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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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Time for me...

We spend SO much time doing things for other people these days, that we don't often find time to sit and do things for us, or give ourselves some good old fashioned 'me time'. So this weekend, I did just that. 

It started off with some amazing dough balls and pizza at Pizza Express on Friday evening with some of the work girls, simply for congratulating ourselves for getting through the week! ...Don't judge, we felt it was justified!

I then spent Saturday firstly, doing a few errands in town before heading to Starbucks (I seriously need to stop going in here... they might as well just put half my wage straight into Starbuck's account to be honest) and settling down in the corner with a coffee and my book! I can literally spend hours in a coffee shop doing this kind of thing, and it really relaxes me and gives me some time to chill!

Not only do I get to read my book, but I also get to people watch. A lot. In a non-creepy way. Obvs....

I love watching the different people that come in and out of the coffee shop! I just sit and wonder what their story is. Where are they from? Why are they in town? Who are they having coffee with? And most importantly... what are they drinking?

Saturday evening was a quite one in preparation for getting up bright and early to meet Alice for a lovely chat to cheer me up and a Frankie & Benny's breakfast! If anyone has never had a F&B's breakfast, you need to fix this ASAP!

It's amazing.

I'll always have the bacon and pancakes with syrup, and literally can't get enough of it. At only £5 as well... if I knew it wasn't so calorific I'd definitely be there most weekends!

They have loads more on the menu too, as well as lighter options for the lighter price of £3.95. Seriously guys, go and try it!

After breakfast, I had a bit more time to browse round the shops before I went to get my nails done!

One of my lovely friends, Chloe, is a beauty therapist and so I went over to get my nails done and have another good natter while we were at it! I'd not seen Chloe in absolutely ages  so it was such a good excuse to have a catch up, and the perfect way to end my weekend as well!

Thanks Chloe!

How do you like to give yourself some me time?


Sophie Rosie
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Branching out!*


Hello everybody!

Okay, so it's no secret that I love a bit of homeware, and I love fairy lights. So when I was offered some of these absolutely lovely branch lights*, I jumped at the chance and just couldn't say no. 

I love them.

They're from the LED hut and would only cost you just over £7 if you wanted to purchase some yourself!
I've put mine in the corner of our living room just next to the TV, and I feel that they make our living room look so cosy! Especially while we are still in winter and it gets dark super early, I get to whack these on as soon as I get home from work, and together with some candles, they create quite a rather calming atmosphere!

I'd seriously recommend these to anyone, and they would fit in quite nicely with any decor. I've also placed mine in this rectangular vase, and added some of the decorative stones to keep them upright, both of which hardly cost anything to buy from, yes... IKEA.

They're battery powered lights as well so you aren't restricted to where you can put them based on the plug socket locations in your house!


Sophie Rosie
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Brightening things up a bit!

Hello everybody!

So here's another homeware haul for you all (told you I was obsessed!), but this time, most of the things that I bought this weekend were from the wonderful shop that is IKEA. I literally love this place. 

I was looking for little bits and pieces that I could use to just brighten the flat up a little bit, and make it look a little bit more pretty and inviting. And, what better place to start than with the flowers.

Now, I, personally, cannot look after real flowers even if my life depended on it, and so whoever invented fake flowers is an absolute life saver. These gorgeous looking roses were only £1.75 each, and I think they look just lovely!

The white vintage jug was also a bargain at £7.50 and (according to the label) can be used as an actual jug or a vase, fabulous! 

You can't really see very well with the light shining off the vanilla candle (95p!!!), but behind this, there is a white, patterned vase (£3.50) which I've actually put some fairy lights into, to create a really cute little light!

You can see it better in the photo below! 



In the end I decided to chop two of the flowers down a little bit and place them in these adorable baby pink cups! These cups were £1.70 each and I thought it was more than worth bagging 2! I've placed these on top of my bed to brighten my bedroom up as well as the living room, and I absolutely love them!

The final thing that I bought this weekend was actually from Home Bargains of all places! It's a lovely tea light holder in the form of a birdcage. I love things like this and you can't see too much of it on the photo but the white paint actually has a distressed finish, to give it a bit of a vintage feel! At £2.49 I just couldn't resist picking this up!

Where are your favourite places to pick up homeware pieces?


Sophie Rosie
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5 reasons why I'm happy right now


'The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way.'
In a bid to try and beat the 'It's-January-and-it's-back-to-work-and-reality' blues, I thought I'd write a bit of an upbeat post and share with you guys 5 reasons as to why life isn't so bad at the mo, and why I should be feeling more happy than sad that the Christmas break is now well and truly over!
Number 1 || I am loving blogging.  I think I mention this quite a lot, but I am having an absolute ball over here! Not only do I love blogging myself, being able to let my creative side out a little bit with the blog design, photographs and Instagram, but I'm really loving reading everyone else's blogs, and being part of the whole community! Everyone's blog is different and everyone creates such great content to read, that I'm pretty sure there's no two blogs, or bloggers that are the same! It's also given me some fab ideas for new make-up, fashions, books, and general things to try.
Number 2 || Family.  I have a lovely, albeit slightly bonkers, family. In fact, the same words could describe most of my friends also! It's so important to have these people around you, whether it be for help and support, or just to cheer you up if you're having a fairly rubbish day!
Number 3 || Tea and cake.  Okay, who doesn't love a good cup of tea accompanied by some cake. Honestly not sure if there's anything else I'd love more right now. After a mega long day at work, this, quite frankly, sounds perfect! And this is not the only scenario, I'm a firm believer that a brew can solve almost anything. Okay, maybe not solve problems, but it will certainly make you feel a whole lot better about them afterwards! Next time you're feeling a little down, just try it, trust me!
Number 4 || I have goals and aspirations.  I know this one sounds properly cheesy but just bear with me here... Whether these relate to where I want to take my blog, what I want to achieve at work, or just generally where I'd love my life to be in a few years time, having goals and aspirations is kinda what makes me get out of my extremely comfy and very warm bed every morning and drag myself into work! Because I know that if I didn't, I'd have absolutely no chance of achieving anything! It gives you something to aim for. And even better, once you get there, it can be the most amazing feeling, especially if you know you've worked so hard for it!
Number 5 || Someone smiled at me today.  Whether it be a friend, colleague, or a complete stranger, someone today made the effort and gave me a smile! This may be a strange one but I saw this somewhere years ago and loved it. I think it's such a lovely thought, and one which makes me smile when I think about it! To smile doesn't take very much, but it could genuinely make someone's day, so why not pass on a smile today :)
'The world always looks better from behind a smile.'
Why are you guys happy?


Sophie Rosie
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Life is like a tea cup...

Hello everybody!

So, today I thought I'd do a bit of a homeware haul, I LOVE home stuff and could spend all day nosey-ing around homeware stores and admiring some of the lovely stuff that is out there!

In the last few weeks I've bought a few little bits and bobs that I'd thought I'd share with you guys.

1. (Starting at the top!) This absolutely adorable Morning Sunshine mug I got from Primark for £1.50! I just think this is so cute, and definitely something to brighten your day with!

2. The little tea cup is from Next Home, and was £3.50. I love this, and this quote so much, and this is going in my bedroom at the top of my mirror, so I can see it all the time!

3. Choose Happy sign is also from Next Home, (I am loving their stuff at the minute!) was £5, and this is at the top of my bed, so I can wake up feeling happy! 

4. This vintage looking book is actually from HomeSense, was £7.99, and it's actually like a little trinket box to put things in and keep tidy! However, I think it's makes a perfect book-end!

Oh, and this Paris Espresso canvas I got ages ago, so long ago that I can't remember where from! But, I thought it looked dead cute so I thought I'd whack it on here anyway! ...Besides, what's better than coffee and Paris?! 
My thoughts exactly...


Sophie Rosie
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