everyone is just lovely.

      I'm glad it's not just me thats found it super useful! x

  8. It is crazy to think how much has changed within the last few years in regards to our online lives. It's so easy to start communicating with people from all across the world, and while yes, creepers still do live on the internet, overall I feel like it's a lot easier to meet people online and get chatting to people with the same interests as you as it is in real life!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  9. I really like your blog! the colors and your pictures are soooo beautiful!! x


  10. This is so true! I've made some fantastic friends online and through my blog, and for that I'm so grateful for the internet. I'd love to meet more of them in real life but traveling is always a problem! However, the internet can be a great place for company and support xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Haha yes, such a shame when you live so far away from people! It really can :) x

  11. I love meeting other bloggers (even if it's only online) and everyone has always been so friendly in the community - I love that they have similar interests to me!! Sophie xxx

    1. I'm glad you've found this also Sophie! :) x


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