London, Ladies, and Lots of popcorn! #nyLDNmeet

First things first... how cool is Camden!

As usual I'm about 4 days late with this post, but better late than never right!

Last Saturday I was super excited to go along with some of my new found blogging friends to London for the muchly anticipated #nyLDNmeet. The actual event was held in a tucked away bar in Soho in London, and I'll get onto this in a sec!

My day started at about 5am (I know, on a Saturday too!) and I headed over to the train station to catch a train to London, grabbing a obligatory coffee on the way. I'd reserved my seat weeks in advance and it was sods law that the one seat I'd reserved was on a table of four, and three guys heading to a football match had decided to park themselves on my table. 

Seriously. The rest of the train was empty and they decide to sit with me!

So after 2 hours of listening to their 'banter' and attempting to point them in the direction of the tube.. although I'm not entirely convinced they ever got to their final destination, I arrived at Euston, and made myself comfortable in Cafe Nero waiting for the rest of the girls to arrive!

We then had a bit of time to spare so we thought we'd pop along to The Bloggers Market that was being held at Camden Market at The Foundry. This was such a lovely venue and I definitely need to go back here at some point! Unfortunately, we didn't have a great deal of time here, and ended up rounding up some more lovely bloggers and making a group trip back to Oxford circus to Bitter Sweet for the #nyLDNmeet event!

As someone who's never really ventured into London too much, Bitter Sweet was so cool and such an amazing choice for a venue! For a relatively small space there was so much going on and the 4 hours just flew!

Hairdressers, beauticians, henna tattoo's, cocktail classes, you name it, #nyLDNmeet had it!

My most favourite part of the day has to be the presentation and introduction to the MooGoo skincare and brand new Dusty Girls make up range!

MooGoo are an Australian company that pride themselves in using purely natural and safe ingredients for the goodness of your skin. Their skin care range has a massive variety of products from deodorant, to moisturisers, cleansers and fake tan, and even dry shampoo for your pooch!

They are also about to launch a brand new make up range with a similar ethos. The branding of Dusty Girls is just so pretty, and they had me hooked before we even got talking about the make up!

I had a fabulous day, met the loveliest bunch of people, and even the goody bags were amazing! Here's just a few of the bits and bobs that were in there!

I actually can't wait to try out the protein shakes! And did I mention there was popcorn...?

I would just like to say an absolutely huge thank you to Lauren, Amy and Tamsyn for making it such a fab event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all!



  1. Agh, loooooove this post! I knew from watching you that your photos would be beautiful and I was right *heart eyes*. Can't wait to meet you again, miss! xxx

    Laura | elelibee

    1. Oh thank you Laura! I know! I get to see you proper soon and I can't wait! :) Xxx

  2. I was there too but I don't think we bumped into each other... Next time! Lovely photos and write up, I love going to London too and being a proper tourist. Also I got the football lot on my train home... They were all very drunk -boo! xo

  3. This is such a great post, beautiful photo's too lovely! If you're at the next event I will definitely hunt you down for a chat :)