We went to London...!

....but no, we did not buy a Heat magazine.

So this post is a little late, but I feel that Christmas was a rather good excuse to take a few days off from blogging!

On Saturday 20th December, me and one of my oldest and closest friends (who I don't see enough of!) went on day trip to London. It was Kat's 21st a few weeks before and I had NO idea what to get her, as I wanted to get her something special, 21 is quite a milestone after all!

My first idea was to go for afternoon tea together, however, about 3 weeks before the trip, two things occurred to me;

1. Kat doesn't drink tea.
2. The cakes/little sandwiches served at Afternoon Tea can be quite, err, unique.

And I had visions of us getting all the way there and Kat not drinking any tea or eating any cakes! So I scrapped that idea and decided to take her to London and have a lovely day of shopping and seeing a bit of the city as neither of us have spent a great deal of time down there.

So, we woke up bright and early (a little bit too early actually, we had quite a lot of time to spare!) and headed for the train station, grabbing a coffee on the way, obvs, and after me completely stressing that I'd booked us seats miles away from each other, we ended up sat on a lovely Virgin train, together, and had 2 hours to kill before we arrived at Euston. 
(The first thing I did? Took a mandatory photo of my train ticket and coffee obvs... )

Once we arrived at Euston, we then had to figure out how to work the tube. Now, anyone who knows me, will know how much I err, can struggle with this kind of thing. If I had been on my own, I most probably would have ended up at Watford Junction rather than Knightsbridge that we actually needed. Thankfully, Kat was on the case, and managed to figure out where we needed to be!

First stop? Harrods!

Harrods was even more amazing than I expected, and we headed straight to the top floor with all the fabulous designers. Although, with me especially walking round like a little kid taking photo's of anything and everything, I feel like we got a few strange looks from the ladies in Jimmy Choo, sat in all their other designer clothes, most probably with Dolce & Gabbana on their arm, actually wanting to be served. Oh well...!



We must have spent a good 2 hours in Harrods at least, before we headed out to Hyde Park to have a walk around Winter Wonderland. This was also just as fabulous, although I feel it would have been even better if it had snowed! Not that that would have been good for the train actually...

I've never been an adrenaline junkie, and have never really been on a roller coaster ride or anything of the sort, and felt a little bit bad when Kat asked if we could go on some of the rides... but there was no way I was getting on any of those things. Sorry Kat!

By the time we'd found our way out of the park, I think it's safe to say we were both pretty shattered! We did get the tube into Oxford Circus, found and had a look round Liberty, but by this time everywhere was just so busy!

So, we decided it was time to go and find some food. Guess where we ended up...? Nando's!

To be fair, even though we weren't very adventurous, it tasted so good after a long day!

Even though I had imagined us going to more places, I had a lovely day and hope that Kat enjoyed her birthday surprise just as much!

I definitely need another trip back down there soon to do all the touristy stuff too! London is such a great city.

I'd also love to find some dead quirky little shops and cafe's to visit! I'm sure loads of you know London far better than I do, so if you have any recommendations for my next trip, please let me know!

Also, please check out Kat's social media! She's just lovely to follow.. promise!



  1. I'd say: London is always a good idea. That's why I can't convince myself of leaving it just yet.
    Lovely photos! :))

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

    1. I bet it's hard to leave once you're there! Oh thank you very much! :) Xx

  2. the photos you can see how you like it in London. I think the city is beautiful, but if it were not for his gray fog and rain