A very 'chic' day out...!*

Hello everybody!

Okay, so, I firstly want to apologise for not posting in so long. I've had some exams over the last few weeks and so all my concentration had to be focused on those... unfortunately!

However, just before I buried my head in my books, I was invited to attend the Liverpool Fashion and Lifestyle Event hosted by Chic Networking at the fabulous Hilton Hotel. It was my first ever event like this, and I have the lovely Rebecca to blame for the whole afternoon!

After taking a good 2 and a half days to decide what to wear, we arrived at the Hilton just before 3pm and were greeted with a red carpet and photographers and champagne and everything! (Okay so just kidding about the photographers and champagne, but there really was a red carpet!) 

After joining the queue that we weren't entirely sure what was for (We're British. If we see a queue, we join it.) we were able to go upstairs to have a look round the lots of different stalls and businesses that were set up, as well as helping ourselves to some beautiful looking almost too-good-to-eat-cake obvs...

After this, we wandered into where the catwalk was set up and had the pleasure of listening to a local band The Ambition, they really got us warmed up for the main event!

Now for some clothes...!

Some of the leading Liverpool designers were out in full force, all of their designs were just amazing, and of course, all of the models just looked gorgeous!

Here is just a few of the snaps that I managed to get! 

...Please excuse the quality of the photographs, all only taken on my iPhone!

All in all, I had such a fab day, and look forward to attending lots more Chic Networking events.. if they'll have me!


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  1. This looks so fun!! Love how it took you two days to plan your outfit, haha I would take about a week! Xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk