Time for me...

We spend SO much time doing things for other people these days, that we don't often find time to sit and do things for us, or give ourselves some good old fashioned 'me time'. So this weekend, I did just that. 

It started off with some amazing dough balls and pizza at Pizza Express on Friday evening with some of the work girls, simply for congratulating ourselves for getting through the week! ...Don't judge, we felt it was justified!

I then spent Saturday firstly, doing a few errands in town before heading to Starbucks (I seriously need to stop going in here... they might as well just put half my wage straight into Starbuck's account to be honest) and settling down in the corner with a coffee and my book! I can literally spend hours in a coffee shop doing this kind of thing, and it really relaxes me and gives me some time to chill!

Not only do I get to read my book, but I also get to people watch. A lot. In a non-creepy way. Obvs....

I love watching the different people that come in and out of the coffee shop! I just sit and wonder what their story is. Where are they from? Why are they in town? Who are they having coffee with? And most importantly... what are they drinking?

Saturday evening was a quite one in preparation for getting up bright and early to meet Alice for a lovely chat to cheer me up and a Frankie & Benny's breakfast! If anyone has never had a F&B's breakfast, you need to fix this ASAP!

It's amazing.

I'll always have the bacon and pancakes with syrup, and literally can't get enough of it. At only £5 as well... if I knew it wasn't so calorific I'd definitely be there most weekends!

They have loads more on the menu too, as well as lighter options for the lighter price of £3.95. Seriously guys, go and try it!

After breakfast, I had a bit more time to browse round the shops before I went to get my nails done!

One of my lovely friends, Chloe, is a beauty therapist and so I went over to get my nails done and have another good natter while we were at it! I'd not seen Chloe in absolutely ages  so it was such a good excuse to have a catch up, and the perfect way to end my weekend as well!

Thanks Chloe!

How do you like to give yourself some me time?



  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend :) I tend to do that people watching thing as well only in Cafe Nero (we don't have a Starbucks in town) :(

    When its time for me I'll either spend the day under the duvet with a book, or go out for a countryside stroll with my mum :) always lovely to get some well needed fresh air (especially after a hectic week) x


    1. I have to admit I did love it a little! Cafe Nero is also good! Tbh, as long as I can get a coffee I'll sit anywhere!
      That time for me sounds so good! Kinda one thing I miss about living in the city! x

  2. I'm all about the me time. In fact I probably take too much me time haha! I love reading or painting my nails or singing to songs from musicals.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. You can never have too much me time! I know exactly what you mean with those three too, especially the singing one! x

  3. I love how your me-time revolves around food and coffee - definitely a girl after my own heart haha!

    Beth / Bethany Georgina

    1. Haha! What else would you do with your weekend?! ;) x

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I love sitting in coffee shops too, although I am a Costa girl! xx


    1. Ahh I used to be a costa girl and have no idea when I swapped! Although as long as I can get a coffee somewhere I'm normally not too fussed! :) x

  5. F&Bs breakfast is the best thing to ever happen to the planet. Also, I'm a serial people watcher! The BEST place to do it is at Download Festival. Seriously I'll often just sit at the back of a field, not paying attention to any of the bands just watching people! Wow I've only just realised how creepy that sounds! Haha!! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, hun! xxxx

    Rhianna | robowecop

  6. I am that person who who hasn't ever tried F&B Breakfast, but it sounds really yummy! Didn't know they were open then?! I have also never tried bacon and syrup together, but maybe I should, sounds yummy, ONE DAY :) xxxx

    Kayleigh, www.veryberrycosmo.co.uk

  7. Aww this sounds like a lovely weekend! :) I love going to coffee shops and people watching too. My favourite for a bit of me time, would be curling up on my couch under a cozy blanket and reading or curling up with my husband to watch our favourite shows! :) xx

    Lucy x |~ LULU Locket || Lifestyle Blog ~