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Hello, you! I'm Soph - a 22 year old girl currently living in Liverpool, spending most of her time writing, taking photo's, drinking coffee & trying not to eat too much cake.
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Why I love to wake up at 5am, and 5 reasons why you should, too!

Why I love to wake up at 5am, and 5 reasons why you should, too!

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a morning person. I love the mornings, and if you don't, I'm one of those annoyingly chirpy people who can bounce into the office at 8am with my coffee and be as happy as larry before everyone else has woken up properly. I was always that one friend at sleepovers that would have to lie awake for hours while I waited for my friends to finish sleeping. In primary school (yes, even at aged 7!), I used to get up at 6am, head downstairs and be doing those aerobic exercise classes that used to be on TV in the living room. Do you remember those?!

I can tell a lot of you are probably reading this thinking that I've totally lost it, but just hear me out. There are so many benefits to being an early bird, and while it is a lifestyle choice, it's definitely a change that could be worth it! I wrote a similar post a few years ago, and the response to it was insane - so I thought I'd do an updated version now I've been doing it slightly longer!

Q U I E T  T I M E.

You get to start the day before anybody else. It's like you get the whole world to yourself and it's fabulous. There's no one around outside and everything is just really quiet, calm and peaceful. It's my favourite time of the day, particularly in the summer months when it's already light outside and you get to watch the sunrise, just have the time to yourself, and really set yourself up for the day.

A V O I D I N G  R U S H  H O U R.

If you're a commuter like me, you'll know how truly awful rush hour can be, and it literally drives me insane. I'll always avoid peak-time if I can help it, and being an early riser definitely helps with this. You can be out of the door and on your way before anyone else, meaning the roads and trains are so much quieter, and your journey to work is a lot less stressful!

P R O D U C T I V I T Y.

Like I mentioned before, you start your day before anyone else, meaning that you have an extra hour or two to do whatever you want with. (I used to go to this gym until I fantastically fell off the health & fitness bandwagon!) Get on top of your blog emails before work, have a wonderful breakfast, catch up with the news, or tick something off your to-do list. There is literally no better feeling than already having had a productive few hours before 9am. It's such a feel good thing and something that will never grow old.

N E V E R  B E  L A T E.

hate being late. It makes me all kinds of nervous and panicky if I know I'm late to anything, so having that extra time to get ready at my own pace, and still be able to set off early, makes me so much happier. It also means you don't start your day rushing around trying to find the things or clothes that you need and starting your day already super stressed before you've even got to work.

M O R E  E N E R G Y.

Okay, so you may have to be in bed by 9pm at the latest, but if you're like me and you're not a night owl anyway, this is totally fine because we do still love sleep. ♥ But, it does mean that you have so much more energy in the mornings and at work. Not only am I more productive with my time before work, but I've also found that I get so much more done once I'm at my desk, too - and this is because my energy levels are through the roof if I've already had a great morning. 

Have I convinced you yet? You should totally try it for a few weeks and see how you feel. I love my mornings now, and if I ever lie in past 8am, I feel like I'm wasting my morning!


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Sophie Rosie
London: Week 1.

London: Week 1.

I did it. I successfully managed to navigate myself to the end of my first working week in London and oh my, it's been a little eventful. It's been full on, there's been a lot to learn, a lot of emotions and a lot of new names to remember but I've loved it. I'm so excited to get properly started with my new job, I'm so determined to smash it and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring for me. 

I am, however, hoping that the weather cools down a little because 34 degrees on Wednesday was unbearable! I was v thankful for the office air con that day and actively avoided the tube. 

I haven't fully moved down here yet, and I'm staying with friends (and friends of friends!) for a few weeks, before spending a few months working between Liverpool and London until I can fully sort my sh*t out, basically. However, I have jumped head first into this whole moving thing and I've managed to find myself a beautiful (and Instagramable, obvs ;) ) room in a house share, managed by one of the best property agencies I've ever dealt with and I'm now a lot calmer and less freaked out about my full move in a months time. It's taken so much weight off my shoulders it's unreal.

I do keep having little 'wobbles', though. There's been a few times this week when I've thought about everything back home and I've felt totally overwhelmed and cried. It's a huge shift, a totally new lifestyle in a city that I hardly know, and every so often I'll convince myself that I can't do this. BUT, I have great friends who keep pushing me on and telling me that I've got this and then I'm normally okay... for another 12 hours or so at least haha!

I can tell the London way of life is going to take some getting used to, but for now, I've been enjoying having a little explore and taking photo's on my way to work and in between meetings. My new colleagues have already got used to this too. We went for a quick drink after work one evening, and one of the girls kept pointing out things and saying 'do you want to take a photo of this?'. I loved it.

How has your week been?


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Sophie Rosie
12 simple ways I'm going to be practising more self-care.

12 simple ways I'm going to be practising more self-care.

Self-care is something that we should all most definitely do more often, as it's so important for our mental & physical wellbeing. I know that I've been terrible at it recently and it's probably one of the reasons I've been feeling so anxious and overwhelmed all of the time over the past couple of months.

I think there's a bit of a misconception that self-care has to be something huge or that takes hours out of your day, such as seeing a therapist or completely overhauling your diet & exercise regime in one go. But really, there's so many little things that we can do daily to really help. And here are some of the smaller, simple ways that I'm going to try and be doing to practise more self-care.

G E T  E N O U G H  S L E E P.

I've been really struggling to sleep recently, and I'm not entirely sure why. I think it may be because I have a lot on my mind (although, I always have a lot on my mind!), but I'm going to really try and make sure I get the right amount of sleep from now on.

Whether that means switching off my phone at a certain time or downloading an app to help calm my mind before I try and drift off, sleep is v important and I don't always make it a priority. 

S W I T C H  O F F.

I might have to start out by doing this weekly, rather than daily, because I can't even pretend that I'm one of those people that isn't addicted to their phones. Because I am. Hugely. But, I do know how much good it can do to set time aside to step away from everything online. To not be clicking the home button on my phone to check any notifications every 2 minutes. To not be in a constant cycle of checking every social app and then just going back round again for hours. So, I'm going to dedicate some 'offline time' - and try and stick to it!

R E A D  M O R E.

I used to read all of the time when I was younger, and the fact that I literally never sit down with a book anymore, makes me really sad. Even if it's just for half an hour before bed, I want to bury myself in a good book again and get lost in someone else's world for a little while. I miss that.

S M A L L  S P L U R G E S.

I do love a good shop, and I'd do it all of the time if my bank account allowed it. However, it definitely does not. But, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to something small once a week - whether it be a new nail polish or even just a magazine. Buying a small luxury just for you is a fab way of valuing yourself.

S W E E T  T R E A T S.

There's probably going to be an 'eat healthier' point in this at some point too, but it's all about balance, right? But, I'm all about treating yourself to a bar of chocolate or a sweet snack and not feeling guilty about it.

D E E P  B R E A T H S. 

This is something that I can do anywhere and it takes no time at all but could make the biggest difference. Just taking a minute to take 3 deep breaths could really help in calming myself down and re-focusing my mind when things get a little overwhelming.

H E A L T H I E R  O P T I O N S.

I told you there'd be a healthy point in here somewhere! My aim is to make one, small healthier change every week. From drinking an extra glass of water a day, to eating an additional portion of fruit or whatever it may be. Small, gradual changes and all that!

P A M P E R.

Taking an extra long shower. Sitting around in my dressing gown & reading for a little while. Actually sticking to a skin care routing. Painting my nails. Again - it's all about the little things that can lift your mood and make you feel a whole better.

F R E S H  A I R.

Having an office job quite often means that my time outside is rather limited during the week. But I'm going to make getting some fresh air a priority - be it 15 minutes at lunch time or after work, I already know that a little fresh air can do wonders!

W R I T E  S T U F F  D O W N.

I'm hoping to start keeping a little journal or pretty notebook where I can write things down. Maybe it's something that's happened today or something that's been bothering me for a while. I'm hoping getting things down on paper, whether they good or bad, may be a kind of release for my mind!

S T R E T C H.

This one may sound like a strange one, but just hear me out. I haven't stretched properly in years, but the other day I felt unusually stiff, so I spent 10 minutes properly stretching my body out like I used to when I went to dancing and gymnastics and oh my goodness - I felt so much better! I may even start adding this to my morning routine because it really did help!

M U S I C.

I used to do this all the time when I was getting ready for school, and I'd forgotten how much it can but you in a great mood just be listening to some fun and upbeat music whilst getting yourself ready for the day. Music can be such a powerful tool, so I'm going to try and use it!

How do you practise self care daily?


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Sophie Rosie
7 quotes to help channel your inner girlboss.

7 quotes to help channel your inner girlboss.

Every girl has those days when we just need a little extra something to help us to get up and go do some awesome sh*t with our days. And lets face it, who doesn't love those super productive days when you just feel like you've got everything under control and you're ticking off everything on your to-do list like there's no tomorrow. When you're feeling like your most confident self, when you know your worth & you won't take anything less.

So, here are 7 quotes to help you channel your inner girl boss on those days when it might be well... a little more of a struggle.

For those days when you really just... can't.
Put your hair up in a bun, drink some coffee, and handle it. 

When someone asks if you're busy today;

I'm building a brand. 
I'm always busy.

For when you just need a little reminder. 

If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.
If you don't ask, the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

No. No we did not.  

You did not wake up today to be mediocre. 

It's not about competition, it's about inspiring everyone to be their best.

Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.

A daily ritual that's worth it.

Wake up early.
Drink Coffee.

Work hard.
Be ambitious.
Keep your priorities straight, your mind right, and your head up.

And one from the #girlboss herself;

 You don't get taken seriously by asking someone to take you seriously.
You've got to show up, and own it.

Have a wonderful day!


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Sophie Rosie
I'm moving to London!

I'm moving to London!

The last month or so has been crazy. Like, actually crazy. I went from everything being cool, loving my job and being totally settled and loving my little life in Liverpool, to getting an unexpected LinkedIn message, followed by a quick trip down to the Capital and a job offer 4 days later requiring me to leave everything up here and move down to the big smoke within 5 weeks.

Holy moly. 

If anyone knows me, this will totally not surprise you but I basically cried for a week. I didn't know what to do. This opportunity was massive. It was a step up in my career, a chance to go and live in London and pretty much a chance to have a whole new start and a new adventure. BUT what about Liverpool? I love Liverpool. I loved my job that I had and I loved the people that I worked with. I had the best boss and I felt a lot of loyalty to him and to my job.

Eventually, and with a lot of advice from the people closest to me,  I realised that there was no way that I could pass up this opportunity. So, here we are. I worked my last day in my old office last Friday, and I have a few days off now before I head down to London this weekend to start my new job on Monday!

Help. Me. 

Just in case you didn't see my tweet a few days ago, I'm off to work in Leicester Square at some of the biggest radio stations in the industry and I could not be more excited. I'm terrified, but I'm excited.  Every time I think about it, I have a little 'omg what am I doing????' moment, but I'm guessing that's only natural for such a big move.

So, for any fellow London bloggers - please be my friend. I'm being totally serious, I'm going to need a lot of help and a lot of directing. See you soon? :)


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Sophie Rosie
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