I think I've got a new obsession... *

...fairy lights*.

Hello everybody!

Okay, so keeping in the festive mood, I decided to put up these very lovely christmas fairy lights from the LED Hut.

As soon as I opened them and plugged them in I think I was a little bit in love. They are MEGA long! Not only this, but they flash and change colour and everything! I think there are about 8 different settings so you can literally have whatever effect you want. There are also four different colours on the lights, blue, green, red and yellow. So christmassy!

I think they are meant for a tree, however, we don't have a tree in the flat so they ended up draping the window sill as in the photo, and then because there were loads left, I also managed to put them over our photo frame as well!

I love fairy lights, I just think they can make a room look so much more cosy! Definitely going to keep these up for as long as possible.

And just one more photo...



  1. Anyone who doesn't like fairy lights is crazy, they are so pretty, I always put them up around Christmas all round the house, the kids love it! I might get some for my bedroom though when I have renovated the house! Hubby will love that ;)

    Emma Elizabeth



  2. Tell me about it! Im not taking the ones in my room down! Such a good idea! :) Xx

  3. These look so pretty! :) I'm new to your blog and I have to say I love it! xx


  4. My uni room has 3 sets of fairy lights, I am in love!