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Hello everybody!

So I know this photo is already on my about page, however, if you just ignore my face, it's the scarf that this post is about... in fact maybe I should have cropped it, then you wouldn't have even needed to see my face!

These Alphabet Scarves have been released by Matalan (a good few weeks ago now!) to raise money for Alder Hey Children's Hospital Charity. You can buy them either in-store or online for £10 each (100% of the profits go straight to Alder Hey), and each letter comes in two different colours to choose from. 

The money made from the scarves are helping to raise funds to provide doctors and nurses at Alder Hey with the latest equipment and facilities that they need to give the best healthcare for the children at the hospital.

I, personally, love my alphabet scarf. I think they are such a fab and lovely idea! They are raising money for charity whilst also being something that is still fashionable and wearable every day. They would also make such cute christmas presents, in fact, I'm planning on getting my family one each for christmas, including the dog (erm, sorry guys if you're reading this... definitely have not just let you in on part of your presents.. whoops)!

Pleaseeeeeee click here to order one! It's such a good cause!

As well as the scarves, I'm not sure if you guys have seen the advert or anything, but Pixie Lott has also released a charity single for it too, called Caravan of Love. You can download it from iTunes and it is such a lovely track! It's definitely my favourite song at the minute!

So yeah, I think you guys should all go and grab yourself a scarf, not only to help raise some money, but lets face it, they're also going to keep you warm (ho ho) this winter! (another one of my christmas faves!) ♪

If any of you guys get one, please tweet me your photo's of your own #scarfie ! :)


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  1. but I myself can not find the hat! I really like the way you pick up his clothes