100 things I'm thankful for.

100 things I'm thankful for.

The last few months have been pretty hard, and it's like life is throwing as much as possible at me right now to see how much I can take. Seriously though, why does everything always happen at once?? But, I'm trying my absolute hardest to deal with everything, to look on the positive side of things as much as possible, and I know that in another few months, everything will ~hopefully~ have sorted itself out, but I'm just going to have to deal with everything first.

And so, after a particularly tough and emotionally draining few days, I thought I'd make a huge list of everything that I have to be thankful for in a bid to cheer myself up a little!

1. Coffee.
2. Being able to watch the sunrise & sunset over the docks.
3. My wonderful job.
4. My family back home who I love very much.
5. Our dog, Jake, who is also back home, who we arguably love more than each other, at times. ;)
6. All of my past experiences, good & bad, that have made me who I am.
7. My blog.
8. The amazing blogging community & friends that have come with it.
9. A good nights sleep.
10. A cup of tea when I'm feeling down.
11. Netflix.
12. Pizza.
13. Long, tight hugs.
14. Good hair & make up days.
15. Having somewhere warm to live.
16. Rainy days snuggled under my duvet.
17. That feeling after a good work out.
18. All of the chocolate.
19. Bread.♥
20. My health.
21. Freshly washed bedding.
22. Long, hot baths after a hard day.
23. The kindness of my friends in London who have been letting me stay with them.
24. Brunch dates.
25. Red velvet cake.
26. Going through old family photo albums.
27. Laughing so hard that you can't breathe.
28. That one film that always makes me laugh.
29. Funny dog videos (because these always cheer me up!)
30. People that hold doors open for you.
31. Dry shampoo.
32. The internet.
33. Being able to travel if I wish.
34. Walks along the beach and the sea front.
35. My bed. ♥
36. My independence.
37. Finally finding that pair of jeans that fits me perfectly.
38. Lazy weekends.
39. Cosy jumpers.
40. Scented candles.
41. Music.
42. Memes - because the internet is amazing sometimes.
43. Walks in the sunshine.
44. Exploring my favourite city.
45. Taking & editing photos.
46. My glasses. Because I'm blind as a bat without them.
47. Being able to drive.
48. Good body confidence days.
49. Flowers.
50. A good book.
51. Finding money in a jacket pocket I haven't worn in months.
52. That feeling after a good cry.
53. Feeling safe.
54. Sex.
55. Listening back to old songs I used to love.
56. And singing along really loudly.
57. Popping the bubble wrap that came in my latest parcel.
58. The snooze button.
59. When I've collected enough stamps for my free coffee.
60. The cold side of the pillow.
61. My favourite, most comfortable trainers.
62. Harry Potter - because the best way to forget about the real world, is to immerse yourself in a magical one.
63. Ice cream.
64. Clean water.
65. Having a good clear out.
66. Sunshine in the summer.
67. And sunshine in the winter - those crisp & beautiful days when you can get all wrapped up.
68. My phone.
69. Exploring somewhere new.
70. Meeting new people.
71. Google. Seriously, where would we be without google?!
72. The smell of lavender.
73. Having the best work friends.
74. Free wifi. ♥
75. Creativity.
76. Warm socks.
77. Having a good pamper night.
78. Getting my nails done.
79. Strawberries. (They're my favourite fruit)
80. Pineapple. (My second favourite fruit)
81. Those small and silly family traditions.
82. Hearing the birds chirping in the morning.
83. When people ask me for advice - because at least I must be doing something right!
84. Ticking everything off my to-do list.
85. Getting good feedback at work.
86. Hummus.
87. Warm towels straight out of the dryer.
88. My favourite hand cream.
89. The concierge for keeping all of my parcels even when I forget about them.
90. Blue skies.
91. Long drives.
92. Having people to aspire and look up to.
93. Motivation & ambition.
94. Contraception. Because babies are cute but no thank you.
95. People who text back fast (even though I'm the worst).
96. Bralettes.
97. Red lipstick.
98. A stranger giving me a good morning smile in the street.
99. My fairy lights making my room look cute.
100. The fact that I have a future to make whatever I want.

What are the things that you're thankful for?


Corporate to Creative: how I went from Accountancy to Radio & why it's never too late to change your career.

Corporate to Creative: how I went from Accountancy to Radio & why it's never too late to change your career.

If there's one thing that I've always believed, it's that you have to absolutely love what you do for a living. We spend so much of our time doing it, that no matter how much you try and convince yourself that it's not important, you're never going to be totally happy unless you're happy with your job. I most definitely learned that the hard way. 

As you've probably figured out from the title of this post, I made a jump from accountancy to radio at the very beginning of 2016, and if I'm completely honest? I still can't quite believed that it happened. At the end of 2015, I was the most unhappy I've ever been. Like, I was genuinely miserable and I hated life. I hated my job, I hated the company that I worked for, and I hated my bosses. I cried about 4 times a day, had multiple panic attacks a week and was told to 'get over it' by my manager. Choosing to leave that job, and the whole industry, was without a doubt the best decision I ever made.

I realised that my happiness and wellbeing was far more important than any job. And at the time, part of me felt like I'd failed and was taking a step back, but then I realised that it had made me understand exactly what I wanted, or didn't want, from my next job. I wanted to be in a more creative environment, surrounded by creative and like minded people who shared the same goals, values and interests that I did. I wanted to be somewhere fun, exciting and a place where I could be me.

The media industry seemed like the perfect fit for me, and after multiple (unsuccessful) applications and interviews for social media & digital marketing jobs, I came across this job in radio that was practically made for me. I'm not even kidding when I tell you that I did a little happy dance when I saw the job description because the core skill set for this job was exactly what I'd been writing on all my applications previous. It was creative and analytical. It was in an industry that I was already curious about and it was exciting. Needless to say, I screamed down the phone at my Mum when I was offered the job because I was just so bloomin' happy!

I'd proved something to myself that 6 months before, I'd thought was impossible. But I'd done it. And from that point, I was determined to make an absolute success of it.

So, how do you make a career change?

K N O W  W H A T  Y O U  D O N ' T  W A N T.

I think one of the huge things that helped me, was that realisation of exactly what I didn't want. Kinda like when you go through a break up and you realise what you don't want in your next boyf? That. I was actually offered a job 2 weeks before I was offered the one I took, but there was just that little niggle at the back of my mind that was telling me I wasn't going to be happy. There were too many similarities to where I'd just come from, and the last thing I wanted was to go through it all again. So, thanks to wonderful advice and support from my Mamma, I declined the job offer. Even though I needed a new job so, so badly, I wasn't prepared to take anything less than what I wanted. And I normally get what I want. ;)

T R A N S F E R A B L E   S K I L L S.

No matter what job or career you've come from, you'll have picked up more transferrable skills than you realise. Focus on these, and apply your other experiences to prove to your prospective employer that you'd be able to smash the job as well as anyone else. Things like teamwork, leadership, initiative, adaptability (this is a key one), time management and motivation are all wonderful examples to have.

B E  P R E P A R E D  T O  T A K E  A  S T E P  B A C K.

But it's not really a step back. When I was looking for my next job, I understood that I might've had to start again. I wasn't ruling out traineeships for the right job, as I knew that if I was going to really have to start fresh, there was a chance I'd have to work my way up from the bottom again. But it was something that I was more than willing to do if it was a career that I was going to love, and it felt right. 

Personally, I don't think it's ever too late to make a career change. If you want to do it, do it. Because like I said the beginning of this post, you'll never be really happy unless you're happy with your job. And if you're constantly thinking about trying something else, it's probably a sign that you should.

I promise you that it's not as scary as you think.



Featured in this post are also these beaut Sudio Sweden headphones that were very kindly sent to me. Working in radio, I absolutely love them because I now fit in with the rest of the headphone wearing lot in the studios and the office. I chose the white ones (obvs), and I can't even tell you how much I love wearing them. I've always just used the headphones that came with my phone, but now I've made the switch to wireless, I'm never going back!

If you would like to grab yourself some (and I would v much highly recommend), you can use the code SOPHIEROSIE15 for 15% off!
13 reasons why you absolutely need to have a blog.

13 reasons why you absolutely need to have a blog.

Okay, so this may sound dramatic, but I am in no doubt that blogging has absolutely changed my life. Not only has it allowed me to develop new skills, it's given me invaluable friendships, and it's helped me to get to where I am in my career. It enabled me to get out of a job that I hated and into an industry that I love, and it's brought me some of the best and most fun experiences and opportunities.

Like everyone, I've had a number of different hobbies in my 23 years of life, but none of them have quite brought as much positivity and satisfaction as my blog has. I started blogging 2 1/2 years ago as a kind of personal journal to document my life, my thoughts, my outfits, just anything. I never in a million years expected it to get to where it is now, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. It may not be the biggest or best blog in the blogosphere, but it's my little blog and I love it. 

And so, here are 13 professional and personal reasons why you should most definitely have a blog.

B E C O M E  A  B E T T E R  W R I T E R 

As with anything, the more you do it, the better you become at it. And one of the core parts of blogging is of course, the words that go along with all of the pretty pictures. Writing is a skill that we'll always need, it's one of the most used forms of communication that we use every day; tweeting, Instagram captioning, emailing - it all requires a different form of writing skill in order to capture your audience. So, whether you're preparing a presentation at work or writing for yourself, blogging will naturally make you a better writer and communicator.

Y O U  H A V E  A  P L A T F O R M. 

And not just any platform, but your very own platform. Somewhere to use your voice if you so wish, for anything that you like. Talk about your interests and things that you're passionate about. Write down your thoughts and opinions or just chat about your life. Showcase your talents, your photography, and show people what makes you, you. Or don't talk about any of that. The beauty of blogging is that there are no rules - make the most of it.

Y O U  M E E T  N E W  P E O P L E.

I briefly mentioned this at the beginning of this post, and I talk about this a lot whenever anyone asks about my blog, but one of the best things about blogging is the people that you meet. The blogging community is huge, there are so many like minded people out there ready to strike up random conversations with you on Twitter, to meet you at events and become a whole new support network. Oh, and actual friends. So many of my closest friends now are from blogging, and I couldn't be more thankful for that.

B E  P A R T  O F  T H E  1%.

I read somewhere (I think it was on the Huffington Post?) that only 1% of people on the internet create content. 9% will interact with or react to it, while the other 90% of people simply consume it. It's pretty cool being part of that 1%, right? And it will most definitely make you stand out.

C R E A T E  A N  O N L I N E  D I A R Y.

Who doesn't love to look back on years gone by and reminisce on everything. The clothes you wore, the things you did, how you felt, the people you used to know, and just generally see how much your life has changed and how far you've come. I started this blog just for that, as a kind of online diary and it's one of the reasons I will always throw personal posts in here. I think it's going to be so, so great to look back on.  

S E L F - C O N F I D E N C E.

Blogging has done wonders for my self-confidence. It's made me comfortable with putting myself out there, it's made me confident enough to walk into a room full of strangers and strike up conversation. Whether you have just 1 reader, or 1 million,  blogging opens you and your life up to the outside world, and you'll become more comfortable with being 'known' by a whole community, and you'll get less nervous with every blog post or Instagram of yourself.

E X T R A  M O N E Y.

I'm just gonna stress that this should most definitely not be the only reason that you start personal blogging, or your highest priority. But, it's still a perk. However, if you're blogging for business, or you have a business plan around monetising from an online space, it's definitely possible with a lot of hard work. If you're a personal blogger, getting approached for brand collabs that pay, is one of the best feelings, and it also shows off a little bit of your entrepreneurship.

I T  F E E L S  G O O D.

And it's addictive. The number of times I refresh my stats page to see if I've had another view or another comment on my latest post is probably quite insane. But it really does actually gives you a little rush every time you get a positive comment on one your posts. It's truly lovely.

O N L I N E  W O R K  P O R T F O L I O.

Just like a blog can be a form of an online diary, it can also be like an online CV. Blogging and writing about things that are relevant to your industry or career, or the job that you want to get into, is an instant win with potential employers. It's a way of showing that you're passionate and that you're willing to spend your own time building relevant experience. And, you never know, you may just be able to teach your boss a thing or two about blogging and social media to help their own business!

I N S P I R E.

My creativity and inspiration levels sky-rocketed when I started blogging. But as well as it doing wonders for yourself, you have the chance to inspire others through your own work and creativity. That's pretty amazing, don't you think?

L I F E  S K I L L S.

As well as writing, blogging helps you develop all sorts of skills. From time management, to photography and editing, to social media, having to know your finances and showing you can commit to a project. Being a blogger means you have to master a multitude of professions all in one go. Oh, and you'll probably be able to reel off the menu of your fave coffee shop from spending so much time in there, too. 

B E  A  B E T T E R  T H I N K E R.

I've always been a thinker, too much of a thinker, if you ask my friends. But I've always been a thinker. Blogging requires you to the think, to think about what you're going to write, about how to get your thoughts onto paper and just generally about everything that you have to say. And I can guarantee that you have more to say than you think. 

I T 'S  F R E E.

And finally, one of the best things about blogging is that it's completely free. I wrote a post here about how you don't have to spend a penny in order to create and maintain a blog. Blogging is free, it's fun, and it brings all of the benefits (and more) that I've just mentioned.


What it's like being a ~very~ young professional.

What it's like being a ~very~ young professional.

I didn't do the Uni thing. At 18, instead of heading to University, I headed straight into the big, adult, and (very) corporate world. I had an office to go to and I had clients. I had to wear business dress every day and be up at 5.30am. I had a 2 hour commute (each way) and I had meetings. I had a manger and we reported to the partners of the firm. Basically think Suits but much less fun. Although tbh if there was a partner like Harvey Specter I probably wouldn't have left this job tbh. ;)

I stayed in this job for 3 1/2 years until I wanted to do something more fun, more creative, more me, and somehow landed myself a job in radio. Fast forward another year and a half and I've just moved down to London to take up a role as Digital Services Manager for the biggest commercial radio group. And I love it.

Being in this position at still only 23 is amazing. I feel very lucky for the opportunities I've been offered but I also know that I've worked really hard to get to where I am. And while there are many pro's to this, my age along with the fact that I'm a girl and I look about 12, there were a fair few cons to this, too. 

It's a lot harder to be taken seriously. | I don't really find many of these in radio, because well, radio is awesome. But when I was in my old job, it was pretty much a daily occurrence. People who are higher up in a business, particularly clients, will take one look at you and think that they can just walk all over you because you're young. They presume that you'll do everything that they say, that you have no experience or knowledge and it used to drive me insane. 

People can be a lot more strict with you. | You may have only stopped by your friends desk for 2 minutes to ask what they're doing for lunch, but it'll be presumed that you're just trying to avoid doing your work and you'll get stared down right back into your seat. But y'know, it's totally cool when your older colleagues do this because it's good internal networking and all that. 

You get 'I bet you don't even remember xxx!' a lot. | Actually yes Janet, I do remember dial up Internet, cassette tapes and I was around for the Spice Girls. I may look like I'm 12, but I'm not. 

People at the same level as you presume that they're better because they're older. | This one. This one drives me even more nuts. We are at the same level professionally. So clearly someone, somewhere, thinks I'm just as capable at my job as you are. So please don't be all patronising, try and delegate your work to me or act like you're in charge. I'm more than happy to work alongside you, if you are.

However, there are a lot of pros!

Most people actually do respect you, a lot. | When they find out your age and what you must've done to get here, most people actually do respect you, your place in the team and your decisions. It generally starts with a 'oh, I couldn't have done that at your age!', but as I say to everyone - of course you could. We can all do anything we put our minds to, right?!

Surprising people is the best feeling. | I wrote a little post here about proving people wrong, and it's a similar thing. People underestimating what you can do, and then you showing them just how much they did indeed, underestimate you, is the best. It's a total confidence boost and can really make you believe in yourself a lot more.

Life skills & experiences. | There's no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't had the experiences that I have. Being thrown into the adult world suddenly is very scary, but it also means you have to learn very quickly, and there really isn't a downside to this.

Getting ahead in your career. | Again, there's really no downside to this. I've always been rather career driven, and getting a good job has always been a priority for me that I've wanted to work hard for and it's one that I'll continue to work towards.

If you're a young professional, let me know if you can relate to any of these! I'd love to swap stories & hear your experiences!


I'm just tired.

I'm just tired.

It's only 10am and today has already not been my day. I've somehow misplaced my headphones so I couldn't listen to music on the tube, I've found a hole in my top that I only bought 2 weeks ago, a coffee date with a friend that I was v much looking forward to has been cancelled, so I'm now sat in a coffee shop by myself typing this instead. However, the trainee barista made my coffee practically cold (and I don't have the energy to go downstairs to get him to make another one), the wifi isn't working so who even knows if this, or any of my other posts are going to ever save, the Instagram algorithm is really getting on my tits now and oh, I've had about 4 breakdows about whether I'm doing the right thing or not, and I kinda just want to jump on the train and go home. Except I can't because I haven't been paid in over 6 weeks so I can't afford the train fare.


Do you know when things just all start getting on top of you, and then the smallest of things can make you break? Yeah, that. I'm just tired, right now. I'm physically and emotionally tired. I'm tired of feeling all over the place and I'm tired of feeling like I've lost myself a little. I'm tired of feeling alone over the last few weeks, I'm tired of things constantly going wrong and I'm tired of people not taking me seriously when I'm trying to tell them that I'm really struggling and need their help.

Maybe I'm being a little harsh here, becuase actually, I have a few amazing people that have really tried to lift me up and help me over the last week or so. And I'm very grateful to have those people right now. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what I would have done without them. But then, I'm about to lose one of these people very soon and I don't even know how I'm going to cope when that happens. So much so, that I'm just trying not to think about it because it hurts too much. 

Many of you tell me that you come to read my blog becuase it's always positive and uplifting. And I love that, and it's always been something that I've wanted to create. But I also made a promise that I'd always be honest and I'd always be 'real'. I'm sorry that this post isn't very positive and isn't very uplifting. But life isn't always easy and we all have days, weeks, or months when life isn't all happy and rosy. 

I'm not even entirely sure what the purpose of this post is, I guess I just needed to write to calm myself down. I hope you don't mind.


Live kindly.

Live kindly.

Live kindly. I saw these two words on a poster as I was walking around London this weekend, and something about them just really resonated with me, and the phrase has stuck with me ever since. There's so much meaning wrapped up in these two simple words, and they could probably mean such different things to different people.

When we think of living kindly, I think it's quite easy to jump to the assumption that this has to involve big gestures, but for me, it's sometimes the smallest of things that can make the biggest difference to your own, or someone else's day.

We should live kindly for others, but also for ourselves, too.

When I started thinking about this, I realised that we should start with ourselves. Live kindly for yourself. Don't dwell on the past or on things that are out of your control. Don't compare yourself to others. Don't think of yourself in a negative way or put yourself down. Spend time being kind to yourself, because just like you'll never get the best out of anyone else by constantly putting them down, you'll never be your best self if you don't start being kind to you.

I've recently found that it's when things get hard, you really start to notice the smallest acts of kindness around you. Whether it be a friend simply listening to your struggles and saying the things that they know you need to hear to push you on. Or someone remembering your morning coffee order, or simply just smiling at you when you're having a bad day. There are so many little things that we can do to live kindly. 

Send someone an unexpected text message telling them that you're thinking of them, check in on someone you haven't spoken to in a while, leave someone a nice comment on their Instagram photo who you may not normally interact with. If it would make you smile, it'll probably make someone else smile.

It literally costs nothing to be kind, so why don't we start making this a new life mantra?