#MinkStoneMyPiece Outfit Challenge*

Hello everybody!

So I've been lucky enough to be chosen by the lovely people over at Blogging Gals to take part in the #MinkStoneMyPiece Outfit Challenge that is being run with jewellery line Mink&Stone.

Mink&Stone are an online jewellery design platform, and they are about to launch a unique concept that allows customers to create their own jewellery online, with the designs then being made and shipped to the customers. 

How fab does this sound? This could make accessorising our outfits SO much easier!

My challenge was to choose an outfit, and then design a piece of jewellery that I thought would compliment the outfit! 

So, the outfit I chose was the monochrome outfit that I blogged about in my last post as I just love it so much! I thought that the black and white beads will obviously match the whole outfit wonderfully, while the larger red beads will add a splash of colour, while still remaining elegant and stylish.

I absolutely love the colour of the red feature beads, the colour is just so rich and lovely!

Using the Mink&Stone website was also so easy! It's really user friendly and I bet anyone is going to be able to use it. I'm thinking that this site is going to really take off, and the jewellery will make just the perfect, personalised gifts for family and friends.

Check out their website (linked above), and follow them on twitter here!

Also, if you fancy checking out my design, please click here!


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