Getting all (nail) Christmassy!

Hello everybody!

Today I thought I'd have a bit of a self pamper session and I started with the part that I LOVE the most, my nails! I've always had a bit of a fetish with getting my nails done, so my nail varnish collection is mahooosive! 

I've been through quite a few different nail polishes over the years, but I have to say, Barry M is definitely one of my favourites! The variety of colours that they have is always fabulous, and I also love the different ranges that they have too, especially the glittery ones! It's always good when nail polish is easy to apply, I find that I never have any issues when applying Barry M, the brushes are a perfect size, and the colour just goes on so smoothly.

Today I opted for the nude Gelly shine, with a spot of the gold glitter on one nail on each hand. I love this gold glitter, it makes me feel soooo Christmassy all the time, and especially when paired with the red polish in the background - it looks so cute!

The price of Barry M nail paint is what I think makes it my secret guilty pleasure, most of the nail paints are £2.99 each. £2.99!!!! You can literally buy 3 of these for the price of one bottle of other brands of nail polish.

I actually can't get enough of these... just in case you couldn't already tell.

All in all, I would 10000% recommend Barry M if you're looking for cheap, but still just as lovely nail paint. Lovely!


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